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I wish there were a "like" option for a lot of these comments!


You guys are a joke, I like watching all kinds of movies from horror to the worst kind of B movies and I don't care if my wife looks at it, but I do care when we invite friends/family over for a movie and I have think about what's in my " recently watched". If they have to keep track, why the hell do they have to show it to everyone that uses the T.V. Keep it in our account.

Mr. E

For everyone who wants this feature, start reporting a problem for every item that you would like to have removed from your queue. Perhaps the hassle of tracking down every false error report will be greater than giving their users the feature they need.
I don't like my kids seeing the cover art for some movie that my wife and I watched next to Avatar or Danny Phantom on the WII. So, until I get the option to remove them or the entire recently watched queue, I will be causing as much time loss for Netflix as I can.


So many of you retards are stuck on accusing others about not wanting their Wife or parents to see the history. What if you have children yourself? Maybe I would like to keep that stuff separate from them because it's not appropriate for them to view it until they are old enough. Besides do you want to see your old parents dirty browsing history? I would prefer not to think about how my parents created me thank you very much. Maybe some of you sick bastards are into that, but we aren't. Who cares that people like to keep their sexual appetites to themselves. Or would you prefer to leave sex toys out on the coffee table for a discussion piece? When we have friends over, we would like to keep things like that to ourselves because it is none of anyone Else's business. Any data that is on my account, I would rather be in control of myself, not Netflix. Just like I would prefer not to have the Government have control over all of my personal information either. It's none of their business. Just like what we like to do in the privacy of our own home is none of your business.


I was interested in this sort of thing only because I promised my girlfriend I would watch something with her, and now when we go to watch it on instant she can see that I watched it without her. I'm going to be in trouble!

Proud tbagger

I will cancel after my free trial. That will take care of it. And to the guy who called us morons, we are not all doctors. We did not take a hippocratic oath. Maybe you should learn to spell before you call other people morons.


The opinions are split between yes and no, therefore, logically, it should be an option, which inherently indicates that it should be added. People who don't want to delete their history won't.

I started watching a movie and found it filled "objectionable" content and want to remove it from my history, otherwise, it becomes a "recommendation" to visitors to my home who will see it on my list (via Apple TV). What the "objectionable" content is depends on the person.

I am a definite "yes" on this, it would not be difficult to flag an entry so as not to be listed. I'm sure there are contractual obligations for Netflix to keep the history for billing purposes.

I'm also puzzled by those who "feel bad" for those who say "yes".


Why on earth would you vote no? If it is an option you don't have to use it. Duh. I vote to add the option. You should have the option to both temporarily turn off history and to delete a movie from your history if you desire.


Yes. Because I have several Netflix capapble outlets, (Xbox, PC, Wii), I really don't want my 9 yr old daughter seeing that I just watched "Irreversible" or some other graphically sexual movie. It sux because when ever I do watch a movie that may be inappropriate for others in my home who have Netflix, I have to start a bunch of other movies at random until it pushes them out of my recently viewed Que area. Sux especially because on my daughters Wii, it goes straight to 'recently watched" right off the bat.


Yes! We have a Roku now and I would appreciate it if I didn't have to scroll down to see the naked lady on the cover of Maid in Manhattan when I'm resuming my 3 year old daughter's favorite cartoon.

champ maxwell

Really i would like the recentlly watched queue moved doesn't have to bee the first thing i see. I believe if you accidenttly watch a turkey of a movie if you rate it low it should be removed from your queue. Since you rated it badly it would stay in that queu if you would ever want to see it again.


The final solution: Cancel Netflix and say why. For example during the entire NFL season.

18 months later no change. Right at the top of 'Watch Instantly' tab is a list of crap movies I have barely watched.
Sole choice is "RESUME, SUCKER"


What the hell is the MATTER with you people who DON'T want to be able to delete anything from your account anytime you choose, including your entire account - simply because you want to?

Really? WTF? "Nooooo, don't let me control my own account..."

You can't be that stupid and still be able to type on a computer. Someone give me a cogent reason why YOU think I shouldn't be able to delete whatever the hell I want from my account?

I want my privacy

Who cares why a person wants to delete their viewing history? Most other sites allow this (YouTube). It's a privacy issue. Companies are collected our data and selling it all the time. If I watch a lot of Disney movies with my kids I don't want to be added to some toy catalog mailing list, for example. If someone else wants to hide their X-rated movie watching from their significant other, so be it. It's their private info and they are paying for the service so they should have a say in how that info is collected and used. I want to be able to control my information as much as possible.

A Dad

Well some people of us (me) do have kids that share our netflix account and would like to watch whatever we want without it being right there on their wii in the recently watched category and I don't want to have to buy a completely separate account just to prevent this and that's clearly the only reason it's set up the way it is and you're a moron if you think it would be "to hard" for them to provide this feature. btw yes I realise I left a rant style comment and it was all one sentence lol


Yes it is annoying, I let my buddy use my instant watch and he watched a bunch of porn. The next day I logged on to my account, laughed and then yelled at him lol, he said he thought it would let you delete it. Anywho, I just watched a bunch of random crap to clear it from my recently watched panel HOWEVER I have noticed that that panel keepes an extreemly long record now, much longer than it was before so I agree it should let you delete it.


Yeah I had a few friends over we were all drinking and a buddy of mine deliberately searched for porn and although it was funny it is also annoying especially when you bring home your girlfriend (random slut you barley know) and they see it and after your explanation shes just more disgusted than she was when she first saw it because she thinks you're lying. So yes I would also like this feature. btw I totally smashed that despite the porn left by my friends and their antics.


Every other browser service/program allows for privacy. Netflix, Chrome, Firefox, IE are all browsing programs, web based or localized. Netflix shares a lot in common with the popular browsers, yet it does not have any way to keep privacy within your account. To say that you should just 'log out' is insufficient. It would be akin to saying just log off your windows profile to keep your internet history safe. Ineffectual.

Netflix can take my streaming history and use it how they please so long as they aren't selling my personal data. But they should offer a means of privacy for within your account. We're not talking about porn, stupid movies, or 15 minute crud, this is just basic privacy. If I'm watching a movie with a friend I would like that I control what information is shared in that prominently displayed recently watched list. It's simple privacy, not an issue revolving around who is viewing it, what the content is, or how many XBOX's you have. Just privacy, like all other browser provide.


I just don't want my kids clicking on district 9 and being horrified. They are young, but old enough and smart enough to use wii and netflix. Wish I could delete.


The reason my wife and I want to delete just certain aspects of our history is our pre-teen kids see the movies in "just watched" and we go through a fight why they can't watch the movies. Also, it is a pain in the rear to keep moving the parental controls around on Google TV. It would be nice to just have a generic password that kicks in at a rating and above, e.g. we can set it to ask for a password for PG-13 and above so our kids don't get into something they shouldn't. Last time my 10yr old snuck in a a horror movie at a friends, we fought him sleeping on the couch for 3 months. He still can't sleep without all the lights on upstairs and that was a year ago. Logging in every time I want to restrict access to the ratings is a complete nuisance.


You need to unsubscribe and resubscribe. that is the only known way so far.


"Recently Watched" movies should stop appearing as the first part of the "Watch Instantly" screen.

In our house there is no reason for "movies watched" to be on the big HD TV for the whole household to see. Even the web page on the computer does not need to be displaying this information. I know what I have watched, and have no need to use this list as a way to find out what others in the house have been seeing (which I already know from talking with them and being around). As a 44 year old I should be free to choose to a film having war scenes or any other mature theme without everyone else who sees the TV - from schoolkids to grandmama - being made curious about it by Netflix.

Some people have posted here they think everyone should be able to see everyone's choices. What if you accidentally choose to start a film that you otherwise would never watch - are you really sure you always want that choice to show up for everyone to see, and be recorded in your "picks list" for all time?

Others have posted here that the "watched" list is good for them to have as a way for to remember what they have seen, or as a way to monitor young people's choices. It would be fine with me for there to continue to be such an option for those who want to choose it. For example, it could be available as an opt-in in Parental Controls.

In the place of "Recently Watched," it would be more helpful for that spot to show "Instant Queue," or a more clear set of options for finding films to watch, such as "Search Now for a Great Movie!"

At the very least, there should be a way for the account owner to log into their account on the website, go to then the "Recently Watched" list, click on a film showing up there, and choose to remove it from the list.

George W.

The patriot act signed in 2003 requires that all forms of media usage be tracked. From books in the library to videos and streaming media. We are at war people...anyone of you could be Islamic terrorist and the federal government needs to see what you are up to.

Alex Ander

The issue is, though, nobody's FORCING you to delete your history. It's only an option.

I say yes, because some people want it and it does not affect anybody who doesn't.

Devil's advicate

what if yourr kids were watching something they were'nt supposed to. do you want them to be able to delete it?



Log on to your Netflix account, and click on the tab titled "Your Queue."

Navigate to the new page, and click on the new tab titled "Instant" which is in blue. Scroll down below the section showing recently watched movies to your instant list.

Look to the far right of your screen in a column titled "Remove," which is written in gray. Click on each light blue "X" next to the corresponding movies you wish to delete from your list.

Mike Rerettod

It would be awesome


If you find out in 15 minutes that its not your kind of show, just give it 1 star and let your ratings do their job.


Seems apparent that the comments here along the lines of "you don't want your wife or girlfriend to know..." miss the most obvious reason to delete history: so KIDS don't see the titles & artwork of the movies that PARENTS watch. I am considering CANCELING my account because of this. Clearing history is not always a nefarious activity :)

Keith Halonen

In Netflix forums users are searching for a way to delete RECENTLY WATCHED: listings. A main complaint is that selections show up there even if the user opts out of viewing after only a few minutes. Apparently, the RECENTLY WATCHED selections (regardless of whether the viewer liked them or not) generate the LIKE: listings, the Netflix version of "If you liked that, you're bound to like these..." The LIKE: listings add even more horizontal rows of selections to the 15 (or so) standard genre categories. There is no option in the Netflix account settings to delete these entries.

Call me a minimalist. While I understand users may regard these as useful hints for future viewing, I regard them as distracting clutter through which I must wade (one click at a time) to descend to the genre selections. I already know what sorts of entertainment I enjoy. To me, this is another case of TOO-USER-FRIENDLY that cries out for a toggle-off option on the Settings menu. But in lieu of that, I have stumbled on a workaround. Here is what I do...

I rate every one of my Netflix selections (no matter how long I watched or how much I really enjoyed them) with only ONE STAR. To the Netflix software, one star means HATED IT! The software seems intuitive. After just a few days, it completely removed the RELIGIOUS selections from my menu, probably because I never selected a single choice from that category. And sure enough, after rating every single movie I watched as ONE-STAR-HATED-IT, the annoying horizontal LIKE: features disappeared completely. I guess if I hate everything, the software can't make any suggestions as to what I might like.

Sure, the RECENTLY WATCHED listings are still there, but perhaps if enough Netflix users follow my lead, that toggle-off option might appear on the account settings menu in the near future.

Keith Halonen

Belay my comment about religious channels made in the post directly above. I momentarily confused the Netflix menu with the Roku menu, which still displays the religious channels. The rest of my comments still apply.


I don't need judgment for wanting privacy. I don't want my kids to see what movies we watch after they go to sleep. I don't want friends who come over and use my xbox see what movies. Privacy + Freedom. There is no reason it can't be an OPTION. If you disagree, don't exercise the OPTION. Refusing to allow us this option is a decision to control our choices.

The CoffeeMan

I'm a 19 year old male, moved out of my parents house. I have a wonderful girlfriend, and we have a wonderful relationship which includes intimate activities and, at times, watching intimate movies. My parents are "aware" that I'm having sex, as I don't really hide anything from them, but it's not exactly a favorite for topic of discussion. It's not to hide from my parents because I want my parents to believe that their teenage boy has never thought about looking at a pair of fake boobies on the inter-web, but rather just to keep things comfortable when I bring my playstation to their house because we plan on watching "Die Hard." Yes, I have a sex life, and yes, me and my girlfriend like to spice it up in a few different ways, and no, I don't mind the fact that people know about it. However, I do like to try to keep my private intimate life from being broadcasted to the world, because the world isn't interested in seeing it that last night, me and my girlfriend decided to watch a skin flick. It's just uncomfortable. I don't leave sex toys out when guests are over, I don't tell my mother that I had an awesome f*** last night, and I really don't need to deal with the uncomfortable situation. So yes, I do think that it would be a wonderful option to at least hide, if not delete certain movies.

I will say, however, to all the people raving (I don't mean to troll here, my interest was just piqued) about privacy being a right, I personally don't think so. Netflix offers a certain service that you pay for. They advertise it in the same manner that they service you with it. I don't believe it's a violation of your rights, because it's something that, yes, you did choose. You did choose to pay for netflix, with no hint of being able to delete the history (possibly also without the knowledge of a history at all, but it's pretty plain...). I'd like to keep my private life private, but I also like to watch my movies with popcorn. As awesome as it'd be, does this mean that I should have the choice of having a bag of popcorn delivered with every movie that comes in the mail? You wouldn't have to utilize that function if you didn't want to, but it'd be nice to have the choice, right? Netflix offers a service, and that particular kind of privacy isn't included with that service. If you're on this forum, then you know this. File a complaint with netflix, and then either deal with the issue of no privacy till it's fixed, or remove your subscription and find a different service that better suites your needs. I know I'll be calling netflix.

The CoffeeMan

Think of it this way: Let's say I have a lawn mowing service this summer. I take my lawn mower out and begin to mow people's lawn for a flat rate, and people begin to ask me to weed eat. I despise, loathe, and hate the act of weed eating, so I say that no, not even for an additional charge will I weed eat your yard. Yes, my customers want it, but I really just don't feel like spending the time doing something I'm not interested in doing. After a while, the majority of my customers tell me that there's another kid around who will weed eat their yard only if he mows it, and he does it for a higher price, and his mowing job isn't as nice. The customer, however doesn't feel like going outside to work on their lawn period, so he'd love to begin using my service again as soon as I can weed eat because he likes me as a person and my quality of work, but because he needs the edging done, for now he's going to take his business elsewhere.

If netflix doesn't want to provide the service, they don't have to. Customer demands might drive them to go elsewhere though, even though netflix provides the better service. I do hope netflix resolves the issue before it gets there though.


It is a matter of choice and, unquestionably, there should be a way manage your history ALREADY!
For the people that are saying 'no', why do you want to limit your choices and control over YOUR history? If you don't want to delete a movie, then don't! Simple! Nobody is forcing you to use a feature you don't want, just because it is there. But I, like many others would like a choice.


My Grandsons spent a few days at our home and watched several stupid movies. Now my Roku Que is filled with junk. How can I easily remove them........??


Here's a thought for all the morons who keep thinking it's because of porn that the question was asked: ever think that maybe this person is watching gay/lesbian titles and doesn't want (or isn't ready) for other people to know how they feel? Or maybe it's that their parents are ultra religious and they don't have the ability just yet to fight a very hard battle. Maybe they are still young and fear getting in trouble (and I guarantee a lot of parents still beat their children. It's apparent in this thread).

All of you dumbasses need to think a little further than porn. There are pretty legitimate reasons why other people- who aren't you- would want their history deleted. A little critical thinking every now and then will stimulate your neurons to keep firing- even if it's weak.


It would be nice because my roomate uses my account ( I recently changed passwords) but she would watch weird shit and it would show up under "top 10 picks for you" but really I want to know what the top 10 picks are... not workout videos.

Ken Froehlich

Do I want to be able to clear my recently watched history? Yes, but only because in what I can only call a really poor and inadequate access design, the recently viewed list is clearly available for my daughter to see. My wife and I know exactly what we've watched, but I do not believe in any way is it my 12 year old daughters business to know what we've watched, AND the list is right there on the main screen, so if we want to go through the list to replay a fun romantic comedy that our daughter likes, we have to go through the adult stuff we've watched.

You used to be able to delete items from the list, but now you can't. So since children are involved, Netflix needs to either once again allow us to delete items from our history, or create one account for the adult viewing, another for family viewing so that the histories do not mix.

Anything else is irresponsible by Netflix, and may lead me to cancelling my yearly prepaid account.


I can't fathom why anyone who doesn't work for netflix would be against this option. It is absurd that in this day and age this is not an option!

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