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Mortimer Snerd

Love to see how many morons there are. Does it occur to any of you mind-numb idiots that clearing a history would allow someone else in your family to watch something already watched without having it mess things up by remembering the previous viewing? Netflix is stupid not to allow for this. Alternatively they could allow for secondary accounts to "watch instantly". What they do doesn't stop people from watching, it's only annoying and ridiculous.


It just amazes me when I read peoples negative reaction to having the option to do something like clearing watched history. Is their life such that they can't deal with options and need everything to be dictated to them? In my opinion, Netflix is very shortsighted in not allowing folks to maintain their "watch history" however the individual chooses. We don't all have to follow the same path.

Bob Saget

I don't want to fiddle with multiple accounts, I just want the dam thing to work. If I want to watch a rated 'R' movie that's great, but I don't want my kids to know everything daddy does. Keep the movies in history till the end of time, I don't care, just let me decide what I want to display. My kids have no interest in maintaining separate accounts. And I have not interest in letting them. If they can block movie activity from outside viewing it is not a very big steps to allow the option for inside the household.


Why are people on this thread so upset that someone might want to delete movies from their account history? OF COURSE this should be an option and I'm surprised that it isn't.

I think we must have some netflix business insiders or programmers who don't want to have to spend the time and effort to offer this surprisingly absent feature. Why do you care why I may want to remove a movie from my history? There are many valid reasons to do so - patriot act lovers.

Bill Suthers

I don't think the people whoa are objecting to this idea really understand. Like one of the posters, my account is shared across the three Xboxes in my household. I really don't need my small children asking questions about movie choices my wife and I have made because the movies show up loud and clear on our 54" plasma when they go looking for Scooby-Doo, do I?

Great for all of you who watch NetFlix on your laptop in your single lifestyle, but for people with families, it's not the same thing. It's not a discussion I need to be forced to have thanks to a movie rental company - and I'm not forces to have it - we simply choose not to watch many films because it will show up on the list for everyone's perusal. It's very unfortunate and this shortsightedness limits our use of the service.

Mr Toad

I agree, give us the freedom to manage our own viewing history. Some of us have children who share the account and they don't need to see what movies their parents have been watching. The fact that Netflix gives us no control over this is very lame and will be one of the reasons I stop doing business with them. For those of you who don't want to delete your history, don't use it. Otherwise give us the option.


You know, I'll easily admit that I watched "18 year old virgin" because I wanted to see some boobs. But I don't want it on my history. My parents come over sometimes and we watch a movie off of my netflix and believe it or not but I don't want my 60 year old mom seeing that on my hystory. If you've ever deleted you web/Internet hystory then I'm sure you can understand deleting you netflix hystory.

Evan in OK

Yes, my wife decided to watch a documentary on the exploitation of women, but it turned out that she started watching a rather adult movie. I don't want our friends to think that we watch those kinda movies.

Please give me the ability to remove movies from my history.


Just called Netflix and they gave me the same bull. What company in this day and age does not try to satisfy its customers? It's simple. One option box to show or hide history on the account.


All jokes aside. Why would you be against it if it is an option???


I also would like the "hide history" or "hide title from history" option. Not so much that I don't want the wife/girlfriend knowing what kinds of movies I watch...rather, it's embarrassing when she finds out how much time I spent watching them! ("We could have had a discussion about our relationship in the time it took you to watch that stupid show!"). In any case, I can't think of any legitimate reason NOT to have the option to hide a title (even if it must remain stored behind-the-scenes for Netflix tracking purposes).


Okay, I'll be the only honest person here. Been married for 8 yrs. I absolutely love movies. My wife, hates movies. She will only watch something if it is rated G, pretty much. She considers a movie with a sex scene a porn. So, with that being said. I want to watch movies, that I'm not ashamed to watch, but don't have to explain to her. I'm not doing anything wrong. If I wanted porn, I'd be on a porn site, but I'm on Netflix. So come on, let me erase individual entries already!!!


I vote yes for a "choice." Everyone should have the right to decide for themselves. I is very simple addition to make. Those saying no are the same people that doesn't care that they are losing there rights one thing at a time. I have the right to do what I want and without whoever I want to know. If I want to wathc a breast exam, then I should have the right to do it and not share it with anyone if I don't want to.

All you need is an option to make everyone happy. Yes if you prefer privacy, no i you want everyone to know and every junk movie you have ever click on.


I would like the option to hide or delete history as well. Many good arguments for doing so have been given.


This all changes when it is on your 360. My kids play on the 360 and I don't want them to be able to use the Netflix subscription on it to get at movies my wife and I have watched. There's a real reason why it needs to be able to be deleted; so that I can do my job as a parent.


Yes, I want to delete the viewing history. I have a habit of movie surfing to see if anything catches my interest. Sometimes, I wind up watching something for a few minutes and realize I am not interested in it.

This results in controversial choices in my history. These show up in XBOX live and on the web site. I don't feel like explaining to friends and family why I checked out a few minutes of Nine Songs.


come we all want too and if you say no your lying!!


Utter BS, this is my netflix and my history i should clean when i please. netflix get to work


I think it's clear people want the option. when is Netflix going to wake up and implement this fairly simple requirement?


I thought I was being nice by letting my sister use my account for instant play. She watches a lot of foreign films. I want to see only the movies I watched, not Sin Nombre or Vicky Cristina Barcelona. It's ruining my movie guru reputation...


I am disturbed by netflix reluctance to provide the choice. I am closing my account until they do it.


netflex really need to give us the optional weather we want to deleted the movies we watched or not! I will close my account unto they fix this problem.

i had to come outta of the closet because of you stupid asshole netflex!!!




Hello, Netflix, anybody listening?!


I Agree as well and think it is rather Stupid to have a service that takes away the rights of a customer to personalize their account or profile any way they would like. I Think that it should com standard and i too have a serious problem with watching a few moments of a movie/show and not liking it and was going to buy but noe not going to due to this withdraw....was on a free trial for 14 days......NETFLIX YOU I HOPE SOMEONE LETS YOU KNOW THAT YOU GUEYS ARE LOOSING ON LOTS OF MONEY HERE!!!!!


I don't want my 12 year old seeing what her mom and I watched last night.


Does anyone from Netflix every read these posts? What is their official position on it (I called the help line and got some BS about too much work and cluttering the screen).


Are there 3rd party apps one can use in lieu of the Netflix interface itself that may have better features?


I got Caligula, Inside Deep Throat and 9 Songs right between Ghostbusters and WALLE... Watched them with my wife, but don't want the kids curiously clicking and watching them! YEA, I want it GONE!


YES!! We need the option available to delete viewing history. Isn't that taking up valuable server space at Netflix headquarters? Let us delete it, especially if we didn't like what we saw. For some strange reason I can't get a history of my DVD rentals but I sure as heck don't need to be reminded that I watched half of Lost season 2 on the Instant history.


Besides the fact that Netflix in a household is public.






How do we get Netflix to read this and possible respond?!


People: I SERIOUSLY doubt that anyone at Netflix is reading the comments on "hackingnetflix.com"...that is the site we're all on, NOT an official Netflix site.

btw, agree 110% that there should be SOME sort of way to not have a film appear in that list if one does not WANT it to appear in that list....christ, even COMCAST gives that option on their "On Demand" features (same as streaming)....if you want it to stay, you leave it alone, and it stays...if you want it "gone", you click on the "X" and it disappears. What's the big deal with implementing this? From the comments on this page, it's pretty clear it's wanted by a lot of people with very good reasons for needing it.


What about if you have kids? Do I want my young kids watching Hostel because they saw that I did? Maybe for some people yeah but for others that will be a big No. I guess the key feature is protected sub profiles with stuff you can mark as private. It's a general privacy issue - regardless of how all you NO-ers like to use the history there will be others who want to use it differently. The difficulty for Netflix to do it us irrelevant - the complexity should be their problem, not the customer's.

Having more control over the publicity of your private behaviors is becoming less relevant these says but I'm not sold on it not being important.


I don't understand the people vehemently against it... if you want to remember what you've watched, then DON'T DELETE IT. They're acting like its mandatory deletion rather than an option. Its absurd that it isn't available.


wanting to delete the history is simple. all the arguments against are company rationalizations. just provide the option and shut up.


It's all about ALLOWING members OPTIONS & CHOICES!


C'mon Netflix get with the times...


I'm guessing none of you have kids, or ever want kids. Because if you have kids in 10 years, they can see that before mommy and daddy had them, they were watching some naughty movies in their cue. Oops!

Of COURSE this should be implemented; it's quite obvious. If you WANT that information, you should have every right to it.

What happened to "freedom of choice"? I pay for Netflix every month; it should be implemented even if only a few people want it; it can't be that hard.

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