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I'm on a 1 at a time plan. The movie I requested last week wasn't available at a shipping center near me. They said it would take 3 to 5 days for it to ship from another facility. They sent me the next DVD in my queue for free while I waited for the first one to arrive.


I got that email this morning. Our movie wouldn't load on our ROKU player last night.


I had a problem a month ago streaming "Dolan's Cadillac", no audio in parts of the movie.
I reported it but never heard back. I thought this email that I recieved yesterday was a result of that.
Since the notice doesn't contain a date, maybe there was an ongoing problem and they finally identified it.

Sean Palladino

Mecca, I got that same email. It's one of the many ways why I *love* Netflix customer service. :)


I love Netflix, but I'm very annoyed that they took it upon themselves to revamp the instant Que page on Roku. If I wanted my small child to SEE what she was missing, why would I have a Que at all? This new Que uses FAR MORE mg to load (my ISP hates you)just too look now? My Que does not have horror, sexual or inappropriate content, but thanks to Netflix, my child can now see this type of choice, each and everytime.
I want the old Roku instant Que page. Why is there no way to email netflix but if I want to talk to Pakistan, I can call anytime?



I believe you can turn off the new features in the Roku menu. In the player setup section there is a category called "Netflix Setup" or something similar. I haven't tried it, so someone correct me if I'm missing something.


I want to add, this has been a long time coming. I don't mind what seems like a slightly longer load time, as the speed of browsing my queue is now lightning fast.

A few more additions would make my Netflix on Roku experience perfect.

1. "Folders" for my Instant Queue and/or the ability to browse my queue by genre. (I currently use the greasemonkey script)

2. Support for a wireless keyboard.


I did not receive the email but had trouble streaming on Roku in the evenings 6/4-6/7. I could not stream Netflix but I could stream the other channels on my Roku. I could also stream on my PC. Monday night I turned off the additional features on my Roku so it is back to just showing the que. I haven't had a problem since. I assumed it was trying to load too much data at one time onto the Roku device.

If you go into the Roku settings you can turn off the search functionality.


I got the email, took the credit, but didn't really feel I had an outage. So I feel guilty about taking the 5%, but not enough to send the money back.



the old interface was outdated and not user friendly

thank god they revamped it in spite of people like you complaining when anything changes


I tried watching a movie Friday night, 6/4, and couldn't, so I was glad NetFlix was on the ball with the discount. It's only about $1, but it's the thought that counts.


The new interface is harder to read because
a) the box art is smaller
b) the text description is smaller


mister_happy said:

The new interface is harder to read because
a) the box art is smaller
b) the text description is smaller

That's God's way of telling you that you need a bigger TV.


"The new interface is harder to read because
a) the box art is smaller
b) the text description is smaller

That's God's way of telling you that you need a bigger TV."

THANK YOU! I needed a good laugh today and I hadn't had one yet.


Netflix CS operators are in Oregon, not Pakistan. Check your facts before you rant about something you're not familiar with.



Netflix Customer Service is entirely based in the United States (Hillsboro, OR) - there is no need to call Pakistan when you have issues. We staff the support line 24/7 rather than manage an email "queue", because we believe this results in better support of our services.

IMO, Netflix is unique in the regard that we monitor our own services and proactively reach out to customers to right wrongs anytime we think that the customer might have been adversely affected.


Not sure if Netflix built the Roku UI or of Roku themselves handle it. Turning off certain genres should be something they should add (or limit by rating perhaps)


I had streaming problems but haven't received the mentioned email. I just reported the problem, so maybe I'll receive it yet...?


I got this email this morning, and because I have never had a Netflix related service issue, I was happy to ignore it and let them keep the money.


i received this email last night. Sunday night i was trying to watch a show and it wasn't working at first. i came back about 5 minutes later though and it was working... so i'm guessing it was a pretty brief outage. i took the 5% credit though.


Shut up Christine. The old interface was junk with no way to add titles beyond hopping on a computer and doing it that way.


I have been completely unable to use Netflix watchnow on my Roku since 6/4. So pissed!
I have only had the Roku for 2 weeks. I have tried everything suggested to no avail. A 5% discount at this point is ridiculous. What is that like 45 cents? A 1-at-a-time plan is only $8.99. I am very unhappy w/netflix.


@Klyta - give it a chance - I've been a Netflix subscriber for 10 years and these things rarely happen. I'm happier with the service and quality of Netflix than any other company I've ever dealt with.

Things are going to break on occasion even with the best companies. Its just coincidence that there was a problem just when you joined.


This credit is too tempting. Isn't much money, 45 cents...but I was able to watch movies when I wanted to. The other night, Saturday?? I got a connection issue a few times and had to close and open Netflix channel, but was able to play movie a connection issue box showed up twice during movie. But I was able to watch and no problem since that time. To me, it seems odd to offer a discount to everyone with a Roku because someone that didn't experience problem will click anyway. Why not just send an email and say they are giving a 5% discount to everyone with a Roku. Granted this is over 45 cents but I feel that I don't have the right to click it. I think it is great that they are doing it but feel that problems happen with companies and occasionally service will be lost I am happy paying full price if they fix it quickly. I know there are some other people that had worse or longer outages, why not offer them more of a discount. I would be happy to let Netflix keep the 45 cents so that they can continue to improve the service and make it better!


i know it's not a Roku prob...but i had issues all wkend on any PC i tried 2 use..."u have reached your limit of 6 devices"...i only get up to 3 devices & only stream on one PC at a time...anyone else have this issue??


Two points:

1. The Roku interface stuff is done by Roku. I haven't seen it yet, but most people I know seem to like it;

2. d: I've seen this happen once or twice. Keep in mind that streaming on one PC at a time won't save you -- your device stays active for, if I remember correctly, 90 days. So if you watch a movie today on your work computer, and then tomorrow on your home desktop, and then the day after on your laptop ... that's three devices.

This is pretty easy to fix -- go to your account on the netflix.com site, go to "Manage Netflix ready devices and computers", and click 'Deactivate' next to devices you don't actively watch. It's especially easy to deactive PCs/Macs, because they'll auto-activate.

Annoying, I know -- I know some Netflix employees who run into this regularly (because we tend to bias toward more streaming devices at home, I suppose :)


roku not streaming netflix tonight, did a factory reset but still not working,can connect to the internet just fine with everything else. What gives?

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