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i've just gotten the new silverlight/netflix player & have noticed much worse video quality. I used 2 have DVD quality, now it looks more like VHS. I have about 15Mpbs. Hopefully this will b fixed in the near future, it's very aggravating!


speeds this weekend have been HORRIBLE...i'm using the 360.

anyone else having major slowdowns this weekend?


I have been getting the Netflix error page for 2 days. Can't even get onto the site!


man people really aren't getting it huh? Like I said in the other blog regarding streaming problems, I have had no problems/slowdowns. It only slows down when other family members are either streaming on their own computer or downloading something, that is the only time I see quality decrease when watching on my 360. When it's just the 360 on, it's always full bar/hd with shows that are available for streaming in hd.


Netflix plus Series 3 TivoHD -- it's Craptastic!


I had to cancel due to unacceptable increase in buffering issues, it's not a problem with youtube, hulu, amazon video library, etc. of course they blame the isp. so long Netbixch!


Move Networks solves this problem, www.movenetworks.com. That is who ABC, Fox, etc. are using; why not Netflix?


Silverlight 3 will fix this NEXT YEAR. Gimme a break. Is it so hard to allow those with problems to revert to the old player? If it ain't broke, don't fix it, unless you're Microsoft. Greedy bastages. So long NF, I'm not waiting until next year.


I tried the open DNS solution-and I still have 3 bars (high video quality) and the picture looks pixelated or like the frame rate is off. The other player sometimes gave us 2 bars, but if we restarted the video we could often times get the 3 bars and maybe get interuppted once a show for slowing internet connection (Now we are interrupted up to 5 times during one 40 minuter show). Any other suggestions on how to make streaming better? We aren't even USING another computer when we stream on netflix.com.

Bob in Honolulu

I have found an odd pattern: I get excellent streaming video from Netflix on our Roku box, but when I try to stream the same program from Netflix on a Mac or PC I get much poorer video quality. I read a post where the author thought Netflix was throttling; is it possible it is throttling to computers but giving Roku preferential access??

Joe C.

I just installed Silverlight for Netflix last night, not thinking it could do any harm, because I was already very happy with the streaming quality of the old player. I WAS WRONG! ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! Choppy video, sound not synched, grainy and pixelated video. I immediately called customer support and the person verified that my system and my download speed far exceeded the requirements - which was already clear to me because I’m using a 3-month old Toshiba Satellite with Turion dual-core processor and 4GB ram (VISTA 64).

On the old player I was so impressed with the quality - it was DVD quality most of the time - now I CAN’T GET IT BACK! I WANT IT BACK! What really is irking me right now is the fact that customer support acted like it was a mystery! This was on 03/26/2009. After she couldn’t help me, I got off the phone and started doing some research and found out that MANY people were having the same issue!

The corporate take on this mentioned in this article WILL NOT PASS with people experiencing this problem for the very clear and simple fact that one night their streaming is working fine, they install Silverlight , and now everything is crap.

What can we do about this other than cancelling our accounts?

Dave K

I am having serious issues with Silverlight. The old Netflix Viewer worked great, But Silverlight is slow and choppy. However, apparently there is no going back. May have to cancel Netflix, as instant view is a large part of what I pay for. I am not going to buy a new computer and higher speed DSL to watch Netflix, and there is no guarantee that would help anyway.

Patrick L

I was having serious problems with the SilverLight Player. After some technical support from Microsoft, (they have unlimited support for download and installation problems available for this program). I had errors related to router settings that were causing interference with my player. After the technical support had eliminated those errors, I had very good to great video quality of streaming video. I have a 1.5G DSL line and the minimum requirements for the new player. I was going to cancel with all the problems I was having, but now I am very pleased with the new player.


------Part 1---------

OK folks, Prepare for this...

I've finally done what who knows how many engineers/cust suppt people at Netflix couldnt do.. I FOUND OUT HOW WE CAN FIX SILVERLIGHT.

Rather, how to diagnose our problems.. After MUCH obsessive tinkering to get it to work, I picked Silverlight apart, heres Instructions for us to diagnose our problems with instant watch..

1) Silverlight Diagnostic Screens:
Click inside the player video area, then hold Cntrl-Alt-Shift and hit these keys..

P- Player Info (almost useless)
S- Stream (Bitrate) Manager (resets to default AUTO at player load)
D- Audio/Video Stats
F- Frame Rate Histograph (almost useless)
H- Download Histograph (Can't fig this one out yet)
L- Event Log
V- Buffer Level Histograph
B- Bandwidth Histograph
--M-- Main Diag Menu with buttons for all above hotkeys

2) Ok, what to do..
Firstly open A / V Stats (Cntrl-Alt-Shift-D). Now while Silverlight is playing watch your bitrate and frames/sec. If the bitrate is changing every few mins, you may have adaptive problems.. If you do, or just want to lower/raise your video bitrate open up Stream Manager, select Manual, and desired bitrate, click apply. To know its changed on the showing video, WAIT for the "current" number to change to it, or seek your movie if your buffer is full. You'll have to redo this setting everytime you start a movie as it resets to AUTO....UGH

Now open A / V Stats and verify your VIDEO bitrate is where you want it. Alright now if your Video Buffer is dropping too low and making it stop and buffer, you have Bandwidth problems.. verify this by opening the Buffer or Bandwidth Histo's. If this is your problem, your ISP may be to blame or connection too slow or your lagging your bandwidth, so upping/fixing this problem is a must.

If your buffer/bandwidth is fine, open up A / V Stats again, watch your Framerate, or you can try using the Framerate Histo.. In any event, a low framerate, and especially if with high dropped frames/sec, may point towards too slow of a CPU, or bogged computer. If nothing else is running and slowing your computer down, may have to get a faster CPU.. This turned out to be my problem, shown by the same framerate while playback is paused, it was just that Hulu, Flash, Move etc players were using my Vid card GPU (Graphics Proccessor Unit for those not in the know) which is designed to handle Video Rendering so the CPU can do what it's best at, keeping everything in Windows from collapsing into a black hole.. :)

Here's the rub for us with framerate problems... Currently we use Silverlight Vers 2, which has NO GPU ability, they left it out on purpose by sheer laziness. SOMETIME this year MS plans to release Silverlight Vers. 3 which will use our expensive Vid cards...and this *MAY* fix most of the problems not related to bandwidth or network routing..

If only Netflix let us go back to the old GPU enabled player till Silverlight 3 is out we might all get along happily, but I've been told NO everytime I ask.. Oh well that's NF's loss (of customers)..



------Part 2---------

Let's see, what didn't I cover... the Event Log may show wierd errors that may be to blame, tell those to Microsoft support... A / V stats shows Memory usage, so might show not enough memory, but at 500/1000 bitrate looks like 40-60 meg free is enough..

Lastly on the Bandwidth Histo, note the two speed mark dots, and that you can change the timespan of the graph with the buttons in the lower right. Oh on A / V stats it shows which Netflix Server (called a CDN) your movie is streaming from, so if you see problems only with one of them or something it may show a problem with the Internet, like local net congestion..

Hope this helps even one other person.. I'm gonna try and get this to Netflix so maybe Cust Service can walk people through the info and actually give us an idea of what might be wrong..

Happy Diagnosing!



Me, I like it.

I used to have the full Directv package. That has been seriously downgraded, resulting in monthly savings.

I use XBMC (hacked first gen xbox) on all my TV's and paid $40.00 for one copy of PlayOn (http://www.themediamall.com/playon )to run on my home server.

That gives me three devices like ROKU all running for a far lower total price.

Internet is 10 MB down, with video buffering being done on the server before being sent to the XBMC via the home network.

Rarely do we ever watch a flick on a laptop.

So, works for me!


Any comments about ISP problems and old CPUs are ridiculous. Here are the simple facts: Ever since Netflix started offering free "instant watch" movies, I watched them on my wireless (but old) laptop connected to my TV without ANY problems with the the old Netflix player. The Silverlight player was then installed, and my experiences have been TERRIBLE ever since! Do the math....


While the video quality of the old player wasn't perfect it was quite tolerable. After not watching any movies online for a while I tried to do so this evening. Immediately qued to download new player, did so and buffering speed went from seconds to several minutes. Called Netflix, their guy acted as if it were a mystery and that it was my connection speed. Got off the phone verified speed, did a few moments research and called them back. New person same answer, I indicated speed was fine, she fumbled around for time, I asked if they'd received any other complaints, she indicated, "only a few". I asked if they trend the complaints, she said they do and that most were happier with the old than new. I asked if I could have the old player back she said, "it was no longer supported". What crap, I had really enjoyed Netflix but this is utterly ridiculous. If they don't have the capability to support the newer technology don't put it out there and for darn sure don't bamboozal people into buying it.


Hello, i have apossible fix for this..
I recently accidentalyl upgraded to silverlight last night on 1 computer, and now my account is locked into SL on all my computers. All are a few yers old and cannot play SL properly.
I was so angry i just canceled my account with NF. then i had a thought, If you cancel your account, then uninstall SL off all your computers, then create NEW NF account, ( not reactivate your old account) it should start off with a computer that does not have SL as well as a new account with no SL activation. When the option comes in again to use SL when you stream your first movie on your NEW account... do not install it... PERHAPS this will give us all a temporary work around to the CRAP SL player? comments please?


Netflix in windows media center, not working in my X64 vista machine. As soon as I click "play movie" WMC error message that WMC needs to close and then restarts WMC. Any fixes?

Rikeem Sholes

I was having some problems with it also. I installed a third party firewall and i determined it was what was giving me problems. Just thought i should share. I recommend that you check anything that controls the traffic of your internet to and from your computer.


question i have netflix and enjoy it in fack i watch several movies a day (i am retired)but i have noticed now that a lot of times when i try to multitask that if i have several programs running that a lot of times when i go to explorer that it wont load the content just a blank screen. when i shut down the programs or maybe reboot the system then i can surf the web again is this a memory problem. just wondering

Paul Buckner

Ive had so many problems with Netflix that I am going to take the Netflix money and pay for a more inclusive cable package.


I have found an odd pattern: I get excellent streaming video from Netflix on our Roku box, but when I try to stream the same program from Netflix on a Mac or PC I get much poorer video quality. I read a post where the author thought Netflix was throttling; is it possible it is throttling to computers but giving Roku preferential access??

THIS IS WRONG!!!! ROKU box streams directly from the modem, does not go thru the computer....the problem arises when you attempt to play the movie on the computer monitor and the silverlight process is applied to the downloading video stream. The processing interferes with the resultant download of the data....


I'm trying to watch an instant movie on my new Sony Blu-Ray player and it keeps saying "loading. Please wait". I tested my internet connection while this is happening and I am still getting 10mbps download throughput. I contacted the 800 number and they were useless. This service is not worth the trouble.


I'm having a lot of streaming problems this weekend (1/2/2010). I am normally able to watch Netflix streaming fine, but tonight it is freezing about every four minutes no matter what I watch.


I was having alot of streaming problems last night also. It freezes every few minutes no matter what I'm watching. I have the Samsung Blue Ray player that I'm streaming through. Normally, no problems. All I can think of is too much usage in the neighborhood? Any ideas?


Used to get a good streaming video from Netflix but seems with the newest version of SilverLight it's a choppy, unacceptable picture. Thinking of dropping NF after using them for 3 years.

Jeff Rigby

I have a PS3 and use Playon to stream multiple sites like Hulu. I recently signed up with Netflix and was able to enjoy instant streaming to my PS3 using the Netflix blu-ray disk. That is until I configured playon to stream Netflix. 2/3 of the way through a movie the playon instant stream locked up. I inserted the Netflix blu-ray disk and it locked up or rather stated "it's taking longer than expected". Did I cause a problem with the server?


I don't have enough bandwidth? huh? Always retrieving and buffering on every movie, but it seems to be mostly at night on my wireless network...36mb per sec. This is worthless, my provider is Time Warner Cable and i have plenty of bandwidth, nobody else in my home on a computer. TOO MANY GLITCHES. Of course they throw the netflix product out there totally unfinished or proven. RIPOFF! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't is the reason you get for all of this.


It's been over a year since Netflix has been informed that Silverlight does not work for a significant portion of their clientel, and they DO NOT CARE. I cannot stream movies on Netflix. It's like watching a slide show. It is all false advertising that they give you unlimited instant viewing. It doesn't work. You can't watch anything.


I agree I am beginning to think it's easier to go to Redbox get my movies and forget Netflix cause there is no good streaming anymore and Redbox is cheaper for my needs and quicker.

Want Moto's suggestions

MOTO, if ur still around, I have looked into ur possible solution, but could use some further guidance.??????


We have the Roku and are experiencing the same problems, poor streaming, constantly buffering, etc...no other computers running in the house at the same time so that's not the problem. We even bought a hard wire powerstrip to hardwire the wireless connection but it hasn't made a bit of difference. I am convinced this is a netflix problem and am so disappointed! It works great during the day but after 6pm (prime hours for usage) it is terrible. So why do we even use it? Renting movies is still way better.

Cal Gal

I zoomed through several seasons of Lost in January, just after getting a TiVo HD (so of course they came out with a new box in a few months).

But now Netflix is as slow as molasses in January on TiVo. Is the new box straining their system? I Netflix getting too much business?

SOMETHING has definitely changed in the past two months.


I stream through a browser (firefox or explorer). This year streaming suddenly froze. I could see stills but the movie would not play. Changing my DNS to google's ( and secondary immediately resolved the issue.


I have two LG blu ray players that I use to stream Netflix videos. I had 6 mpbs DSL and recently upgraded to 12 mpbs Uverse service. Vudu and YouTube stream flawlessly and Vudu is high def. In contrast Netflix stalls, keeps buffering, and tells me that my internet connection is slow and may impact video quality. The problem is

with my internet connection since the other video streaming services work so well. Netflix needs to own up to this problem and fix it.


Comcast user - found that all of a sudden, after using utorrent a few times to download totally legit things (like ubuntu) netflix streaming stopped working - even when utorrent was completely off after a clean reboot. It would play for a minute, then crash with the "your internet connection has slowed message" stuck at a constant 0%. After switching to Open DNS per your suggestion, not only did Netflix streaming suddenly work again, but my download speed practically doubled.

So, first off, THANK YOU! And second, it looks like if Comcast detects you torrenting, it puts you on a throttling blacklist via it's default DNS provider. If you torrent,and use Comcast & Netflix, I highly recommend switching to OpenDNS per the suggestion above.

Hungry Guy

Suddenly can't use streaming. Get message of wrong operating system. No changes to system but doesn't work on Safari, Chrome or Firefox

Margaret Bowden

I have a WII and playing some Netflix movies. I would like to know if there is any way I could get captions with the movies. Thanks

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