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I have noticed the long waits getting longer on my netflix new release picks.
Blockbuster is better for new movies , but they do not have the better over all inventory.


We have had Netflix since 2001 and for the past couple months Netflix has been getting worse and worse with their wait times for new releases. My husband thinks somehow Comcast is part of the reason. We are at his mother's house and browsing the On Demand movies and almost all of the movies I have in my queue which are under Very Long Wait, Long Wait or Short Wait are available for instant viewing. Is it possible that they are trying to get people to purchase movies individually rather than having a monthly fee?

No matter what the reason is the wait times for a lot of the newer movies is getting ridiculous. I have a lot of other things on my queue as well, but there are some of the new releases I would really like to see before others.

Ed Wilk

I have the same problem with short,long and very long waits on about 6 new releases.
I have been a customer of Netflix for many years and I think the service, as far as availability of new releases, has gone down considerably.
At this point, I am considering abandoning NF for Blockbuster...
p.s. I have the 3 out plan.


I have noticed that the availability listed on BBO may look better, but in actuality titles ship more erratically and reliably than from Netflix. I have far more DVDs shipped from far flung shipment centers with BBO.

I don't rent the "new, hot" releases from the online services, old TV shows and movies is what I queue up; something that tends not to have a huge demand for.


Over the years of being a Blockbuster customer, I built up a hatred for them (horrible selection, workers that don't know anything about movies, expensive, and generally uncaring). So, we've been Netflix customers for 3 years now and I've loved it, loved it, loved it.


I find it interesting that a co-worker's queue differs greatly from mine as far as wait times. She has one out at a time, I have three. For the same exact movie, I will show "long wait" or even "very long wait" where she will show available "now". I don't understand this discrepency esp. since I will return the movie back faster than she would - guaranteed.


My first 10 spots in my queue are all long wait or very long wait. I have 4 at a time BR ,I live in the Dallas area and this is becoming more and more of a problem.

What is especially annoying is when disk two of a series like Dexter stays in long wait for months and interrupts the flow of the series. Same thing with the BSG movie "The Plan."

I think ever since NF stopped selling disks they've had to be over cautious with there purchasing of disks. They should bring back the disk sales. I ordered quite a few of them.


I have noticed the same thing. I did the 2 week trials for both Netflix and Blockbuster to compare and review them. I have my Netflix review up at http://themediaviking.com/services/netflix-review/

I am working on my Blockbuster review and it should be up in the following week.

To answer your question though, I noticed the same thing. Netflix seemed to have longer wait times (presumably due to more subscribers), but they also had longer processing/ship times for movies with no waits. Blockbuster seemed to be a bit quicker on its feet.

Billy Boy

I used to get new releases when I sent movies back on Saturday to arrive at Netflix on Monday. Recently, that hasn't even been working. When are they going to improve the wait times for new releases?

E Shrote

I used to work in a physical Blockbuster store. New releases are actually physically in the hands of stores by the Friday before their release date (almost without fail, movies are released on Tuesday). Judging from the one new release that I ordered and got the same week (BSG: The Plan), Netflix probably operates the same way. Thus, if you want your new release now now now, the best way to do it would be to put the new release at the top of your queue and mail back whatever you have by Friday, Saturday at the latest. They WILL mail it to you and have it for you ON Tuesday. (This is how Amazon does it with their promised day-of two-day delivery for new DVDs/games.)

Just FYI for those for whom new releases delivered first and fastest is a must-have feature of a DVD delivery service. Personally, my queue is so bogged down with movies that are available and old that I haven't any problem waiting on a new release to get to me. Then again, I do still like seeing movies in theaters, so most of the must-see movies in a year I will have already seen long before they reach Netflix.


Netflix prioritizes customers, i.e. the ones that watch less and pay more get new releases faster. I am one of their worst customers. I always send disk back next day after I get it and I'm on 1 disk plan. It's sometimes possible to send back the disk the same day but then they would delay shipping.

So now I got Terminator 4 blu-ray after more than a month since its release. I could not get Inglorious Basterds and Hangover yet. I always add popular movies to the top of the queue once the release date is known - doesn't help.

I need blu-rays and there is no blu-ray red box nearby.
Will switch to Blockbuster.


It seems to me it is an area thing. I live in Miami and my sister and I have two different accounts. I have nothing past "Short wait" and that is like two. But I do have a lot saved on my Queue that is unavailable. But I believe since I live in a high density area where one center serves three counties. They stock up because they predict a lot of traffic. I tired blockbuster when I was like 15, and I switched to NF as I got older. Blockbuster would take days to ships, about three or four. NF only takes one.

G Woods

My top 5 netflix have been showing very long wait for several weeks now. I am very close to switching to Blockbuster.

What's wrong with Netflix

12 items in queue... all are long wait or more...if doesn't change soon, we will be dropping netflix and switching to BB. Has been this way since first of December:over a month.

John Tyler

I am getting more and more frustrated with Netflix month by month. I have had the same movies at the top of my queue for months. Seriously, that many people want to see Terminator Salvation? Now I am figuring out that the DVD's they send out don't have any special features on them even though Netflix advertises them. On Orphan's details page it says there are deleted scenes and an alternate ending, but the disc I got had nothing but the movie on it. Something is happening and it is we, the customers, who are getting gipped.


DVD studios strip the rental movies from special features now. They call them "rental exclusives"

Tristan Hood

We use Netflix "Watch Instantly" on a daily basis. We use it on our computer, X-BOX and our new Samsung Blu-Ray player that is Netlix ready. LOVE IT, it's the best watch instant site out there. I've been a member of Netflix for a few years now, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thanks for constantly upgrading to keep up with technology!



Personally I have had The Hangover as #1 in my queue since the day it went from "saved" to my queue, and I've gone through 6 discs so far without getting it. This is the first time I've really had to wait more than a week or two for a new release. I'm thinking they just seriously underestimated the popularity of the movie.


I wish you guys wouldn't have mentioned to everyone about the "have it at the return center on Monday and you'll get the new release on Tuesday" deal. I've been on three out plan since January 2002. Yes, I checked my Quicken file, I couldn't believe it's been that long either!

Anyway, I use the trick stated above and it used to always work for me but not lately. Sometimes it does and sometime not, about 50/50. Worse than that, if I don't get it on the release date it takes several months, not weeks to finally get it. Hell, by the time I get it I've already forgotten about what the movie is supposed to be about. It's ridiculous.

And even worse than that, what I've been noticing a lot lately is that Netflix states a certain date, which is on a Tuesday, as the release date leading me to believe that is the actual release date of the DVD yet Blockbuster has this same movie already on the shelf (and available) weeks before Netflix states it has even been released.

I'm getting fed up with Netflix!


I have been SO fed up with Netflix. I have over 12 movies in my queue and haven't had a movie in almost 2 weeks because they are all "long waits" or "very long waits". I have had most of them saved long before they were out. If this was based on your personal "time slot" and going in order. I feel I would have got at least one of them by now! I have my own Netflix blog. A week ago, they sent something that wasn't even on my list.. ever. I have tried what I could to "change" or "fix" things... and it's just not working out. If blockbuster is similar pricing and just as convenient... count me in... and I would never turn back. Netflix always had my heart and my arguments... but they lost my vote. And many others.


Whatever Blockbuster's queue says, it by no means indicates shipping order. I've had it skip three or four available titles, and sending me the fourth or fifth item in my queue. It seems to be something of a crapshoot, the order I get mailers in.


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