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Oh, I'd kill for a sort feature - even if it was just on the Netflix online queue management side that the Roku polls. That way the Roku interface can stay simple but you could have multiple sorting options (alpa, genre, etc.)


If this suggestion goes anywhere, keep TiVo users in mind too!! :)

Ross Graham

Yea, I organize my streaming queue by

1. Expiring Soon
2. TV Shows + Series
3. Foreign Movies
4. Movies
5. Documentary Movies

Each of these categories is alphabetized. It's a bit of a hinky job to keep it up, but I typically use an app on my iPhone to drag things to where they should go.

Dave Nedde

Use Netflix Queue Sorter greasemonkey script. It works great. I sort on genre and it makes navigation much better.



My list, when I'm not being lazy, is sorted like this.

1.Priority Movies (things I want to get to soon, new releases)
2.Expiring Soon
3.Movies by genre (preferred genres like classic, foreign, doc. first, and then others)

My queue is at 394 right now, and my current method is annoying and clumsy. I desire sort and filter options by genre, title, release date (including multiple simultaneous queries). Basically I want the brawn of instantwatch.com, and the simple beauty of the current Netflix IW interface on the ROKU.

A boy can dream.

Tom B.

I second the greasemonkey script. Works a treat for me. Still a pain in the ass to scroll through, but at least you know where to find something this way.


I AGREE 1000%

How about just giving us the ability to create multiple ques. Then you can organize them however you want and name them accordingly. I canceled my cable and bought a ROKU box for each of the three tv's in the house, including my kids room. It's fun trying to get them to only watch kids shows and not the R rated stuff!


I actually found myself using PlayOn's Netflix streaming / transcoding capabilities to work around the awful interface limitations of the current Netflix software. That software's interface has almost all of the features mentioned above, making it a breeze to find things my genre, type, alphabetic name, etc. I dearly wish Netflix would add the same kind of interface and sorting / organizing options. With a huge queue, it's a nightmare to use Watch Instantly via the normal interface. Can't find anything easily, and can't navigate back and forth across the queue easily either.


All of the above please. Or some kind of organizing tool.


Just mirror FireFox Bookmarks - folders and titles any way you want them, and simple drag-and-drop management to move things around (to parent folder, sibling folder, child folder, or up/down in current folder).

In effect I already have my IW queue split into categories (TV, documentaries, movies, expiring soon) but browsing categories on the Roku is really clunky, and keeping things arranged sucks.


I'd love to even have a jump-20 or jump-25 feature if I hold down the fast forward button for more than 1 second. Right now we can only advance by 1 or 3 items at a time, even skipping by more would be great.

but ditto the above

Rusty Spell

A screen where you can see "little boxes" that show about 20 or so on the screen at a time, so if you have 300 in your queue, you can scroll through each screen in 15 clicks and get to where you want. And you can click up to the current "bix box" format too.


I'd like a way to sort by "partially viewed" titles. Titles I've started but haven't finished yet.


It IS sorted, in a manner of speaking. The titles show up on the Roku in the same order that you have them in your Netflix Queue. If you want to sort further, you can do it with scripts or manually, but whatever you do on the Netflix Queue shows up in the Roku list.

You still have to scroll through everything, but you can keep them in some kind of order if you have the time and effort to do so.

It's not a solution, but it's better than it being completely random.


We just got a Roku box last week and the family loves it. High WAF. Kids ages 6 and 7 manage it well.

While I would like a very nice sorter, what I NEED is simply separate queues, represented as folders. And I need an optional parental password as well.

Right now, my Watch Instantly queue has all of the kids shows only in it. The parent queue is a piece of paper next to the computer. If we want to watch a parent show, then I walk into the home office and quick add. We just can't risk the kids watching something like "Swingtown".


I don't have a Roku Player, but as someone who regularly watches on XBox 360, I would welcome any sort of organization feature. Sorting by genre would be great, as would an option to view a text list instead of having to use the "cover flip" interface.

(By the way, I've been curious about this lately - how different are the Roku/360/Tivo/Blu-Ray interfaces?)

Dr. Quasius

@Dave Nedde

That works fantastically well. Thanks for the heads up!


Big thumbs up for the idea of multiple queues. I'd really like to divide between TV, Movies I Want to Watch, and Movies I Queued Because I Love Them.

I'd also like to see expiring movies popped to the front with the expiration date displayed.


There is a special place in heaven for the writer of that Greasemonkey script and Dave Nedde who first posted about it here.

Worked like a charm!

John Eremic

I'd prefer a custom "tagging" mechanism similar to what Google employs. I could create my own categories ("Watch Next", "Homework", "Dumb Fun", "Date Night") but also tag a movie with multiple categories. Not limiting one title to one queue.

So: we'd still have a "master" queue, then tags (basically folders) in addition.


The Netflix Queue Sorter script described above works like a breeze . Yes I know you have to install Firefox and then Greasemonkey, and then the script, but wow is it worth it. My queues are both regularly above 200 and I can now order them the way I want in less than a minute. I order my DVDs by star rating (note: it becomes quite apparent that the ratings actually are done with more than two significant figures). I sort my Instant queue by star rating, then genre, then availability. Super cool!!!

John Isenhour

I have a six year old who is way too computer savvy and need a way to have different queues on the Roku. Help! I just set it up and really like the Roku, but I will need to either hide the remote (makes me the bad guy) or delete and hardcopy the the more mature stuff. thanks!


Both the netflix and the roku queue system really are not family friendly. Instant streaming queues is just one of the examples.

A separate queue system based on folders or family/group members based would be ideal w/possibly password protect on key folder... I imagine this would work well for roomates in a dorm/apartment too. Which in turn could increase sales of multiple roku devices for per household for a single membership...

This I think would be even more helpful for netflix in that it would further differentiate the marketing/watching patterns for membership - more data, better service - differentiation among service offering. seems like a no brainer to want to implement, but seems like netflix/roku still aren't going to throw the programmers into the mix of mess with their simple point+click all you can consume interface.

FOR NOW, we used the script to sort by genre and fortunately the kids shows lineup first (children/family) and anything else in action that would come first we shove to the end of the line... finally, we try to watch with our kids instead of using the TV/Netflix as a babysitter, but I imagine in most households this is not possible nor the case...


I'd like to be able to see all my Instant Queue on my Roku box not just 100 titles...

I personally would like to sort in alpha order.

redbox codes

Yes I think they should do that breaking the movie list into movies and TV shows. Its a good idea. Hope they find out the way to do this.


i tried the greasemonkey script - and it sorted in firefox - but in chrome the list is still unsorted. haven't checked the roku yet - but not optimistic. am i missing something?

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