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ouch... i'll be turning mine off... I had an okay experience with bluray movies... But i cant see myself paying the extra $4 a month for something they should have done months ago... and I STILL barely get...

I think this may be a reaction to the possible PS3 pricedrop being announced tomorrow... If that happens, you should see a monster increase in bluray player sales...

But in general... $4 per month extra?? nahhhh... How about $1 for one blu ray per month that i choose??


Netflix spends a ton on streaming, so they should be charging additional for people who stream. I hate that Blu-Ray users have to subsidize Streaming.

David Overstreet

Considering that most of the Blu-Ray Titles in my queue are STILL "Long Wait" or "Very Long Wait" I think its rubbish.


I have one bluray player in my house and paying an extra 3 bucks a month sounds like a rip to me. It looks like I'll just be using it as an expensive upconverting "dvd" player till the price drops back down.


It's a tad bit upsetting. But let's hope this helps raise the amount of movies on Watch Instantly and also will let us reap the rewards in the end.

Honestly, BluRay movies are not THAT much more expensive then other movies.

Netflix is going to be making a lot of money and soon. As HDTVs get cheaper and more and more people begin to enjoy BluRay.


I would be fine with the pricing if a.) more than just a handful of movies on my were blu-ray and b.) all of my blu-ray selections weren't in the very long wait category. Until this is fixed I can't justify the price increase.


Absolutely ridiculous. They should try sending me blu-rays before they charge me more. In the past month I've received TWO blu-rays, only TWO out of the 21 in my queue.

I think it's time to cancel and rent locally, they're blu-ray collection has grown big time and they have a monthly subscription package.

dont charge me more

It's Crap but what can we do about it?

To me Blu-ray looks way better...just not sure if it's worth the extra $3.00 a month especially during these times.

Really bad time to be raising rates on anyone.

You would think it would be cheaper once Netflix starts stocking more Blu-Ray movies????

They should refund me $1.00 per month for every time the movie I want to see is on a long wait for weeks.

Oh well I still love Netflix!...lol


I just turned off my bluray access

Member since 2006

Definitely been thinking about cancelling for a while. This may push me over the edge.


Quadrupling the fee for me???

Hell no. No more Blu-Ray for me.


Yeah, now I gotta think hard about keeping the blu-ray ability. This is a bad move in my opinion.


The initial higher cost of Blu-Ray discs has nothing whatsoever to do with this price increase. It has everything to do with Netflix's reasoning that Blu-Ray devotees are willing to pay more for access. If enough people cancel their accounts or turn off their Blu-Ray access, you can expect them to backtrack.

Agree with all posters complaining about the availability of these discs. If only they weren't constantly throttled!


OK if they use the money to actually buy some BluRay movies. "Long Wait" for a BluRay when the equivalent DVD is available now isn't goo customer service....


I think I am going to go to Blockbuster, $1 cheaper for BluRay and they have in store exchanges.


This is pretty silly given that Blu-Ray disc prices are dropping like a rock over the last 6 months.


To keep the total cost about the same, I dropped from 3-at-time to 2-at-time.


I'm done for a while. I had already reduced my plan to 1 at a time unlimited to save a few bucks, but now it looks like I'm back to where I used to be. I'm going to take the summer off of Netflix and enjoy MLB.TV instead.


I think this is a little excessive.

Netflix says Blu-Ray discs cost 30% more, and they are charging about 20-25% more, which sounds reasonable on first glace, but...

It's only reasonable if 80-90% of the movies you watch are on Blu-Ray. If you watch closer to 60-70% than it is a bit of a rip-off.

I object to this hidden tax hike on the top 10% of Netflix subscribers to pay for the other 90%'s streaming. It's class warfare I tell ya.


A small but significant number of mail rental DVDs I get (including recent releases that have not had many rental round trips) are scratched beyond use. Anectodally, no Blu-Ray I have ever rented has even been unusable, presumably because of the better scratch-resistent coating. This also correlates strongly to frequency of scratched, unplayable discs with Gamefly 360 DVD rentals vs PS3 Blu-Ray rentals.

So even if the revenue-sharing plans Netflix has with studios are more expensive for BD than for DVD -- Netflix is likely compensated in part by discs that can be rented longer and more reliably due to better disc coating. In that context, it is unfortunate to see the Blu-Ray surcharge going up so much.


I haven't had many problems getting the bluray movies i want here in Columbus, OH. 19 of my 33 movies in queue are bluray, with 1 short wait, 1 long wait. The availability of titles has been acceptable for me, given the $1 surcharge.

However, increasing the fee to $3 is a bit much, so I will be turning this feature off before April 27th.

I've got a relatively modest setup worth ~3k that I watch movies on, so another $24 a year isn't a huge amount given what I have already spent on my TV, BD player, and audio.

It's more that bluray prices are not much higher than DVD prices were within the last few years - I've been able to get most titles on Amazon for under $20 by watching for sales.

Meanwhile, DVD prices are rock bottom, so while saying that bluray discs are more expensive, are they taking into consideration that regular DVD prices continue to drop?


I'll be dropping my blu-ray access. I'm on the three out plan and $4 extra per month is just too much when maybe 10-20% of my rental are blu-rays.

Crazy Tree

Total ripoff. I have an 8x plan and watch a great deal of classic and foreign films. I watch a Blu-Ray MAYBE once a month.

So essentially I'm being charged $9 every time I watch a Blu-Ray.

I've always been a fan of Netflix, but they've gone too far here. The $1/mo. was reasonable, this is just out of control.

I've always felt that Netflix was pro-consumer, but to charge me $9 every time they ship a Blu-Ray movie to me is just a f'n ripoff.

Sorry Netflix, but the love affair is OVER. Get your junk and GET OUT!


Yes, Crazy Tree, obviously a bunch of bean counters made up this plan without really thinking it through all the way.


My choices are dropping Blu-ray or dropping the disc-out plan to compensate but either way I go, my Netflix service will be changing soon. I'm just happy that my Blockbuster OnLine (and in-store exchange)does have the Blu-ray surcharge.


I just canceled my Blu-ray access. Although I was willing to pay $1 a month, the truth is, only 5% of my queue is available on Blu-Ray. So maybe if enough people cancel on them before April 27th, we can see another policy change!

Robin M

I switch between the 5 and 6 plan depending on how busy my Que is. I will be turning off Blu Ray. I can't justify an additional $7 a month. I would love to turn it off but pay extra on a disk by disk basis so I can watch the big blockbuster movies in BluRay one or two disks a month.


I really think that the BDA, Sony, and Disney and all those other Bluray people should be subsidizing this for us... I think Netflix is a BIG reason BluRay is even staying somewhat afloat...

If they upped it from $1 to $2 a month and said, "we're buying more" i'd still be mad... But not enought o cancel my Blu-ray access...


This upsets me very much. I thought the $1 Blu-ray surcharge was reasonable. But now I'm going to be paying an extra $3 a month for Blu-rays, on a 2-disc unlimited plan? That's a 21% increase! Not all of my rentals are Blu-ray. And Blu-ray's in my queue frequently have a "Long Wait".

This is unfair.


If they want to do tiered blu-ray pricing, they should do it per-disc with a cap. IE, if you're on the 3-out plan, you pay $1 for every blu-ray they send you in a month with a max of $4. That would bring them the extra revenue but not screw the people who only get one or two blu-rays a month.


Hmmmm. I'm probably in the minority here. 95 percent of discs I get from Netflix are BluRay, I live close to a distro center, and I alternate my queue between new and older titles. For the past 2 months, I have been fortunate to get new releases almost each week. Sooo, that being said, even with the increase, I am still playing Netflix less per month than the cost of a new Blu from Best Buy.


I've used Netflix for 7 years now. The majority of that time I have been on the 8 out plan. I have never had issues before with Netflix, but this is crazy! I rarely rent BR movies, and when I do, they are never on a wait, even if they are New released, or obscure, I never had a problem. But this, $9.00 a month just to view these! I think not, I immediatly called Netflix, and ceased my subscription. I told them why, they offered free months, and I did not take it. My wife is a Doctor, and I'm a Paramedic, it's not a money thing, it's just the principle of it all. Movies simply are not that important to me to pay these costs, during this type of economy. First, Online streaming is up so I imagine them saving money based on the shipping costs, secondly how many people are using netflix right now during this economy?
Heck the area I work in Boston I know a guy who can get movies still released in theaters, and other bootlegged BR DVD's for $2 bucks a pop, I might as well take my chances with him!


Ive been long-waiting for Pineapple Express since it dropped in Jan. Netflix isnt fit to announce any "premium" surcharges. Im definitely dropping Sonys Blu-Ray. Maybe even try Blockbuster or cable.


Eh…I'll probably go to 1 at a time. The wait is otherwise simply too long.


I'll be dropping blu-ray if it's gonna be $4 a month.

Too few movies are blu-ray, and the blu-rays they do have are "very long wait".

DVD's are good enough for most people, and Netflix is going to find that out real soon.


Well, I have not posted in a long time, but I usually come here to defend NFLX.

This is the wrong move at the wrong time- and if that is true they WILL backtrack, as they have done before. +300% is horsepuckey!

SO, my solution is to drop bluray and write them a complaint. I'll be generally missing out on newer (i.e. less clever) films.

Seriously, when you have a well done DVD and upscale it properly, it looks great, so why pay 30% more for Netflix's (and the industry's) poor availability. This is outrageous- especially considering how the streaming is just built in to the total price, which is raising the price for everyone.


NF has already updated their site...I was just getting ready to drop to 1 at a time.

"Your plan is no longer offered
You currently have Blu-ray access on your plan for $1.00 a month. Blu-ray access on this plan is now $3.00 a month. If you select a new plan, you will not be able to return to this price."

sucks...I am anything but a heavy user. I watch 1 movie every 10 days according to an API app.


As long as they use this increase to buy more disks I don't care but they're already on record saying that they used the $1 premium for whatever they wanted.


this is ridiculous they are charging me now 4 times as much for blu-ray access? I just removed it from my account, I wish to formally complain to netflix for doing this... even their logic doesn't make sense, yes the catalog has increased, but you are also saying your customer adoption has increased (that means more people who pay that $1 extra for blu-ray. I am aware they need to buy more discs (perhaps) but at a rate of 4 times as much? Also to a previous posters point DVDs are dropping price dramatically so doesn't that balance the sheet? in the last 2 months only about 30% of my discs have been available in blu-ray ..not quite an increase as they are claiming. They know how many discs in your queue are available in blu-ray, they should charge you equivalent to the your monthly blu-ray usage. This is BS. If they can do it with the bandwith they can do it with the blu-rays.

blu-rays anyway are usually highly commercialized movies (which are most likely available at BB or so) then why pay a premium for those movies in netflix? the only reason I have been a loyal (more than 6 years now) customer of netflix is because of their unique catalog of indy, foreign and hard to find films... blu-ray was a nice extra but non of my indy's, foreign or those types of movies are available in blu-ray. IF you are going to charge me that premium you better make the whole catalog available damnit! Like i said.. i just removed my blu-ray access.. and thanks for the tip, I'll go check my bb in the neighborhood to find blu-ray movies.. who knows.. maybe now a days they have the catalog netflix does... and I might just jump out. Thanks for taking care of your long standing customers netflix! outrageous.

Ann Onymous

You guys are right. Screw Netflix! It's just a scam! Don't give them your money!

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