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Already ditched the cable, eagerly waiting for Hulu support.


I can verify that the "try three times in 30 seconds" tip works - I did that just before Christmas to force the update. It worked! Loving the HD.


I have been a frequenter of the Roku forums since the day I purchased the Player (Which they now seem to call the Roku Digital Video Player), looking at tips, tricks, troubleshooting, etc.

I am flabbergasted at how awful the people on there have become after this announcement. All they can say, and all they have been saying is Hulu, hulu, hulu. Roku clearly stated that the first partner after Netflix wouldn't be Hulu, and people still blew up at this announcement.

It's such a shame... I really feel bad for the guys and girls at Roku, they don't deserve that. They're doing the best they can to get good, diverse content partners, and to be blasted on the first one is sad.


Between Netflix, Amazon, and maybe an AppleTV, I'm about to drop cable and use these services with OTA for local programming. Hulu would be a nice addition, but I can get by on a combination of the above.


i am happy to see the player expanding. i also would like hulu but i enjoy my roku box right now. i down graded my cable to limited basic for $15 a month.

Kenny Johnson

I ditched cable back in July, but may go back to paid tv with a FIOS $99 package. It ends up only costing me about $30 a month over what I'm currently paying for internet/phone, so I figure why not. I canceled cable when gas was $4.50 a gallon, so it was an attempt to save some money with the sudden increase in gasoline.


I just switched over to using netflix via my xbox 360. I am curious, will the xbox 360 integrate netflix with amazon, etc?

Hunter McDaniel

Along with this update has their been some change in the the four-dot bandwidth rating scale? On the past two nights I have seen 3-dot connections on my Roku box, which has never been higher than 2-dots in the past. I only have 1.5MBps DSL.


I agree with MCW about all the whiny posts on the Roku forum but what really surprises me the most is the desire for Hulu channel. I have 4 devices connected to my HDTV - Roku, Philips DVDR3576H, Sony Blu-ray and a PC. I'm not sure if people think that the video streams from Hulu would be better on the Roku (or if Hulu would take the time to re-encode them like Netflix has been doing) but I can't see myself using the Roku remote to search the Hulu website.

I would love to save $52/month by dropping Comcast TV but some things I'm interested in watching (sports) will never be offered on websites (except in clips - not really the same deal). And anyone thinking that the Roku could be the Cable/DBS Killer would be wrong.


"I just switched over to using netflix via my xbox 360. I am curious, will the xbox 360 integrate netflix with amazon, etc?"

It already does


"has their[sic] been some change in the the four-dot bandwidth rating scale?"

As I understand it, yes. Roku said they'd switch to a more efficient codec with the new release, so it needs less bandwidth to achieve the same quality - like 1.6 mbps where it used to need 2.4. I used to get two dots most of the time before the update, now I get four dots pretty reliably.

I also like the improved (faster) buffering and the fact that the front panel LED shuts off when the player goes to sleep.


I dropped my Dish over a year ago for OTA analog dual tuner MCE 2005 w/2x extenders. I have since upgraded to VMC with TV Pack 2008, dual ATSC OTA tuners, DMA2200, XBox 360 and Roku.

I won't be using any of the Amazon features of the Roku box, I don't care about PPV.


I've been without cable for over a year now, too. For a brief time I got the local channels via cable because my previous HDTV was actual an "HD ready" model without an ATSC tuner, and nothing would come in properly. Now, with my new TV, I tune in OTA digital locals, and then use the Roku, Netflix, and a combination of online sources to get all my TV. I don't miss cable at all because I only watched a handful of shows via cable in the first place, and they're all available online.

Incidentally, I've had this Roku 1.5 update since a few weeks ago. The HD is good when you're on a fast connection (better than the "HD" offered by satellite companies, anyway) but the selection is still somewhat limited. Give it time. They'll catch up.


I already dropped cable because Netflix's DVDs and streaming are plenty for me.

I'm curious to see if the Amazon-Roku partnership is successful. Unless I completely run out of free streams from Netflix, I won't be shelling out for any Amazon rentals.


I'd be interested to know of people's experiences with the HD setting on the Roku. I changed my Roku settings to HD, but about 30 minutes into watching an HD streaming episode of Friday Night Lights I went back to the standard settings. I have an HD plasma TV, but in dark scenes with a lot of close-ups and movement, the image became way too pixelized. Maybe it will work better on the LCD TV I have in another room.

ESPN keeps me paying a high cable bill >:-/


Try ESPN360.com


i just drop my cable on thanksgiving and i going with netflix. netflix is working with starz and disney so now waiting for some crazy news


HD is still going to rely heavily on your internet connection. It's sending a huge amount of information to you. If your ISP can't support the amount of information being streamed, it's not actually going to appear at HD quality.

Andy Mason

My wife and I never watch cable TV any more because we have a Netflix subscription and a Roku player so I finally got around to canceling my limited basic cable last week. What was the point in paying $16.50 for a service we never used? I find cable TV unwatchable because of all the ad breaks, and there is so much variety through Netflix that we always have something to watch when we are in the mood to chill out and relax on the couch.

We've also downgraded our Netflix subscription to one disc at a time because there are so many great choices for us to stream on the Roku player.


Has anyone else had a problem w/the .com link to the HD titles at Netflix? Or is it a link only for the Player to access?


It is pretty hard to drop cable unless one were uninterested in the outside world of news politics and sports.

I also think that (at least potentially) cable can deliver higher quality HD than internet streaming....until we can get Asian level bandwidth to our houses.

Maybe that can be part of the Obama stimulus package!

Quiet Desperation

It is pretty hard to drop cable unless one were uninterested in the outside world of news politics and sports.<.i>

Yeah, we really need some sort of (going out on a limb here) vast, global information network that we could access with our computers to get news. Maybe someone will invent one some day. ;-) Or maybe some sort of wireless, electromagnetic signal that could be picked up by inexpensive little boxes.

But seriously, at least here in the US televised news is a fraking joke. From Fox/CNN down to local broadcasts, it's all just fluff and nonsense. Radio and Internet do a much better job.

Quiet Desperation

close italics tag

Mike S.

I've been without cable for 2 years. This started out as laziness at signing up after moving, and the shock of the yearly cost. Now I'm on a mission. The 1080i/720p OTA networks still come in, so I get most of the stuff I'm interested in. The biggest problem is lack of CNN/FNC when there is big news. Frankly, it is surprising there isn't a free 24/7 news channel or CNBC type thing on Internet. (Don't they want me to watch their ads?)

Mike S.

That said, yeah QD is right. I'd sit there for 1/2 hour reading the dribble of information coming across the crawl on the bottom of the screen on CNN/Fox. It's like they hypnotize you into watching newscasters telling you nothing new.


Quick question...I've been contemplating dropping cable and getting a roku box. Are there any sites out there that list what specific shows are available right away from new seasons (e.g. The office, Lost, various disney shows)?

Edward R Murrow

"Are there any sites out there that list what specific shows are available right away from new seasons (e.g. The office, Lost, various disney shows)?"

Is this what you're after? http://www.fancast.com/


Thanks for the tip on forcing an update. We already dropped cable and use a combination of Roku and free digital (ATSC) broadcasts.

Our picture quality is better using free digital than it was with digital cable (something about less compression). Tivo may be the next thing to go since we can find most shows on Hulu/Network sites.

We've been blogging about our experience at CancelCable.com and maintain a show finder tool which shows where you can watch your favorite shows without cable.


Google search XBOX 360 and mediamall's playon. That seems like a good combo.


Fred, thanks for the mediamall.com PlayOn suggestion.

I went to their site and they apparently will be offering support for the Nintendo Wii soon. I am on the Netflix trial now and signed up just to check out the WatchInstant titles. I was very close to ordering a Roku box, but will wait to start a mediamall free trial once Nintendo Wii is supported. Maybe this will save me some cash and prevent yet another device from being connected to my TV.


Even without hulu support I have already scaled back to basic cable.


Have an Acer AspireRevo R3610 nettop computer as an HTPC (home theater pc) - expensive at $320 but it can stream any site to the big LCD.

Tiny too. This is an Atom 330 dual core ION based system with 2 gigs, a 160g HDD, eSATA, VGA/HDMI, S/PDIF audio, card reader, several USB 2's, wireless keyboard & mouse and RG-45 OR wireless B/G/N networking. No optical drive, but those USB's and an external reader handle that well enough.

No need to wait for some box to update their offerings - I just add a new link to the browser.

Only problem was I had to clean out the junkware all computers come pre-installed with and also had to update to the Flash 10 beta which speeds HD streaming enormously.


I have an HD plasma TV, but in dark scenes with a lot of close-ups and movement, the image became way too pixelized


I ditched cable months ago. I get 22 channels 9 in HD with an antenna i built and stuck in my attic. I use Hulu and Netflix instant, by plugging my laptop into my 52" samsung. I would buy roku in an instant if they had hulu. Might buy it anyway, or a blu-ray that plays netflix.


Ken, I have a similar setup. Zalman enclosure, dual core 2.5. on board HDMI. Running VMC with Hulu and Netflix plug in and blue ray-support thru Total Media Theater. a few iPhone apps. Logitech Touchmouse for mouse funtions and vmcMote to create/play playlists. Harmony One controls it all. Oh and 55" Samsung. :)Can do the same thing in the bedroom by hooking up the laptop. I've been thinking of buying an Xbox just for the extender. It's been great not having a cable/satellite bill. and they'll just get higher.

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