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I wish I could have had a head's up on the Star Trek Original Series leaving streaming. I was catching up on the episodes that weren't being shown on TV, and then suddenly they were gone. They stopped showing them on TV too. Now I have to rent the discs, sometimes to watch one episode when I've already seen the other two on there, and then immediately send it right back.

The DVDs for Star Trek are so expensive they're never going to get my money, so I really wish they would have left it available.


@Angie... check out sites like instantwatcher.com... they have a NEW section in date order.... also check out http://feedfliks.com/streaming/coming-soon this shows the shows that are coming soon...

the other week there was a stack of new tv shows.... 24, roswell, buffy the vampire slayer, myname is earl, all the Weeds from showtime and a bunch of others... Reno 911 is coming at the end of the month...


I was pretty excited to see Buffy the Vampire Slayer was avail as of last week, especially since I had checked the previous week & found it to be only avail on DVD. Hopefully I can catch up on all the episodes before Netflix takes it away.


Sometimes a movie leaves streaming, only to come back almost right away, other times it never returns.


South Park shouldn't be that big of a loss since you can still get those free at southparkstudios.com. I was pleasantly surprised to see BTVS and Angel on there. One addition I would really like: Battlestar Galactica.

Luna Saisho

What would I like to see streaming? EVERYTHING! ^_^ I would much rather have a streaming only account then one where I get discs.

What I would like to know is why some companies only allow streaming only for limited times.


I'd like more international programming, Shameless, Satisfaction and the like.


Isn't Trek TOS available on CBS streaming? It showed up on my Boxee, didn't click on it, so don't know if it's still there.


Dora the Explorer for my daughter. She loves it but is going away on the 16th. Every night I start the PS3 and she loves that red screen. Also when the buffering bar comes on she starts saying " a little more a little more as is moving lol.


I wish Netflix would put the expiration date up on the movie/TV detail page as soon as it comes available for instant viewing. It would help me to organize what to watch.

Mario Garcia

I've found annoying stuff like only some episodes of a series being available
like why
Greatest American Hero was made avaialble except for the pilot and season 1 finale
that makes no sense


@Mario Garcia: it probably has to do with licensing rights.

@Mike: the headline says "March 16th."


Not too concerned with South Park leaving... as mentioned they are ALL on southparkstudios.com anyway. I also ended up picking up the rest of the DVDs I didn't have a while back when I found them on sale for $18/season. That was a crazy good price I couldn't pass up. Ended up getting like 6 seasons I was missing.

Bobby Ray

I wish they would add Psych, House, Burn notice, and Seinfeld and Friends for my Mom.

Bobby Ray

I got to have me some Mork and Mindy as well.


Law and Order/SVU/Criminal Intent *current* episodes. I'd cancel my cable if I could get those. They are not available on Hulu or any other legit website.


There's no need to mourn the passing of an instant watch title until it's actually gone. I've seen plenty of shows listed as expiring, only to have the expiration date disappear and the show still available.


Not too big a deal. We've had South Park for a long time anyway. There are lots of new choices anyway with the recently signed contracts...Arrested Development, Prison Break, King of the Hill, and catching up on some of the better X-Files episodes should keep me busy for a while. I wonder if The Simpsons was included in that FOX contract.


I think you mean April 16th? ;)

No worries. I'm still writing 2009 for dates.


It was actually supposed to leave April 1st but it changed suddenly to April 16th, maybe it'll change again?


they also took all the nick shows.


House MD please!


I wish my Roku would allow me to sort movies based on expiration date or prompt me about ones that are going away soon.


"Most Shocking" from TruTV! there's a lot on that tv channel i'd love to see streaming


they are not gone yet. we still have 2 weeks to go with them.


there is two weeks to go


Netflix is no longer showing a streaming end date for South Park seasons 1-9.


First, as a latecomer to Netflix and streaming contnet, I have to say that this is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I would like to make the simple comment that I think irt would be great if NO content were ever end dated. I think I understand the reasoning, studios have to make money from DVDs etc. If end-dating is inevitable, I'm wondering if Netflix could make it easier to sort your streaming choices, by expiration date? (Maybe there's already a way to do this and I don't know about it?)

I also noticed that Netflix has recently partnered and/or acquired an on-line learning outfit. I think this is a great move! I would love to see content similar to the "Teaching Company" DVD courseware available via streaming video. Wow talk about a tool that could make geniuses of us all! Just a thought!

Derek Coward

I wish they would bring Johnny Sokko and His Giant Robot back. I was only half way through the series when they took it off.

Jim Vincent

South Park is still on Netflix for now. Wonder what happened. I'm glad it's still there, since I just signed up and want to watch these in my living room instead of on my PC.


They should add House, M.D. in the instant program

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