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They have to use an app — the iPad doesn't support Silverlight (or Flash), and they can't encrypt a raw H.264 stream suitably enough to satisfy their distribution agreements through a public browser.


Is there any way in the app to tell what kind of connection you are receiving from the netflix servers? Like the dots on the Roku box?


Personally, I never invest in FIRST generation Apple products. I like to wait for the second or third generation to come out. Let them work out the kinks first, then I'll buy. For example, if you Google an image of the first generation iPod (note spelling there) and compare it to more current versions of the unit, you'd probably be tempted to goof on anyone who bought that little brick-like thing. Same thing might be going on with this first generation iPad. I can wait another year or two.

Kenny Johnson

The huge bevel and letterboxing make the video look very small.



Honestly, I absolutely prefer the industrial design of the first generation of iPhone over the plasticky, overly-curved iPhones 3G*.


We got our iPad this morning and NetFlix streaming was one of the first things we tried. My son is currently watching old seasons of Lost and it's working great.


This being my first touch device from Apple, I was Disappointed by the lack of manual for both the iPad and Netflix App. I honestly had no idea how to search through videos like you did Mike. That's just laziness on Netflix's part.


Hi, I got my ipad the 16gb version in mail today. I didn't even know it would play streaming netflix. To my surprise I check it, there is an app and it works!! Movies are streaming really fast without slow downs. The movies that are not marked HD, I don't know what resulution in, play really well in a sense that it's sharp and smooth without loss of quality aftereffects such as you may see on high def TV when playing regular DVDs.

There were some problems when after you had already started a movie and try to use the app it's not clear what to click or what to do.
Also I would recommend them to create a better app


Also people watch out for times when during netflix stream you may get a popup from other apps like words with friends or facebook, it pauses the movie and shortly after the stream stops!!! Bug!


Guys- give them some time, i mean the iPad came out today, and also Apple would not give them a developer's iPad, so they basically had to do everything from the emulator.
Just keep that in mind
itll get better in time
im sure of it (:
i mean its netflix aha :)

Chance the Gardener

"This being my first touch device from Apple, I was Disappointed by the lack of manual for both the iPad and Netflix App. I honestly had no idea how to search through videos like you did Mike. That's just laziness on Netflix's part.
Posted by: MattChance | April 03, 2010 at 09:28 PM"

The little card that comes with it has the URL of the 153-page pdf user's guide. If you don't want to type the URL, you can go to apple.com, click on support, then click on ipad.

When I got my first touch device, it took me a while to master it. Practice makes perfect. A manual can't do the tapping and pinching--you have to get used to it.

As for the Netflix app, you click on the Watch Instantly tab and browse or search to find a movie. It's laid out like the web site.

If you know an iphone or touch owner who has a Netflix account, you can ask them to walk you through any problems you may have. Any iphone or touch owner who has a Netflix account could pick up an ipad and use the Netflix app right away.


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I want to give an update for netflix on iPad. There are some difficulties with selecting right episodes for tv shows. I also had movies freeze after about 30 minutes of movie and had to restart the app. Also I wish I could use the ratings within the app


Netflix on iPad was enough to get me back at least for now as a customer. It works well and will be very popular.

Now the part that makes no sense to me. I have the adapter that enables you to connect the iPad to a TV. YouTube projects from the iPad to the big screen no problem. Netflix (and some other video apps don't). I'm not sure why this is... it just is. Being able to plug it into a larger screen is useful.


Am I the only one that thinks the idea of having to hold this thing the whole time Im watching a movie sounds uncomfortable?


I'm patiently waiting for the 3G/GPS iPad version, which I pre-ordered but is not shipping yet. Looks like IW is an unexpected bonus nobody saw coming. Wonder if it'll work over 3G? Or what minimum WiFi bandwidth is required? Actually one reason I pre-ordered the iPad was to "back up" DVDs I already own, in the iPad format (trivial task with right software), so the movies are right on the device, available anytime anywhere. And I pre-ordered the case you put the iPad in, since it's obviously to bulky to be holding all the time...


Netflix works fine on my IPAD but only audio transmits to the TV when I hook up the Apple composite cables between the IPAD and TV. No video. This is strange since other apps like Youtube transmit both audio and video. Any workaround?


sweet... but I will wait and see... the only reason is that if the price job like the iphone....


Why would anyone want to view a Watch Instantly title on a 4:3 screen?


Because it looks good and its convenient tobwatc in bed


Question re: the video associated with this article:

Was the iPad in question running of WiFi or was it off AT&T's 3G? I have an iPod Touch and video (YouTube) works very, very well off WiFi whereas people I know with the iPhone say the cellular network can be downright awful at peak times. I'd expect the network to be overwhelmed with the sudden addition of all the new iPad users trying out their new devices.



The 3G version of the iPad has not been released for sale yet. The video depicts a WiFi iPad.

Edward R Murrow

How is streaming on the Apple Maxi iPad better than streaming on a Windows laptop? I'm not getting it. Or maybe this was a solution in search of a problem?


I am also having problems playing my net flicks app through VGA connection with tv. YouTube works great but no luck with net flicks or abc apps. Any help, suggestions?

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