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Images are missing from Netflix on Roku and Windows Media Center, too.


I noticed the same problem but at least you can still use your queue


Looks like their CDN is having some issues -- most images appear to come from http://cdn-0.nflximg.com/, which is on the LimeLight Networks CDN infrastructure.

cdn-0.nflximg.com canonical name = netflix-0.vo.llnwd.net.
Name: netflix-0.vo.llnwd.net
Name: netflix-0.vo.llnwd.net


XP Pro fresh install (last night) w/all current updates.
Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702
Fire Fox 3.0.11
Neither display images.

Chad D

xbox images are missing. :(


They are back up!


If I remember correctly, they use Amazon's cloud services for image hosting. This happens with AWS from time to time.

Sean Stromberg

XBOX 360 Images also missing.


Forget about images I've had a massive rash of discs in my queue showing up as "unavailable" including discs that weren't even listed as "very long wait" earlier. Are they possibly dumping stock and trying to move more heavily to streaming (ick... low video/audio quality and a complete lack of extras doesn't replace DVDs). They've already been very bad about this with a lot of anime (not just obscure stuff, but major, popular series and some of the most well-known films like Ghost in the Shell, Perfect Blue, and Vampire Hunter D have been absent for a very long time yet are still in print and easily purchased in stores). They just popped up a bit about a half dozen or so titles going away and when I scroll down now there's another half dozen or more titles added in to that list. Was there some sort of massive audit? Warehouse fires? I find it hard to believe that some of these titles are completely unavailable at all of their locations... maybe they just don't want to ship me something from another location.

This is seriously problematic if titles are going to continue going out of stock this rapidly. At this point my saved section is threatening to balloon up to 40 or 50 discs all on its own.

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