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Kymberlie R. McGuire

I hadn't returned a movie in something like ten months (I've only been doing Instant Watch on my Roku box; it's a long story) and was pleasantly surprised when I got an e-mail on Saturday saying my items had shipped.

I'm in the Houston area (in Spring, actually), so movies are being shipped on Saturday out here (Yay!).


Netflix is shipping in my area (Southeast Texas). Question: I have a YOUR EMAIL IS INVALID notice on my Netflix page. It is, however, valid. I'm worried this is a phishing scam I've fallen viction to by updating. I was wondering if turning off the "special offer" mail would fix (if it's a legitimate error).


Are you receiving your normal shipment e-mails? You may also want to try deleting your e-mail address from your Netflix profile and re-entering it. Make sure junkmail box isn't collecting any e-mails.


No, no normal shipment emails, but switching to another email account does receive account update email. No junk emails either. Customer service switched to phony email and back, but any swithing only fixes for about a hour. Maybe Saturday shipping somehow cause this (both began last week).


I get shipped from Jacksonville, Florida. They've been shipping on Saturday for the last three weeks or so.


Orlando has been receiving and shipping DVDs for the past month or so. I'm glad this a national trend. Netflix's service just keeps getting better and better.


Still not in Southeastern Pa,maybe by the time the USPS ends Saturday delivery.


Netflix has been shipping on Saturday's here in Phoenix for about 3 weeks now.


Yes - Lansing, mi


Yes, Seattle, Washington. The shipping center is in Tacoma.


Pittsburgh has Saturday shipping now...

Paul Oyler

New Castle, PA is shipping on Saturday


The following is from the Terms Of Use (TOU)agreement:

"We receive mail from the USPS and process returns Monday through Friday, except Holidays."

I guess the TOU is more of a guide line...


Syracuse, NY just started this week as well.

David Minshew

The service center in Coppell, Tx (outside of Dallas) shipped movies last Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised. Don't think I have ever received movies on a Monday in the three years I've been a member.


Started in Tucson a couple of weeks ago. Of course I'm almost never home on Monday so it doesn't do much for me, but what the heck.



No I'm guessing the TOU still hasn't been updated to reflect the new changes (which aren't ubiquitous yet.)

Also, very few people will complain about extra shipping times.


There's this:
http://forums.lounge0101.com/showthread.php?t=183948 (not me). This is the only other information I can find about my problem. If the terms of use has been violated by Saturday shipping, maybe invalidating my email.


Just started this past weekend in Northeast Ohio. I was delighted to get an email on Saturday saying they were shipping a new disc!!


In Wichita, KS: I received a movie yesterday that had been shipped on Saturday. This was the first time I've seen this occur here in Wichita.


I just noticed Saturday processing in Rochester, NY this past weekend, but it may have started sooner than that.


they are shipping in Athens, GA on Saturdays now


No to southern MD and DC. Just tried two weeks ago.


Yes, Portland, Maine.


Panama City(NW Fla) is now shipping on Saturdays...I think it started this month!!

Katie Jane

Here in Phoenix it started a couple of months ago. On a side note, I moved recently and I was afraid that the move would move me to a post office that takes longer than a day to get my returns. Gladly, everything works great! I am saying this because I once dropped one DVD at a post office that I don't use and it took 5 days for the movie to get returned! No, it wasn't throttling because I hadn't returned a movie in about a month.


Nope, no Saturday shipping from Greensboro, NC yet


They've been shipping on Saturdays out of Oxnard, CA for at least the past month.


Dee says PC, Florida is shipping on Saturday. I haven't had any go back just right to verify. I have some coming tomorrow. I'll send one back on Friday and see if they get and ship Saturday.


The Monday to Friday processing is speaking about Netflix processing centers where NetFlix (temporary) employees work for just above minimum wage ($9-12 an hour) to process (check in and out) discs. If the discs are processed on Friday they are then sent to the post office that evening and are shipped on Saturday.


:( I wish they sent them out on Saturday's in Boston! I have to make sure I mail movies on Thursday before 5:00 otherwise I won't get a movie until Tuesday.

The Dude

Netflix and Gamefly both ship on Saturday in Tampa. Blockbuster, where you at?


05301 shipping saturday inf VT. i was shocked.


Sadly, the USPS is considering ending Saturday mail delivery.


Yes - Sat mailing in White Plains, N.Y.


to bigduke6 usps isnt even considering canceling saturdays since its one of its biggest days and only 1/2 day at that. they are considering a mid week day possibly wednesdays.


"Faced with wide losses and a long slide in mail volume, the agency is considering eliminating Saturday deliveries and closing more post offices," according to a story published Monday in The Wall Street Journal.



Yes, from the Madison, WI center. I noticed it about two weeks ago.


Pittsburgh has started! Excellent.


Just got my first notification of a Saturday shipping in Austin

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