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Once again greed, the government and competing corporate interests ruin a good thing.

Innovation in America is dead. It'll be sharing the same tomb as 'honesty' and 'integrity' for anyone who wishes to stop by and pay their respects.

Burnt Hair

now maybe they can use the money to buy some more blu-rays. Unlikely.


"now maybe they can use the money to buy some more blu-rays. Unlikely."



Wait... so there was a lawsuit already for something that didn't exist yet? Wow. This country really is progressing.

I just don't know towards what...


off-topic i know but hopefully someone can help me i want to get the princess and the frog next week for my sis when it comes out i have a movie here now do i send it back on saturday or monday for the get a new release the day it comes out trick to work?


Hmmm. That's kind of weird. I don't think we're getting the whole story here.

I suspect there were other factors at play.


Also, I *still* can't erase my instant movie watching history or rental history.

Why? It doesn't seem like Netflix is very committed to privacy to me. The solution to the lawsuit would have been to let customers opt of research. So why didn't they just opt for that?

What isn't Netflix telling us?


Use this money to develop the social aspects of your site, NFlix. That will help you far more than any algorithms will.

You can start by fixing your movie pages and adding back friends ratings and top 10 lists.


BP said: "Once again greed, the government and competing corporate interests ruin a good thing."

That "good thing" Netflix's plans to release data into the public that is even more easy to link to an individual account owner than in the previous Netflix Prize. This is one of the rare times (at least in recent history) when a government agency is looking out for consumer interests rather than corporate interests. I think *that* is a good thing.

@Seth: I agree. Why can't we delete our history?


Victor - make sure it is picked up Saturday by your letter carrier. That's your best chance to get a new release.



Despite what your mother may have told you, you're _not_ special, and neither is your movie rental history.

Sorry to break the news to you, buddy, but if someone's willing to go through all the trouble of _trying_ to identify you via semi-anonymous rental history and profile information you _freely_ give then I'm willing to bet that if they don't get the dirt they want from that then they'll have no problem trying to dig it up elsewhere.

I find it so damned amusing that Americans piss and moan about privacy this and privacy that and then have no problem giving it all away to and via Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, et al.

Your information isn't special. Nobody cares.


I wish they would have just let people opt in to the research.


I thought about this and I think their abrupt turnaround on their contest plans is because Netflix is planning to sell itself. You don't want any litigation around that questions your company's privacy issues when you're trying to sell.

This would also explain the jump in profits that is converse to the increasing wait times for movies. I think Netflix must be fattening up their balance sheet for a sale to Amazon or such.


Here is my comment...

Walt D in LV

The Netflix recommendation system worked great until March 4, 2010, when they removed the Friends features such as Leaving Notes and Lists.

There is no better recommendation than what your trusted FRIENDS think. I would even be willing to pay extra for the Friends feature. Imagine, a million people paying a dollar extra a month for the feature. Heck, that million dollars would pay for the Netflix Prize!

Friends, notes, lists: Please bring 'em back. Just put that extra little tab on the movie page. Member Reviews, Critic Reviews, and Friends Reviews.
Simple, easy, and everyone is happy.

Walt D in LV


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