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"Netflix has to be concerned that it will be easier for those people to give up Netflix if their TV provider expands their VOD offerings" HELL NO!! Not at $120 a month with 5-10% increases each year...

although im annoyed by the 28 day window, its easy to deal with when i surf thru the netflix Watch Instant library...

He does say something worth meriting, i wish Netflix had a queueing system that will autoplay like HULU does.... that would make it a GOLDEN product...


I don't see why anyone would leave Netflix for TV... since TV doesn't offer an expansive DVD and Blu-Ray catalog delivered to your home. Though Netflix has been pushing the streaming and it's an AMAZING value-added feature, I'm always going to need Netflix for movie rentals.

Now, if in the future my Cable/Satellite provider started offering a comparable library of movies (yeah right) unlimited and on Demand for a monthly fee that was competitive to Netflix AND was as high quality as a blu-ray disc... then maybe I'd give it some thought. Though I don't think that will be happening any time in the even slightly near future.

Bob Emmerich

Go Mavs!

Oh wait...


Mark Cuban... Pointing out the incredibly obvious without any point I can discern...


@ andyg8180 close tag close tag!

BTW...canceled my NF account today after 6 years. The 28 day window followed by long waits is an ender. I'm just going to use amazon on demand along with HBO.


The 28-day extended window was disconcerting when it was just one studio, but if it's going to become the norm, I'm going to lose patience very quickly. I've been a Netflix subscriber since Jan 2000, but I may not last much longer.


this all sounds contrarian, and nothing more. many, perhaps most, people who drop cable for netflix (or cut back) do so because of one reason $$$. unless cable decides to not shove down my throat 100 sucky channels and let me choose the 5 or 10 i want, netflix will always win in my book.

Will Dearborn

I agree with him most about the concessions Netflix is making. I could always support them but lately they are just taking so many steps backward.


" but lately they are just taking so many steps backward."

when there is little competition this is what happens.


Just wondering if someone else can close the bold tag that andyg8180 opened.


Netflix may let themselves get relegated to an old content service provider as time goes on. Studios will push these agreements until Netflix is only serving content that can't otherwise be monetized.


Another clueless exec, maybe he should stick to DWTS. I dumped my Dish years ago, just a waste of $$$. The 28 day window does not bother me, if I did not see it at the theater, 28 more days is not going to make a difference.


I'd say The Studios see Netflix as neither a threat nor a partner. The Studios are sitting in the catbird seat since they have "the content." The Studios can, and will, get any concession they want from Netflix to use the Studio's content, and will bail from Netflix in a heartbeat if something better comes along. The Studio-Netflix relationship is more employer-employee than any sort of partnership. So I belive Mark Cuban knows what is talking about.


This just in!!!!!

Mark Cuban says water is wet.


Didn't Hulu say they were moving to a pay based system for "some" of their content? (which really means "all" in the future)?

Tag closed. Your welcome!


Didn't Hulu say they were moving to a pay based system for "some" of their content? (which really means "all" in the future)?


cable is becomming way to expensive. for the people that need an alternative netflix is a cheap alternative. for the people complaining about the 28 day window if u want a new release then go to the other of dozens alternatives to rent them like redbox, amazon, youtube store, blockbuster kiosk. as long as netflix stays cheap and affordable while expanding its streaming services, i can't see it doing poorly. if HBO or the other movie channels were to do what netflix is doing seperatly from cable like a $9.99 monthly plan and u get HBO streamed to your tv through the internet then i can see netflix having a run for its money


Netflix, Over The Air Digital HDTV, and Redbox as needed.

That is the future.


Everyone wants things as close to free as possible. As long as Netflix provides cheap/free streaming, they will continue to grow. I really can't imagine, however, this being a sustainable business model. At one point there will be too many subscribers demanding too much bandwidth and the margins simply won't be enough to sustain it. Something will eventually need to change.

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Sock Puppet

Mark Cuban= "Disillusioned"... Hey Mark...

$8.99 a month for Netflix to stream movies and TV shows at no additional cost.


$100+ for Cable service AND an extra $4 to $8+ for EACH VOD title...

Netflix has to be concerned that it will be easier for those people to give up Netflix if their TV provider expands their VOD offerings...

Seriously Dude? What ARE you smoking?

P.S. Tag Closed Part Deux :-)


Comcast was charging me $140 a month for my HD digital package. I had to watch commercials. I had limited storage for recording programs, especially with the move to HD. And their VOD library was atrocious! Claiming you have more than 1000 VOD options is a joke when 800 of them are crappy music videos, web clips, and a lot of junk no one needs to see for that price.

Thanks, but I'm sticking with my Netflix-only TV watching for as long as I can. And, I couldn't care less about the 28-day waiting periods with all the content I have to occupy my time already.

Chris M.

Well until the premium channles OnDemand Online expand the providers that people are subscribed to, Netflix doesn't have much to worry about. HBOGo is limited to VerizonFIOS and Comcast subcribers since they started and EPIX Online is the same with a differnt provider than Comcast. I find it intersting that they chosen to start with cable providers with limited area coverage opposed to DISH or DirectTV which is nationwide.


My cable co is expending its VOD, with more current titles at $6.99, and various reductions to $1.99 for old titles.

So far with Netflix, I have found most of the titles in my initial 2-at-a-time subscription.

I would rather pay $15/month for Netflix than the per-title fees. And, the cable On-Demand menuing is atrocious.


Cuban's opinion doesn't surprise me since he owns a cable station and a pro sports team, he makes money from subscibers.

The cable companies are losing customers because they are an expensive dinosaur, more people are finding that OTA and Netflix gives them everything they need.


"and Netflix gives them everything they need."

Unless you want to see a big name movie within half a year of it coming out on DVD. I know this isn't a problem for some and for the most part it wasn't for me, but this is a growing issue.


I think killing Netflix would increase piracy, which is something the studios are awfully concerned about.

Edward R Murrow

Mark Cuban is a pretty smart guy. I think the point he's trying to make (which others have made) is that Netflix owns no content while the studios do.

IMHO, Netflix streaming is just a proof of concept type of technology.

At some point, the studios and cable companies will figure out that they should monetize some form of streaming, form an alliance and take streaming to the next level.


After reading the articles it seems to me the take-away is this: 1) Cable/DBS is future-proof technology for video content distribution because the mass populous will only accept easy-to-use & extreme convenience and 2) the in-home Internet framework is not that, nor will it ever be that.

Dave Dunn

bye, bye Netflix


The content owners are slowly starting to realize that Netflix is just another "middleman" distributor. Nothing more.


I'd dump Netflix before I ever dumped my satellite. My viewing experience goes way beyond movies.

Netflix competes with my local Video rental store, NOT my Satellite TV.

I'm actually surprised to hear that's not the case for everyone.

Bub bub bub bub bubba

Purveyors of overpriced cable TV bundles are the ones that should be worried. I mean: $10-20/month to Netflix for a ton of both physical and streamed content vs. $75 for a list of cable channels you'll never watch and those you do feature insane amounts of commercials.

Back in the day, you watched cable TV channels because they had little if any commercial interruptions. Now with all the ads these channels should be free like OTA channels.

Dave Dunn

I upgradedDTV SAT and dumped Netflix.
I have great inexpensive DVD rental stores close with a the new and the oldie titles. Got tired with my NF queue waiting for long,long,very,very long waits. It's good to see a new movie while still young.


Mark Cuban...yeah right. It's the other way around. Cable continues to jack up rates for less service. IF I didn't have kids I would have already punted my TV service in favor of Netflix and internet TV. IT will happen soon and others will follow as well. Why pay over $100 monthly plus additional money for movies. Too much money for an old and outdated business model. Mark Cuban should have been calling the cable companies what they are soon to be companions to the DoDo birds if they think they can keep going with this type of business model ...less for more.

The Whiz

I keep the 2nd-from-the top package on Dish Network with HD & HBO. If it weren't for a few shows on HBO like "Real Time" & "CYE" I'd drop it. HBO has good shows, but I get tired of shelling out $15 per month. Ditto for the rest of my programming. I detest commercial tv (even with a DVR). The few channels I like are not even close to being worth what I pay for the package. If some provider could ever offer a-la-carte programming, I'd jump ship. I'm beyond tired of paying for crap I never watch.

I also have the 1 out at a time with Blu-ray/streaming on Netflix -AND- the 3 out a time with Blockbuster. I much prefer the Netflix/Blockbuster combo. But with the few shows I love and my fave sports teams, it's hard to drop tv completely. I did drop all my progamming during baseball season a few years ago (why not, the Cubs usually suck anyway), and I loved it. It was very liberating. Didn't feel like I was a slave to my tv. There are just a few things keeping me around now though.

I think Netflix will eventually change the streaming model. I think they'll require you to be on the 2 out at a time or will charge for streaming outright. We'll see.

j zybz

The 28 day wait on new releases is the worst idea ever. I really have seen everything that I care to that is available for streaming. The wait times have sudddenly have became unbearable. Loved Netflix until now. Be careful Netflix... blockbuster accounts cost the same and you get new releases!!

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