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Haven't received a single one, out of probably 40 or so BDs since going that route last October.


now that I think of it, if I've received no cracks, and another user has received 75%, that would suggest a local problem with the postal service machinery.


I rent nothing, but blu-rays and out of almost 2 years with over 100 discs rented I've never once received a broken disc. I'm betting it's a local problem and not netflix's fault. What area are you in? I'm in Seattle.


i received one, but after a few tries and cleaning it really well, it decided to play


I have never had any cracked discs (Blu-ray or DVD) from Netflix at all, and I've been a customer since 2004 and was a Blu-ray early adopter.


No cracks at all here in the few months I've had blu-ray.


Member since April 2004 and I have only received two cracked DVDs. I was also an early adopter on Blu-Ray and regularly have 3 blu-rays per week. Never received any cracked ones. I have received a scratched blu-ray once that would not play.


5 out of 5 had crack in the same place dropped blu-ray option, PA area.


I live in northern Indiana and I have received at least 7 cracked blurays since I started a year or so ago. I don't cycle netflix discs very much so my failure rate is probably like 25%


I've had a failure rate similar to Nick's, i.e., about 25% have problems. Sometimes cleaning helps. Sometimes it doesn't.


no problems here with BD

Miami fl


Never received a cracked disk.

Jacob Neff

I've received several in the past year having portions of the disc that wouldn't play. A few of those were due to cracks, one or two outright broken. I think I have only received cracked ones in cold weather, though, so that may have something to do with it. Also, I think I've only received one this winter. Others were last year.


I'm in western Michigan, and I get scratched (not cracked) BD's all the time. Easily 50% of mine come with a small 1/4" scratch on the outer edge that makes it unplayable.

Everytime I get one I report it and get a replacement. It took me 7 discs to get a good one of Hurt Locker. Now I call in addition to reporting it on their site, and each time they say they have a team whose only job is to analyze the probelem disc reports and work with the post offices between the source and the customer to make sure they are using modern mail sorting machines. They even bragged that they have a former head of the post office on that team.

I always get a free rental comp'd to my account when I call, and often they get me the hardest to get discs to make up for the problems I'm having.

Seems to be worse in winter, and I've never had a scratched disc that didn't come from Lansing, MI (which is my usual return mailing address). The good Hurt Locker I finally got was sent from the east coast because I exhausted the Lansing supply (6 scratched discs sitting on my desk -- I don't return until I get a good one!). When I return a scrated disc, I use a sharpie to outline the scratch, and I stick it back in the envelope wrong so that some human has to intervene to get the barcode. Don't know if it helps, but I want them to know what a PIA it is to get scratched discs.


Shoek, what number do you use to call netflix? The normal customer service one?


Just upgraded to Blu Ray and 1 out of the 6 discs I've gotten from Netflix were cracked. (Brooklyn NY)


There is a lot of discussion about this on AVS Forums. It is completely dependent on your local post office. I've had close to 100 blu-rays delivered, all with no cracks.


When I worked at the Post Office the mail sorting machines were just coming in. Items that were hard to read or fragile were sorted by hand. Today I imagine that all NetFlix envelopes are machine sorted. But it seems likely that local Post Offices will have different machines.

If anyone really wants to solve this problem, you might start with a survey of the models and makes of the mail sorting machines. If no one model has more breaks than the others you could look at how the machines are adjusted and maintained.


I've had one bad Blu-Ray disc out of perhaps 100. It had no visible cracks.


I actually only kept the Blu-Ray plan for 2 months.

Out of the 17 I rented, 14 were cracked.

Erie, PA here.

Garrett M

I have much better luck with Blu-ray than DVDs. I used to think that the protective coating was really just because the information layer is so much closer to the surface (which may indeed be the case). But I am surprised that I have to deal with far fewer scratches on the Blu-ray discs. If I find a Blu-ray disc from Netflix won't play, I can always count on it being a smudge that is easily wiped off. That's my experience anyway.


LOL unless someone is purposely trying to crack or just being extremely careless there should be no reason a bluray should crack or scratch. the protective coating blurays have should have been on dvds years ago


I use to work for a private company that pre-sorted billing mail for different companies. We had the same "Siemens" sorting machines the post office had. The machines move mail from the feeder to its destination bin between two belts but when it needs to turn a corner the letter is bent around big wheel. If memory serves me well that wheel will bend the DVD for a second. Maybe is one of the reasons some of them break. I can’t think any other places where a dvd can break during the process. But I been out of the business for some time and I know other companies have come up with mail sorting equipment that are not quite as sophisticated as the Siemens units. The belts on does are skinnier putting pressure on a smaller portion of the letter making it easier for a DVD to break.

Isaac Church

No problem here with BD discs. (Had one that was dirty, but not cracked.) Like others have said, this appears to be a local problem.


Sounds like a regional issue.

I've had no problems except my last Blu-Ray had some skipping problems. That's been only my experience with a problem.


I've never received a cracked BD disc and I've received a lot of them. I did have one that had a skipping problem, but it looked like a manufacturing issue since it was only one spot on the disc that skipped.


I have only ever received one with a small crack on inside ring, and didn't have an effect on my ability to play it.


50% of all Blu-ray from Netflix I get are cracked, and 100% of Blu-ray Spiderman is cracked.

I got four cracked Blu-ray Spider Man 2 in a row before I gave up and put the DVD version in my list.

After two cracked Blu-ray Spider Man 3 in a row I gave up and put the DVD version in my list.


I am on the 3rd copy of the same BluRay. I didn't have problems until recently. I've started inspecting them as soon as I get them becuase its starting to be 3 out of every 5 that are broken.



While I haven't received a cracked Blu-Ray disc, a much larger percentage of Blu-Ray discs I receive than standard DVDs are scratched or skip badly enough that they are unwatchable and require a replacement. There is definitely a higher proportion of damage with Blu-Ray discs.


I'm on the 1 out per time plan and of the approximately 30 Blu Ray movies I've had sent to me I had one problem with "I Love You Man" which was visibly cracked, and a bad series of problems with "The Fountain" which I received 2 replacements for, and all three were cracked. Everything else has been fine.


The only disc I ever recieved from Netflix that caused a problem was the PS3 disc.
About two or three weeks ago (I was w/ the first wave to get the discs) the disk wouldn't read, and I had an EXTREMELY tough time getting my ps3 to eject the disk.
Upon examination the disc had warped and must have been wobbling in the player causing the error. I'm not sure how it happened since there was no problem previous, but I got a new one in the mail two days later, no problems.
I've been super satisfied with all the discs, and I thought i had learned when the format came out originally that Bluray were hardier than thier DVD predecessors due to the materials and what-not.

Roger M

I rent all blu-ray. Joined in August. Never had an issue.


Blu-Ray for roughly 18 months now. Not a single crack.

Coppell Texas shipping center.


There's definitely an issue with cracking blu-ray discs. It just took me 4 times to get an uncracked version of Hostel Part II. The first 3 all had the same type of type crack on the outer edge. After I got the third cracked one, I called Netflix and they were very apologetic and said "There must have been a bad batch from the manufacturers". I knew that it's all post office related though. On the upside, they gave me 2 bonus discs (in addition to the 4th Hostel II replacement). Strangely enough, all three discs I received came perfectly fine (Hostel II, Law Abiding Citizen and Cabin Fever 2).

Realistically, I think everyone knows that Netflix needs to change the mailer, at least for blu-rays. Gamefly ships blu-ray games all the time to me and I've never gotten a cracked one in 2 years. Their mailer is much sturdier too compared to Netflix.

For the record I'm in Nassau County in Long Island, NY.


I have a friend that lives in the detroit Michign area and he gets BD discs from netflix and if I can remember right he only has gotten 1 cracked disc in a little over year he has been getting them. So I too would have to agree it sounds like a regional problem and not on Netflix end.


One of the reasons people are receiving multiple cracked discs is because NetFlix isn't doing a good job of catching and discarding the cracked disc you sent back. The same cracked disc ends up being sent back to you sometimes. This has happened to me twice.


Sounds like its his mailman thats causing the problem. Even if , theoretically, the blue rays were more fragile, they would not have been THAT fragile


no problem so far here.


I haven't received a cracked Blu-ray yet, but all the Blu-rays I've received from Netflix have had freezing issues. Normally I'm able to get by it but I wonder if they're a bit dirty. I used to have freezing issues with Netflix DVD's when I first signed up in 2005, but not so much anymore. Now the Blu-rays are having the same issue.

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