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Lag doesn't exactly matter for buffered streaming media. Once the bits are flowing, the fact that they're delayed by half a second or so won't make any difference as long as there's enough bandwidth to keep the buffer ahead of playback.


I did with my iPad on a recent roundtrip between Philly and SF and it worked great! Got a few jealous looks too. :)


Yep, works pretty good overall.

Jeremy Burlingame

When Virgin had the free wifi back in November of 2009, I tried streaming Hulu and it was not good.


The post is confusing throughput and latency... although I personally would worry more about connection reliability and packet-loss issues.


"The post is confusing throughput and latency"

Oh the ironing!


Streaming movie to laptop while on plane is rather silly. The wireless card on kills battery life quickly. It is far better to rip movie to hard drive for play back for optimal battery life.


I worked great for me last week ATL-LAS on Delta.

John Porter

So, that's my tweet and the service worked really well on the flight from ATL > MCO. Took about 30-45 seconds to start the movie and it didn't buffer once during the 30 minutes I watched. Was honestly surprised with the quality.


I have agree with FearNo1 - it takes a lot less battery to play an iPad movie you have stored on the iPad than using WiFi streaming. I've watched many a movie on my iPad on airplanes, and usually keep 3 or 4 titles on the iPad at any time. And I don't lose sleep worrying about the legality of ripping a DVD I've paid for to the iPad - those laws are for people in the sharing business as far as I'm concerned.


I haven't streamed netflix but I have made phone calls over UMA on Alaska Airlines. The calls worked perfectly with no lag.


Yep. I streamed a movie last time I flew, and it worked great. The only problem I had was my laptop's battery life.


I did skype on a international flight and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. I went to bandwidth test site and was roughly getting DSL speeds at 41,000 feet. :)

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Battery is not an issue in a number of cases:
- if you fly business
- if you fly any airline that has a power outlet in economy (e.g. american)
- if you have a big enough battery (or suppy of batteries)
- if your flight is short
- if you just watch one movie
- etc. etc.

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