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Watch through a corporate VPN or corporate office that routes IP from the US. I've done it from Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, and Peru).


If someone has a specific website that works. I would advise that you DO NOT share it here. Unless you didn't want it to work any more.


Use a proxy or, as suggested above, a virtual private network. Works just fine unless the proxy is bandwidth capped or filters traffic, but there are thousands of proxies out there to try.




You can use a tunnel, be it teredo, 6to4 or static.


How do folks in the Northwest Angle of Minnesota watch streaming Netflix? It's only accessible through the provinces of Manitoba and Ontario, isn't it?

Also, I'd imagine folks who work in American Embassies abroad can watch Netflix from the office computer (even though they probably shouldn't).


I use a UK VPN to watch British TV, so I should think a US-based VPN would work for Netflix.


I travel a lot and would love to be able to watch my nextflix when I travel.

Joe User

Why do they want to limit their customer base? I'm sure it's not just Netflix, probably the entertainment industry as a whole. Seems like if someone is willing to pay they'd be willing to sell service or DVDs. I bet there's a complex political agreement between the entertainment mafia bosses behind it all. And if I'm a US citizen on travel seems like they'd have something in place to allow you to use the service in some way. Maybe a limited time span like 90 days or so.


I use Slingbox + Roku dvp for my outside usa viewing.

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I can help you setup your netflix account to work outside of us. email me at pedrol.santini1@gmail.com



Sean Cullinan

I posted a blog entry on how to watch Netflix streaming from outside the US here: http://www.blendblog.net/Blendblognet/tabid/36/EntryID/66/Default.aspx.

I hope this is helpful!


the link is broken >.<
Can someone post another link?

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