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Not a single one. (knock on wood)

Maybe it's a specific shipping center / mail center problem?


I am fortunately enough to have never received a cracked blu ray disc from netflix, I have had blu ray since it has been released from netlfix and have never had the issue, I know many have. I would most likely look at the post office for the issues on the reason why they are getting cracked. Yes the blu ray disc has that extra coating on the disc to protect against scratches but it also makes the disc harder, not brittle, so it does not take very much for the disc to get a small crack on it. So someone has to purposely bend or place something on top of it that hits it at the right angle to cause the disc to break. I would be very unhappy if this started happening with me and would file a complaint with the post office on this sort of thing while also reporting the damaged disc to netflix to get a replacement shipped out.


Yes... 2 of about 40 over the past year. Unplayable crack was on outer edge.. playable crack was on inside edge. I suppose that is part of the reason for the Netflix Blu-ray premium subscription charge.


Aside from the few people claiming it here, I am not real sure where Wired got their information. Seeing the comments on their site though, it's obvious that many people are there just to cry about choosing HD-DVD. Really, these people are still at it (And I'm sure they still go to Blockbuster as well).

Frankly, I've had no cracked discs, not even DVD's, in 3 years. If they are cracked, I blame the post office, but if you think Netflix keeps sending you the same cracked disc, well then I think you should probably finish the job and break it in half then return it to Netflix to ensure they don't do it again.


1 cracked Blu-Ray out of about 100 over the last 2 years, so about 1%. That is about the same percentage of breakage I have had with dvds.

Probably a problem with an automatic mail sorter at one or two post offices.


Tons of HDDVDs would be cracked, especially those flippy disks.


I've received several unplayable Blu-Rays from Netflix. I thought that was because of a firmware problem, but maybe the discs were just broken. Hmm ...


I've had one cracked disc in 3 years. It was a DVD, not Blu-Ray.


This is a USPS issue. I had to file four formal complaints in order for USPS to stop putting my envelopes in sorting machines. I had gotten 26 in 6 weeks, each with identical cracks on the outer edge of the disc.

Netflix blamed USPS, saying envelopes are pre-sorted, USPS blamed Netflix. And so it went.

The cracked discs are a result of the sorting process, which bends the envelope at a near 90* angle. Blu-Ray, with its protective coating, will crack each and every time it's put through the machines that sort.

It's simply a matter of lazy USPS workers, so FILE FORMAL COMPLAINTS and the cracked discs will stop coming.


In addition to my above post, I'd like to add that Netflix would send me the same cracked disc after I was instructed to send it back to them so they could 'pull it'.

I knew because I marked the disc, and wrote down the serial code which they've begun to use.

So hold onto your cracked discs before you actually get a good replacement.


Your poll pretty much says it all. It's rare, and it's often the USPS' fault, just as I said.


I've never run into this problem out of around 40-50 blu-rays that have been sent to me.


I've never had a visibly cracked blu-ray, but I just returned another one that wouldn't "boot-up" properly and play the movie. I usually get to see the commercials, promos, trailers, etc - then the movie won't play. I've upgraded the firmware per Samsung's website, but still get the occasional unplayable blu-ray. The replacement disc has always played. Very strange.

mia's grampa

5 out 9 all blue rays ,dropped netflex that month.


Yes, 11 of the last 13 Bluray discs have had at least the characteristic hairline edge fracture, if not worse. It's interesting that I've had Blu-ray access since November and never had a problem with them until just now. It's been a really frustrating month; I was tempted to drop NF, especially considering it happened just as they announced the BD price increase.

Brad in SW Michigan

The problem seems to be getting worse with time. Last year, 3/48 (6%) of the Blu-Ray discs I received were cracked.

Since the beginning of 2009, 7/19 (37%) of my discs have been cracked.

John Schuyler

Seven out of ten with cracked edges in the last two weeks(no previous problem.) Contacted Netflix repeatedly, contacted USPS.


I have had 2 blu-ray discs in a row show up broken.

John Schuyler

Two more Netflix Blu-ray Discs with cracked edges today. Makes 35 of my last 47 BDs with cracked edges since the problem started 4/24/'09. All 35 have been reported as Damaged>Cracked. The cracks are always under the leading edge of the mailers. 42 perfect ships prior to the start of the problem. I'm in Sun City, CA. My Netflix main hub is in Santa Ana, CA. My "Nearest Netflix Shipping Facility" is in San Bernardino, CA.


With every shipment of 4 discs per week, we received a least 1 cracked BD disc, but more often it's 2-3 cracked discs.

John Schuyler

Due to my posts at the Facebook Netflix space concerning so many of my Netflix Blu-ray Discs arriving with edge cracks I was able to connect via phone and email with a Netflix rep that knows her stuff! I now feel confident that my problem will be resolved in the very near future. She also credited back my VISA account for all Netflix charges from the time the problem started through to the middle of next month! Thanks Ms G!!!


Just joined Netflix two weeks ago and out of four blu ray discs received, four do not work! It can't be this hard...new customer and I'm already canceling.

John Schuyler

I'm done whining about my Netflix Blu-ray Disc cracked edge problem, it's fixed!

Here're my tips on handling the Netflix Blu-ray Disc problem:

1) Report all cracked edge Blu-ray Discs! Queue>Report Problem>Damaged shipment>Cracked. This provides a) a record for a billing adjustment claim, b) a way for Netflix to discover your problem, c) a record for discussing your problem with Netflix and the USPS.

2) Check where the edge crack is related to the mailer. Open your mailers keeping the disc orientation in line and take note that the cracked edge is always in the middle of the leading edge of the mailers(opposite the 'floppy' end.) This provides a) evidence it's an USPS machine processing problem(cuts through backtalk when speaking with Netflix customer service and the USPS,) b) evidence they're not resending cracked edge discs.

3) After your problem is obvious, go over to the Netflix Facebook space and whine(include your city/state/zip code.) If necessary repeat every couple of weeks until you get the attention of Netflix. http://www.facebook.com/netflix#/topic.php?uid=6275848869&topic=8210

Blu ray

Thank you John Schuyler
That is handy information.


Nearly all of our Blu-Ray movies delivered, including replacements, have been cracked near the edge. It is almost certainly a USPS thing. It would make sense that some people do not see this often, and some a lot, because there are obviously many different sorting facilities the disk could go through depending on where you live. Though Netflix is very quick about sending replacements, this is fairly annoying, and the USPS should fix it. They are causing repeated item damage and don't fix it...

I just feel bad for Netflix having to replace so many Blu-Ray disks for the post office's mistake.


I have been with Netflix for 6 weeks. They have sent me 45 discs, 16 of which were cracked. The cracks are all the same size in the same place and clearly are a result of going thru the mailing machines. Netflix gave me a month free - nice - but still its a pain to have 33% of all discs turn up unplayable. I'm in Chicago


I've had nine copies of Encounters at the End of the World that were cracked. Finally the customer service guy told me to give up so I told him I'd take it on DVD. That's what I'm paying for.


I went a year without getting cracked Blu-Ray disks from NetFlix. Then starting in July of 2009 all of them have been cracked with the same small crack on the edge of the disk. I usually send it back twice before I get a non-cracked disk. It's really frustrating. Meanwhile none of the DVDs I have recieved this year have been cracked.


In nearly 100 Blu-ray discs, I've never had a single cracked disc. Every single one has played flawlessly. I had ~two scratched DVDs.


I've been getting Blu-ray from Netflix since they began offering them in 2007. In that time, I've had 1 or 2 discs with physical damage and I've received probably 125-150 Blu-ray discs. In the last 6 weeks, 10 out of 12 Blu-ray discs have a 1/4" long crack on the outer edge. I see lots of people complaining about USPS and their sorting machines, but if that were the case, why would I never have a problem until recently? I think the disc manufacturers are using bad lots of polycarbonate substrates that aren't able to hold up to the USPS sorters.


This problem has been plaguing my Netflix arrivals this whole summer. I've sent about 4-5 copies of the same Blus back for replacement. It's at the point now where I feel incredibly lucky to have a disc arrived uncracked.

We called the post-office, the lady said she "would pass on the info." In other words she hung up and didn't do anything.

Ugh. Feels kinda helpless because each side Netflix and the USPS will blame the other. I guess I just have to keep bothering Netflix so they give me free months of something.


About 40% of the blu ray discs I get have unplayable cracks. Very annoying.


I've been struggling with cracked Blurays for months. Today after two weeks of nothing but cracked Blurays, I finally called to complain. The customer service guy said he'd send a couple extra discs from my queue with the next replacement disc, and also credited half a month's fees.

He said that Netflix was working on a fix, with no known time for said solution. He mentioned that changing the way they mailed discs would "turn things upside down" for Netflix. He suggested downgrading to DVDs if the problem continued. I might just switch to Blockbuster instead.


Amazing. I just got my replacement disc and two extra discs today. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WERE CRACKED!!! 7 of the last 9 discs they've sent me were cracked, and I haven't had a playable disc since November!


I never had an issue before, but within the last 10 days, I've had 4 G.I. Joe in a row, 2 Public Enemies, and 1 Inglourious Basterds. Out of the last 11 disks 7 did not play due to the cracks. I threw in the towel and after 3 1/2 years and cancelled my membership with Netflix.


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David Hendrix (Palmdale, Ca)

In the last two months I have received 20 blu-ray disc...18 of them have been cracked. When I call and complain they temporarily increase my allowable rental count and resend the blu-ray...all come back cracked. I have given up and will look into Blockbusters. I have been a loyal NF customer for many years with no problems prior to November 2009 with cracked BRs.


We usually have to replace every title that comes to us at least once. Frequently 2-3 times before we get one that's not cracked. I see people have received the same stonewall as I have. Cept most of the customer service types I've spoken to seem completely clueless and just apologize.


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