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Please delete the spam post by mr real porn tube there! Thanks Mike.


The official Netflix blog reports that they're finally sending Wii discs out to the rest of us that requested one.



You actually watched one of the Ace Ventura movies (I don't care which one)? Llll-oser!


Deleting SPAM posts as I find 'em. Thanks.

I did NOT watch the movie, just wanted to find a silly movie to do the screen capture.

- Mike


It's a good feature. It also shows that the Wii can change streams if needed without rebuffering. The Xbox and Roku can't do that.


Post your speed here.

Mine goes to 2.2mbps to 1.1mbps on Wifi speed as my internet is 6mbps. Gotta move the Wii further from the TV.

Streams seem to stick to 1.8mbps. Sometimes they drop to 1.1mbps or 0.6mbps. Ticks me off.

Either it's cause it's close to the boob tube or blue tooth from the controller? It rarely happens.

I got bigger Wifi antennas for my router. Twice as big as the standard Linksys antenna size. The Wii still hasn't changed. I also haven't moved it yet.

The Roku Digital Video Player seems to buffer a bit faster. However I have always had good Wifi. It's in the living room across where the router is. While the Wii is in my room on the other side of where the Router is and the signal has to go through an entertainment center and TV.


Varied between 1.5 and 2.0 mbps


where can i download the disk, I can't wait for the mail.


Better than any other. I'm Between 1.4 and 2.0
(With only 2 other things on network computer and xbox)

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