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I do, but despite other requests, I only share with my parents - it's set up on the TiVo I bought them. They pretty much use it to watch nostalgic tv shows, maybe once a month. I consider this a grey area, because they'd never pay for Netflix, they don't watch many movies or much tv at all.

Jax Maxton

Here's an idea: why not (finally) offer a streaming only account for $5-$6 a month? People would be less likely to share accounts, and I think you'd see a big increase in subscribers.


My wife and I stream a lot, and we're both streaming at the same time (as I write this), but we do it in the comfort of our one home.

I think there would be an increase in subscribers if there were a streaming-only option, but not such a huge one as a lot more people have DVD players than streaming-capable entertainment systems (or knowledge of how to take advantage of the streaming).


My husband and I are both resident physicians in Boston. We own a home 40miles south in Rhode Island, and when we work in Boston we live in an apartment provided to us by our residency program in Boston. We get DVD's in the mail to our home in Rhode Island, and we stream to our Xbox 360 in either our apartment in Boston, or to a common room there (which is shared by other residents) . We know other residents use it, but we don't mind. We encourage it because if we don't use it, it will be a waste of money.


I just use Reed's account.

I didn't realize he was such a huge Hannah Montana fan. Who knew?


I let other people use my account for streaming ever since November 19th, 2008 which is the day all X360s got Netflix. I have 2 PS3s, 3 Xbox 360s, and 1 Roku player on my account right now.


I share with my wife does that count?

Sock Puppet

Joe Writes: I have 2 PS3s, 3 Xbox 360s, and 1 Roku player on my account right now.

Err Joe... you are only allowed 5 devices.


Wrong. You are allowed 6 devices which is the reason why it says "YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR LIMIT OF SIX DEVICES" when I look at my devices.


I let my parents and brothers (who live about 45 minutes away) use my streaming. It started when I lived at home, but since I moved I still let them. They have an assortment of laptops and an Xbox 360. They don't watch enough that they would subscribe on their own, but they don't actually have a TV (well, they have one that the Xbox plays on, but they don't have cable or anything - neither do I, for that matter). They mostly use it to watch CSI, and my younger brother's been watching 30 Rock lately.


My wife and I share an account...

We've actually considered getting two separate accounts -- It's cheaper to have two separate 3-at-a-time accounts vs. one 6-at-a-time account. I'm just not sure if Netflix allows two accounts at the same address with the same billing info. Anyone know?


You have two credit cards, right? Just use that.

P.S. The reason for the 3-at-a-time deal is to undercut Blockbuster pricing. Once Blockbuster goes under, so will the deal.


KBB, My husband and I have our own Netflix accounts at the same address. I have the 3 a month and he has either the 1 or the 2 a month option. He also has a Playstation 3. I'm trying to figure out how I can add my movie choices to his PS3 account so I can watch streaming movies that I want to see on the 'big' TV. I'm guessing that you have to have a PS3 account AND a Netflix account to do that, or I have to log in to his Netflix acct. and add movies to that, which I don't really want to do.


I share with my father, but I'm the one paying for his subscription each year via a Xmas present. He doesn't know how to watch the streamed stuff, so I supplant my own subscription (2 per month plan) with his occasionally.


My mom and I share an account, but we live together. We do stream movies at the same time, she watches her movies in her room and I in my room.
I have actually let a couple of my friends use my account for the watch instantly, and all of them ended up liking it so much that they just bought their own accounts so that they could get additional movies in the mail.

Thomas Wall

I have actually been curious about exactly how many could use the same account,I have a Samsung bd-4600 that I stream lots of movies on I also use it it on my laptop while I am away from home, while my roommates use it.I have several friends that I am thinking about giving my logging info but I am worried about breaking some sort of rule and getting my account banned.Is there a limit to how many logins can be active at the same time?


i've been borrowing my sisters account. watching starship troopers the cgi serieson it right now. she's in calif. I'm actually planning to subscribe if I like itenough. sort of like the free trial. except i don't have to remember to unsubscribe if I don't like it.

my only concern would getting her banned lol


does anyone want to share one with me? i have an xbox 360 and i have no money. or i'd get an account ha. if you wanna share email me and i will love you forever. my email is xxcurran989xx@gmail.com


I need an account, I'm a brazilian so I can't subscribe, if somebody share with ONLY me I'll be greatful. tnx hellvetis@gmail.com


Under Article IV of the Constitution, which outlines the relationship between the states,


treaming only will be great idea...it will diffidently increase membership...


I have 2 wii's in the same house, my father lives with me and he has a netflix account, and we was wondering if we could stream movies on both wii's using the same account?


does anyone have a acount to share?


I've been using a friend's instant streaming for about 2 weeks, and my next paycheck I'm subscribing because I love it so much. I live in a house with 12 other people - at least half of us have our own accounts (even though we use ONE account in our common areas on the Wii).


Do people really share netflix accounts with strangers?
That would be cool if I could mooch off someone else. Hoping to talk my sis bf into signing up for it. Either him or my dad


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I share with my roommate. I try to be "legal" about it and not use it at the same time when I'm at someone else's house like a pal or my parent's place or if I'm at work (security officer) and on a break and want to watch a movie, but of course I don't always know when the roomie is gonna watch a movie at home so, yeah... "technically" I'm sharing but my roommate and I live at the same address.


Anyone want to share their account with me? I just want to stream movies.. I promise I'll take good care of it! :]
Hulu isn't cutting it.. I've seen Philidelphia a few more times than I can count.


My comment is above... Double post sorry! I forgot to leave my e-mail address if anyone does want to share.



Hey, this is pretty dead, but I just want to be able to stream to my XBOX360 if any would is kind enough to share, my email is alexandernixon @ live . com


Anyone want to share an account with me? mjacobsemail at gmail.com

I would be very grateful.

Aaron Smarrella

Anyone want to share? I have an xbox 360 gamertag is mcallister2008. Email is. Jamn4gzus@hotmail.com


can anyone share an account with me plz im begging you my email is khalidnazari121@yahoo.com


Does anyone want to share an account ?

I just want to stream some tv in China.

I am from the US.


email jsmtechnologies@gmail.com

dakota anderson

if anyone would be willing to share, i would love it :) just email me at dc1843@gmail.com i promise i will take good care of it, i just need to stream to my ONE ps3


anyone share juansntmr@yahoo.com
i need one please share

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