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i keep getting errorcode 2105 - does anyone know how to correct it? netflix support was unable to provide a fix and sent me to MS where i found i was running the latest version and did not have any additional help


I switched to silverlight in order to use firefox. Also, with moonlight on linux, hopefully netflix movies will be available on linux soon. However, the quality of the video with silvelight is bad enough to be nearly unwatchable. On the same system, the old player was quite good. The quality of the silverlight video is bad enough to make it impossible to sit through even a 45 minute tv show. Please fix this!

Steve Wickersham

I have found the new Silverlight player to be a huge improvement over the old player. With the old player, streaming video was often unusable. There was constant buffering, jerky video, pauses and stops to readjust the feed to my Internet connection, which was having no problem on Fancast or Hulu. It was making me "even crazier than usual". Silverlight only buffers when the movie is first loaded and when you are using the slide bar, and this is done quickly and without the "three days after Armageddon" wait estimates of the old system which used to cause me to just forget it and pop in a movie. I especially like the feature in Silverlight that shows you the frames as you move the slider to another place in the movie. Think Silverlight is a huge improvement with some nice features,and it answers most of the problems I had with the old player which frustrated me to the point of almost dropping my membership. Can't speak for Mac users, I am using Windows Vista on a Toshiba L305-S5875 laptop with Dual Core processor running off an AT&T DSL connection that is a little shaky and occasionally craps out altogether but Silverlight still does a good job with it. I say keep up the good work.


If it weren't for the tearing/missing vsync, I'd probably like the new player. Now I'm at the point where I'll probably abandon watching Netflix streaming.

So sad to see them suckered into using immature Microsoft technologies. A video-player that's supposed to compete with Flash that doesn't vsync?


Like others, the picture is jerky but the sound keeps going. My computer also exceeds the minimum requirements. This isn't a Bill Gates thing, as some people have foolishly stated. Just want to watch my movies without problems, like I used to be able to do.


As soon as I installed the new silverlight player, video quality went down so significantly that I can't watch on Instant Viewing any more. Mac, Windows, IE, Firefox, Safari... no difference, still unwatchable.

I find it interesting that some people have noticed no problem, while for others (like me) it's severe. What could be different?

Has anyone who's having trouble found a technical workaround?


Hmm, I just uninstalled Silverlight completely on my Mac, then tried again - on recommendation from a Netflix tech support guy, and amazingly, it's working fine now. Go figure. Maybe this will help some of you who have had problems with it.


When watching a movie, the playback stopped, and I was offered to resume by loading the new software. I accepted not knowing what to expect. The Microsoft Silverlight installed without a problem, but the image quality went from DVD quality down to VHS or lower quality. I can barely see the eyes of the actors in the Office series.

I have a HTPC connected to a 58" plasma 1080p. The CPU was running at about 40% with Silverlight. High, but not too high. I tested my bandwidth, and it was able to sustain more than 4MB/s.

I then called the service of Netflix. 1 hour and half on the half. They asked me to reboot the computer, re-install silverlight, try it on another computer, reinstall silverlight, which I did all, but without success. I asked to revert back to the old player, and they answered that they cannot do that to me. Talk about corporate bullying.

I asked to speak with a supervisor. She was very polite, but arrogant. She claimed I am getting the netflix download service for free (maybe, but I started using netflix when I tried streaming, and I used streaming much more than the regular mail). I told her I will be willing to pay more for higher quality, she says they can't offer that.

Bottom line: they are rolling out a software that is in alpha or beta stage, they are refusing to take accountability for the messed up roll-out, they are refusing to allow clients to opt-out... the only think they can't refuse is my opting out of netflix altogether.

The reason: during this debacle, I tried watching the office episodes on NBC.com. Few ads, 30seconds spots, but the quality was day and night better. I tried watching Hulu, and although not as good as on nbc.com, the quality was way better than netflix.

So, Netflix can't stop my from opting out from Netflix.

Good job on this upgrade, Netflix.

Dan K

Another long term netflix customer that is VERY disappointed after switching to the Silverlight player. I have a 10mbps connection, and a very capable dual core computer updated to .net 3.5 sp1. Netflix says I should be good to go with 3 bars based on their own assessment.

Put simply, before silverlight, most titles were great - approaching dvd for older titles or television shows. Now the resolution is lower, there are horrible blocking artifacts and aliasing of the edges of the images on the screen.

After confirming with tech support that I was getting 10mbps, they concluded that my problem was related to the ping speed in milliseconds at 150 for the nearest server, saying this should be below 70. Seems like something a small buffer should resolve. Funny, the ping speed doesn't affect the previous version of the player, or playback of sites such as Hulu.

In any case, until they get this fixed, I will only be their customer because they still mail dvd's


I was boxed into the upgrade over the weekend. I had been enjoying the instant watch feature so much I quit getting DVDs and just used that.

Now I'm trying to decide whether to quit Netflix altogether. Silverlight is useless. Not only is it jerky -- even when buffered -- but the quality is trash now. so even if they fix whatever compatibility problems they have, the high compression is here to stay.

It really sucks, I would rather leave the movie on pause for 15 minutes and let it buffer and have good video then this crap, or at least have a choice.


I can tell first hand that Silverlight has caused an issue. I just had to reimage my desktop that i use as a media box (pentium 4 2ghz, 1gb RAM). Yesterday, everything was going great with netflix, today after installing the new silverlight player - not so well. My CPU is pinned at 100% causing the video to be choppy. But in general the overal video quality is worse. I don't care that they are trying out new technology, I just wish they would give users a way to get back to the technology that worked well for them for so long... But let me just say it one more time this is the same exact desktop (not comparing two different machines) and I'm getting very bad results with Silverlight

Cloud Stew

I have no idea what most of you are talking about. Yes that 1500 Mb/s bitrate is a little lower but even with my crappy Dell I have no other vsync or quality issues.

The silverlight player is a HUGE improvement over the older, buggier, jerkier, craptastic excuse for a flash player that took 40 minutes to buffer on a T3 connection.

And with Windows 7 Media Center I'm getting Netflix streaming and Queue management straight to my desktop which makes movie watching an absolute joy.

I'd venture that most of you who are having problems are either using poorly updated systems or overestimating your bandwith capabilities.

This is one thing that Netflix got RIGHT.


Silverlight has been a gigantic problem for me and anyone else on Qwest netwok srvices.

I think it is a security problem plus a glitchy network situation. Increasing the speed of the network does not make the problem go away no matter what Netflix support says. A friend of mine in Tucson and on Qwest has the same problem though she has their fastest network speed. Silverlight has 2 kinds of policy files - one traditional and the new type.

From microsoft.com:
If a Silverlight policy file is returned (even if there is an error in parsing the file), it is used as the policy file for that cross-domain request and all subsequent requests to that server for the entire session of the Silverlight application. If a Silverlight policy file is not found, the Silverlight 2 runtime then tries to download a Flash policy named "crossdomain.xml" at the root of the requested target domain using the HTTP protocol. The Flash policy file must allow connections to all domains for it to be used by the Silverlight WebClient and HTTP classes.

If the connection request was from sockets to the site (cross-domain or site of origin), the Silverlight 2 runtime tries to open a connection using TCP to a well-known port (port 943) on the target site. If a TCP connection can be established, the Silverlight 2 runtime sends the special string to the server to request a Silverlight policy file. The Silverlight 2 runtime then waits to receive a reply from the target site that contains a Silverlight policy file. If this Silverlight policy file is returned (even if there is an error in parsing the file), it is used as the policy file for that socket request and all subsequent requests to that target site for the entire session of the Silverlight application.

If the policy file retrieved is successfully parsed and grants permission, a connection is finally opened to the target host. If the policy file retrieved is invalid and cannot be correctly parsed, then connections to the network resource are denied by the Silverlight 2 runtime and any connection requests will fail. If no policy file is found, then connections to the network resource are denied by the Silverlight 2 runtime and any connection requests will fail.

Dave Kraemer

I am having a lot of problems with Silverlight. The old Netflix Movie Viewer worked fine, but Silverlight is choppy and slow. There is no option to go back to the older viewer either. I may have to cancel Netflix as this is a large part of my membership. I don't want to buy a new computer and faster DSL just to watch Netflix.


Not a techie so most of the jargon riddled comments fly right past me. However, I am experiencing the problem of jerky/frozen video.
Techie or not, Mac or PC, I shouldn't have to muck around inside the blackbox for a purchased service to work. If I have all the listed system requirements then the program should just run. I've been told that a new version of Silverlight is on the way. I'll wait a little while but if there's no improvement I'm going elsewhere.

Dan C

No Question about it I saw a definite decrease in quality when switching from the windows media player to silverlight. I have tried it on multiple windows machines. On my newer dual core laptop machines (in IE7 and Firefox) the silverlight version looked OK but the quality was lower than wmp and even lower then sites that use flash like HULU, especially during motion, and the tearing was annoying, to say the least. This is not the quality or service I have come to expect from netflix streaming after having a lot of success with the wmp version. the wmp version was smooth and had no tearing at full screen. All the people who think the Silverlight looks good must not be very observant of video tearing or maybe need to get their eyes checked if they don't notice the drop in picture quality. I also have an old 1ghz celeron desktop machine that I thought I would try them out on. The silverlight pretty much did not work on it where the wmp version worked better then any other streaming service on this machine (including hulu). Seems like a step backwards if the streaming requires a better processor AND displays at a lower quality even on newer machines. Why do upgrades so often mean a decrease in quality when it comes to large companies?


I am running NetFlix on a Vista Ultimate 64 Bit computer. Under Internet Explorer 7 the NetFlix instant play worked just fine. However, when I upgraded to IE 8 it stopped working, giving me "ErrorCode: 2105" every time. I've reverted to IE 7, installed Mozilla and every other browser but still can't get it to work again. Unfortunately, some recent MS update also got rid of my older restore points, so I can't go back. Does anyone know how to fix this!?!

Johnny B.

Like many others, I'm on the verge of canceling my Netflix account due to the inferior quality of Instant Watch movies on the "new improved" Silverlight 2 player. Like many before me, I long for the old Windows Media-based player, and deeply regret ever having switched to Silverlight. While it may be that there are a sizeable number of Netflix customers who actually prefer the new player, so far I have only seen 2 positive comments on this website, and the Silverlight and Netflix forums are also being inundated with complaints & threats to cancel memberships. The very few positive comments about Silverlight may be valid for those users, though one might suspect that a few of them could have been posted by someone acting on behalf of either Netflix or Microsoft. But even discounting that possibility, it is unconscionable that Netflix is ignoring this multitude of complaints by refusing to allow users to revert to the old player. And if all else fails, they (and Microsoft) will tell you that it's your tough luck if your ISP can't lower your ping rate.

Matt O.

I was just forced to install the new Silverlight player and the quality is lower. I never had any problems with the previous player, and the quality was great. I really hope they improve the Silverlight player, or allow us to go back to WMP... We do most of our viewing as streaming on Netflix, so this issue is important.

Christian Griffith

I have an older PC that I use for a media-machine, like many other folks, and it just can't handle Silverlight. What a bummer! With the old Netflix player, I used to have much better performance.

Recently, I upgraded my DSL to allow for better quality video and to try to improve the performance, but it hasn't helped! Although I have a good amount of detail in the picture, the frame-rate has dropped so much lower (after the switch to Silverlight) that it's almost unwatchable. I am not a Happy Camper!

Netflix: please, please, please resolve this situation. Revert to your old-style player or provide a different solution that doesn't completely tax my computer to the limit!!! There is no good reason for this downgrade of performance...You are ruining what was a really good thing! I should not have to own the cutting-edge, latest technology to get a decent streaming video broadcast!


I was just forced to "upgrade" to the new version on my Vista system yesterday, and immediately I noticed a degradation in picture quality. Looks like the compression is greater and lossy than it was previously. It would be nice if the Watch Instantly delivered a picture that was as at least as good as cable television.

Celeste Brady

I have had constant problems since installing Silverlight. Prior to this, my videos played flawlessly. I have a high-speed internet connection. Is this the only option? Not only am I having problems with Netflix, since installing the new software, all other video sources (Amazon, CBS, etc.) are now freezing.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


I was recently automatically upgraded to the Silverlight player. The picture quality is much worse. The pause button tends to vanish on some movies. Netflix customer support is in denial mode. This devalues the service for me.


I hate this new player! The quality is shoddy and the playback is atrocious! Used to be when my connection slowed and I had to wait while it buffered playback, it would just keep going on the playback I had while it tried to load more. Now if my playback changes it automatically tries reloading and I have to wait for 5-10 minutes at a time! Also I can't fast forward or rewind at all without it buffering for 5 minutes! The old player would load the entire show so I could have it as I watched (took advantage of bandwidth while it knew I had it), now it only does 5 min at a time. Doesn't matter what kind of connection I use either. This is crap!!!!!


The Silverlight player is a big step down in quality for me. I'll have to contact Netflix to see if I can go back to the previous player, which occasionally hiccupped, but when it worked, which was most of the time, it looked fine. I always assumed the problems I used to have occasionally were due to my wireless network problems. The picture quality is just terrible now, worse than my old VHS tapes. If I'm not able to change the situation I will just go down to the one DVD at a time $4.99/month plan, or simply cancel Netflix altogether. Those of you who aren't having problems, well, good for you. But it sucks for me.


I am disapointed in what I am reading about Silverlight! I was forced to use Silverlight and now am unable to watch online moives. I cannot find any settings that will make it better except if I run 800x600 and the quality is so poor at that resolution that I will cancel my subscription with NetFlix! Does anyone have a fix for this or a way to use the old player? Maybe its time to go back to Blockbuster?


I too was using the old Netflix player for years without issue. To all the people that are saying we need to upgrade our PCs... How does the Microsoft Kool-aid taste? Typical Microsoft mantra- Take a good idea, add tons of bloat and overhead, force it on people, and then blame the hardware. Wow, now I need a Core i7 and 6GB of RAM just to run my Vista OS! Wait you want to stream video? Break out the dual graphics cards and Fiber ISP.

Give me a break, bring back the old player or fix your mistakes.


It's pretty clear that the video isn't being synced. Tearing will occur on LCD screens if it's not using a vsynced frame buffer. Even if it was synced, the quality is *bad*.

The vsync issue rears its head on Hulu sometimes as well, when one of their developers breaks the hardware acceleration support for the player. That breaks vsync support, at least on Linux. Since it's using Flash, you can just right click and see if "Settings..." is grayed out to tell. Hulu does fix the problem whenever it occurs, though, and in a timely fashion at that. What's funny is that Hulu on XP tends to be slow but on Linux, it's fine.


These links seems to imply that Silverlight 2.0 on XP doesn't support vsynced video or rendering. I wonder if Netflix had known that their Silverlight 2.0 video player was incompatible with Windows XP, for anyone using a LCD monitor, anyway. It seems Microsoft knew for a while.


Silverlight 3.0 is supposed to have GPU acceleration and H.264/AAC support, which should provide a way to vsync using a graphics driver call and faster rendering. Hulu already supports both these features through Flash. H.264/AAC allows for a higher quality compressed video/audio stream, too, though at a higher performance cost. Really old computers might have had trouble, but at least the quality would have been about the same as the old player, with the right encoding options.

I guess I'll just wait until they roll out their Silverlight 3.0 player, since their 2.0 player will never support my system. I just hope they don't garbage up all their content trying to support 2.0, though.

I'm on XP with a Q6600 with 4 gigs of ram on a 12 MBPS connection.


Anyone who can say with a straight face that the Silverlight player is an improvement to the viewing experience on normal Windows systems is either a Microsoft/Netflix shill or they are insane. The absolutely terrible quality across ALL ranges of hardware is reason enough for me to ditch Netflix altogether. The benefits of browser support and other nonsense is just a complete joke, let the people who NEED silverlight use it, and let the people who have a MUCH MUCH MUCH better experience with the old player keep on using it. I wonder how many irate support calls I can place before they stop answering the phone.


I was mislead into updating to the Silverlight NetFlix player this past weekend. I had zero issues with the previous player and now the Instant Watch feature is unwatchable. When running in full screen mode, I am seeing ~10 frames dropped per second and the buffer drains completely before waiting until it is filled up again even though the buffering rate is greater or equal than the streaming rate. This was verified using the built-in diagnostics A/V Stats in the NetFlix Silverlight player. Although there is no dropped frames/buffering issue in windowed mode, there is still the horrible tearing issues. The system is running an Athlon64 3500+/1GB RAM/Nvidia 6800GT.

I have seen many reports of the same problems and it seems neither Microsoft nor NetFlix wants to acknowledge something is wrong. If this isn't addressed or fixed, I will have no use for a NetFlix account.


I totally hate Silverlight, it uses up all my memory, I have 1.7 GHz & 1.5 Gigabytes of ram & it keeps using it all up until it runs out, which happens frequently. Then I can't watch anything at all after it tells me there is not enough memory, restart browser, &/or restart computer. :-Z


Update to my last post:
So I called Netflix to inquire if I could bypass using Silverlight, which customer service told me was not possible. So she suggested I use Mozilla Firefox, which I did. It worked better & faster than IE 7.0. However since I am a continuous user of instant watching, memory will build up if watching for example continuously such as a series episodes. So it is suggested you click "back to browsing" page if watching such, then clicking on the next episode in the series in the original series page, rather than clicking on "next episode" within the viewing page. That way the memory will go back to the default memory instead of building up.


Not a hater, fanboi, whatever. My problem with Silverlight is it won't let you fix the bandwidth like Shift-B used to. Netflix's detection program, well, sucks. They always give me low quality, yet, I can turn around and get 12mps from the very speedtest site their 'support' has you test against. Until the day I foolishly tried Silverlight (apparently, I can't go back now), I could simply set my speed and be happy. Now I get these f*ed up 500k streams and no way change it. I will give them one try in hopes that I just got some graveyard telemarketing reject that couldn't do more than read a script to me. I'm not holding my breath.


Another Netflix user here with very poor quality video after being forced to switch to SL. Quality before was very good.

In regard to some of the forum posters here; get a clue please. Regardless of whether you experienced better or worse service and quality, do you think that invalidates what others are saying? Just because your experience differs from others doesn’t make their comments less valid. Ridiculous. Is this how you operate in the rest of your life? If so I’m glad I don’t know you.

I laugh at the comments when people say most users experience this or that; how the heck do you know? Did you do a survey of all the Netflix customers? There is a fair representation around the internet that this is a significant problem for many . Further, an incredible majority of people will never post anything online so you can expect this is only a small representation of the true problem. Similarly, satisfied people don’t generally go around searching for place to post a positive comment. I’m sure many , I’ll concede even a majority of users, upgraded, didn’t notice any significant quality issue, and were satisfied - end of story. What’s really bunk is idiots that think a significant number of people are going to have a perfectly acceptable experience and then go online searching around for somewhere to post false complaints about quality issues because they hate Apple or Microsoft.

Obviously I am very disappointed with the lower quality, nearly unwatchable video. However, more so I am extremely disappointed in the way Netflix has managed this upgrade. Especially the response from customer support. The answer that streaming is a free bonus is obnoxious, offensive and essentially untrue. You can call it whatever you want but in researching the decision to buy their service it is listed as part of the package. I wanted the streaming service and it is directly responsible for me being a Netflix customer.

Regarding the quality; yes computer hardware gets outdated and I expect ultimately the new service will improve and eventually it will be an improvement for everyone. However, I have 20 mb/s down Fios, my laptop exceeds all their minimum requirement by a fair margin and the Netflix website always reports my video quality is high. Regardless, it worked great before and now it doesn’t. At a minimum there should be backwards support for some reasonable period of time, which is the norm in technology related services. What Netflix did was to sell me a service and then forced me to “upgrade” without a reasonable grace period or the chance to revert. I was forced without question since I had intentionally avoided the upgrade for this very reason until one day I had no choice. I couldn’t watch online without “upgrading”. Now I see a significant downgrade in the service I paid for and I feel cheated. There are options available that have worked and still work at other sites. So the outdated hardware argument is BS. Netflix should have allowed their paying customers the option to continue to get the quality they had come to expect until they could switch without seeing a downgrade in quality. To annoy and alienate what is obviously many customers is just stupid business.


My daughter selected Silverlight on her PC, and it changed all of them. It's terrible. Very jerky, and the image quality is very poor compared to the Flash player. If support can't change it back, I'll cancel Netflix right away. Instant Play is why I got it, but this is just rubbish.


Silverlight? Silvershite more like.

Huge, huge, huge deterioration in picture quality and a deplorable PR response from NF. Tech support responses are scandalous.

What a massive DOWNGRADE. What a massive mistake from the NF executive. Canceling my subscription was the only response.

The way that users (including myself) were manipulated into this without an opt-out just defies belief.

Pissed off!

Suck my balls Netflix. Going with Microsoft software, you kidding me? Microsoft botches everything thing they touch! Switch back to the old player.

Susan Breininger

Ditto to ALL the above!! I'm tempted to find another movie provider and say aloha to NF - it HAS been great but this SL crap is unbearable!

Kevin Bittman

It seems some folks with external devices such as the X-Box 360 are not having any difficulties. After being a Netflix member for 4 years, watching instant movies during this period on a 40" HDTV using an old HP Presario AMD Athlon XP2800+, the switch to Silverlight has been painful. It works fine at smaller resolutions. Overall, it's a step backwards. This not anti-microsoft sentiment. Netflix did what they had to do to keep the content. Who should know more about anti-piracy than the company that deals the most with it? Hopefully it will improve, but for now, I may cancel Netflix. I can't watch TV the way I've grown accustomed.

Mike Mentah

We have been searching for solutions to the issues others have listed above without success. We have "long distance DSL" (which on a great day provides 300kbps) and Silverlight requires more than 1.5 hours to show a 40 minute episode. Our Netflix streaming movie experience is 2/3 buffering and 1/3 watching. To put that another way, we average many minutes of buffering to every minute of watching. It was much better before Silverlight. BTW we're NOT viewing anything in high def.

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