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I have successfully VPN'd from India to the US and streamed Netflix.


This is the most ridiculous thing in the world. I travel a lot and it would be nice to be able to watch English movies while I am in another country!!! I also own a home in Mexico which it would be nice if my Roku worked there. I am thinking about getting rid of Netflix because I am never home to watch the dvd's that are mailed to me.

Sean Thompson

All you need to do is use a proxy server based in the USA..


I use a VPN Service when traveling abroad to access USA only content. The provider I use, hidemynet.com is only 5$/month and have never had any issue streaming USA only content with decent quality.

Can I get a 'hip hip horray' for addicting american television shows?


It really sucks for people stationed overseas in the military, etc. Because doing this proxy thing is probably illegal, right?


This is easy! Just download HotspotShield from the AnchorFree.com website which is a free VPN. The only price you pay for using HotspotShield is a small banner ad at the top of your browser window and only while you have HotspotShield enabled. With HotspotShield running you'll be VPN'ed into the US and thus be able to stream Netflix or Hulu etc.


I live in Syria, one of the most censored internet locations in the world.

I bought the VPN service Hidemynet.com
And I can stream netflix and youtube.
After my movie starts I disconect the VPN and use my entire bandwidth.

Account Deleted

VPN has proven as the best method over and over again. Normally the proxies are detected and are not fast enough. I have written a guide on How to watch Netflix outside the US that tells you how to work it out. It is super easy.

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