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William C Bonner

I know that I was an early adopter of netflix, and then spent three years without using it. Before I came back, I attempted to use a free month from a friend, and netflix would not allow me to use it because it already knew who I was.

I've not forwarded the free month email to anyone, because while I have friends that are not currently netflix subscribers, anyone who might be interested in netflix has probably tried it at some point in the past.


No one to forward it to. Either people I know don't have the $$ for it, don't need it, or already have it. I even posted a tweet about it and got no replies.


Not doing it since I have nothing to gain. If I got a free disk in the mail for someone to sign up, or a free month myself, I'd be all over it though.


I received a piece of snail mail from Netflix yesterday containing four cards, each with a free month trial code. I don't know anyone who'd want one though.


Why would I now? Lets see...

Me - "Hay do you want to try Netflix? Oh yea by the way you will have to wait 30 days longer for new releases you can get from the Video store you already are used to going to"
The - "No, that sounds stupid"
Me - "Exactly"


Justin, I'd LOVE to wait just 30 days. They won't use the word "throttled" but I'm a victim of the "fairness" algorithm that basically says any new release I want is a very long wait. It took me 12 weeks and two phone calls in order to finally get Hurt Locker, and a couple other movies released in January still have a very long wait with no hope of me ever getting them. Meanwhile my friends who are less frequent renters have those same titles available now.


How is this any different from the 1 Month Free Trial offered to anyone?


do you guys still have the one month trial email? I've avoided trying netflix from the get go but now that I have an iPad I'd love to try out the streaming feature on it and the site now has only a 2 week trial. I'm not dying to try Netflix but I am getting an itchy trigger finger

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