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Davis Freeberg

Given how quickly kiosks are growing and the potential threat that they could have to Netflix, wouldn't it make sense for them to try and buy Redbox? After their IPO brokedown, I would have thought that they would pounce, but instead they let Coinstar buyout all of it. With Coinstar trading under a billion, Netflix could probably buy Redbox and get a nice coin counting business on the side. A merger would probably distract their focus a bit, but they could easily spin off the non-DVD businesses and still pick up revenue and net income in the process. Probably wouldn't be a popular option with shareholders in the short term, but would give them a dynamite combination that they could exploit in the future.


Was there any talk of charging for streaming?


SATURDAY SHIPPING EVERYWHERE! That is awesome news. More bang for your buck, no one can complain about that.

And the other complaint I always see is about scratched discs, and they are getting machines to check for that too!

Well done Netflix... this is good.



The claim that Netflix was going to charge for streaming was made by a wallstreet analyst with no connection to Netflix at all.

I personally think he was talking about a streaming only plan in which yes they would charge for that.

Not sure why people hopped on this so much ... my guess is most people didn't actually read the article fully :)


Can someone tell me why Saturday shipping is such a big deal? I've gotten DVD's on Saturdays before?

And when the Post Office cuts out delivery on Saturdays, what's the point?



A disk that ships on Friday evening will still arrive on Saturday. This would be better defined as "Friday processing" (Meaning if you drop a disc in the mail Friday, it will arrive saturday and you should see a new disc monday, assuming they don't hold on to anything for a day.)

The post office is considering dropping mail on various days. Actually Tuesday is the lowest mail volume day (according to MSNBC reports) so they may drop that. (Although they'd have to weigh the pros and cos of dropping a work day.)


@ Fleshman03

"Netflix is considering a streaming-only plan, but does not have plans to launch one at this time. "

The earlier speculation was only that and people ran with it.

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