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Chris M.

Iconclasts Season 4. No sound streaming through Xbox 360 on HD streams on most episodes. Standard and HD streams on computer played fine. It's been that way for the whole time it's been on.


It seems that the volume of most netflix titles are very muted (attenuated). Volume on my Samsung LCD is usually at 100% while playing netflix via Samsung Bluray Internet Apps. Anyone else experience this or is it a Samsung problem?


I found sound issues on a couple of Doctor Who and South Park episodes played on a ps3


I watched good will hunting and th sound was off a bit.


I've recently had issues where about every 3rd title I start streaming begins with no audio whatsoever. If I pause and restart the stream, it almost always corrects itself. It's happened on both my PC and through the PS3 streaming disc.


Starz Play titles are universally guaranteed to have problems, and yet I still try and stream them for some reason.

Moon had the usual loud audio pops, but they were fewer than normal, and the movie was good enough to ignore the issues. But when I have sound complaints with streaming titles, it's always audio popping loudly at random intervals.


Like Alex, I noticed A/V synch issues when streaming "Good Will Hunting."

Also, the Ken Burns "Jazz" series is even worse -- almost to the point of being unwatchable. Very distracting watching interviews when the synch is so screwed up.

@Matt: I haven't noticed any unusually high problem rate with Starz Play titles. Most of them seem to work just fine.

Davis Freeberg

My problems haven't been for a particular movie, but occasionally the audio and video unsync while I'm watching something. When this happens, it's usually because the video lagged but the audio kept going so it will all of a sudden fast forward the video portion until it resyncs with the audio. Sometimes I lose 30 seconds of content and have to skip back. I've noticed that this has happened 3 or 4 times on my TiVo premiere.


I've only seen streaming problems infrequently, hardly ever audio only. We use XboxLive on 360 or Mac Mini/Silverlight, both connected to Vizio lcd tv. If I do have problems I report back to Netflix for their records. We are connected via Qwest for internet. Had more problems with CableOne internet. I believe that in a couple years we'll all be making noise about not being able to stream the full BluRay/HD version on our mobile devices while on our commute :-P


I noticed A/V sync issues this weekend watching the last 3 episodes of Satisfaction Season 2 on my PS3. Each 50ish minute episode would start off fine but after 30 or so minutes the video would slowly drift behind the audio and would continue to get worse until the ending credits rolled. I thought it was just those particular episode encodings because I had streamed other episodes without issue. No issues with other titles either. I had not thought of Pause/Play solution to see if the problem would correct itself.


Report you problems to Netflix, talking about it here won't help.


I've only seen one title that the audio was out of sync, and I reported it using the "report problem" link. There was another time where the audio went away but I fixed it by stopping and restarting. I have noticed that the levels vary a lot bewteen titles.

I've only had the box for a couple months but I got rid of cable so I've been watching it a lot, and I've only seen the one problem so it's hard for me to believe that there are many audio problems.


Report you problems to Netflix, talking about it here won't help.

Um, the original post did ask readers whether or not they had experienced similar problems. Seems like a good reason to talk about it here.


"The Right Stuff" at 2hrs 35min on Roku gets stuck in about a 15 second loop. Works fine on PC though.


tales black freighter has no sound

Prompter Bob

I watched Silverado the other night and the sound was very uneven. I had to boost the volume to hear the dialogue clearly and of course, all the music, gunfire and explosions were way too loud. Don't recall ever having a problem with streaming audio until recently.

Nicky J

"Overnight" a documentary about the director of "The Boondock Saints". I tried to watch it a few months ago and the audio sync was about 15 seconds off. I reported it to Netflix at first and checked back a couple weeks later, still off. Haven't tried it recently though.


Yes, reported.
Been watching a LOT of Doctor Who, on PS3 mostly the late '60s and early 70's were out of sync, sometimes up to a slow count of 5.


It happened to me for a few episodes of 30 Rock on the Xbox 360 -- totally silent. No matter how many times I reloaded, I could never get the sound to play on those specific episodes. Worked fine on my PC, but I was annoyed that I had to watch them while sitting at my computer.


I just had a movie called Phantom Ship with out of sync problems on the Wii. I couldn't watch it. But it plays fine on the PC.


I had major problems with Dick Van Dyke Show Season 1...


A couple of months ago, my son was watching Beethoven and I noticed that the audio was out of sync by about a second. I tried pausing/playing and even backed all the way out and then started it again, but it stayed out of sync.


I stream A LOT of old school programs and currently am going through the entire series of 24 with no issues. Is it possible it's a bandwidth issue? At home we have wide-band service @ 50Mbps and we stream off of the Wii.


It may just be my TV but I've noticed virtually all streaming titles have very quiet dialogue but very loud music or other noises.


One of the Hellboy Animated films had known sound issues. The audio didn't sync up to the film. The member reviews were numerous regarding the issue.



"I just had a movie called Phantom Ship with out of sync problems on the Wii. I couldn't watch it. But it plays fine on the PC."

Report you problems to Netflix, talking about it here won't help.

Sarcastic mode off.

TJ Riordan

I noticed it happening to an episode of weeds. Sometimes it will correct it self when it jumps to a different steam because of a change in internet speed.

Jose Cuervo

you guys with sounds issues have a low internet connection. Ive tried all of the movies mentioned and haven't had any issues.


"Report you problems to Netflix, talking about it here won't help."

You never know, there could be a netflix employee who reads this site...


Jacques Tati's Playtime also has no sound. I've contacted Netflix about it, but it was never fixed.


I usually have an audio synchronization problem with stargate universe when streaming netflix on the ps3 so I switch to the wii and it fixes the problem (voices don't match audio)but the wii doesn't have the same picture so it is a compramise


Just watched "Good Will Hunting" last night and noticed the audio was about a 1/4 second off.
"Ken Burns' America: Empire of the Air" is off quite a bit; I've reported that one twice.
Maybe I'll start reporting it every week until it's fixed.

ka bowers

ken burns' Jazz gets worse and worse as the shows progress.
Show 4 is almost 4 seconds out of sync, Does anyone proof this stuff before they put it up? Funny thing is the video is in front of the audio which would suggest an encoding issue not a playback issue or bandwidth problem. Ruining an otherwise fine program.


I am so glad that you covered this issue. Soon after this posting, I has sound issues while watching an episode from season 2 (or 3) of Doc Martin. The sound was not in sync with the image. Once I realized what was happening, I could overlook this minor issue this time.



"Report you problems to Netflix, talking about it here won't help."

It's the first thing I did.


I've noticed lower volume on some titles than others using my ROKU box, but all were adequate. Also, in a semi-related note, my Roku box seems to lag audio by a few seconds for MLB.TV every now and then. Fixed by exiting the broadcast and reloading it.


A problem I've noticed on selected titles is where whomever was responsible for the audio encode simply used the front L/R signals from a multichannel soundtrack instead of downmixing the entire soundtrack to stereo. In these cases, music and sound effects would be fine, but dialogue would be extremely quiet. Since dialogue is routed primarily to the center channel in a 5.1 or higher sound mix, you only hear the slight center channel bleed that is often mixed into the L/R channels. It can make the film unwatchable. I don't know why, at this point, multichannel Dolby Digital isn't an option for people with fast Internet connections.


Mythbusters... odd phasing effect.


It's not a connection issue. I reported a problem with SGU on PS3 and it was fixed the very next day but I've had the same problem on another episode (have reported it at least ten times) in the season and Netflix is not fixing it this time.


Yes! :) This has really been bothering me, and I'm sure it's something wrong with Netflix, not my computer. Some episodes on Monk: Season 4 are missing audio. Weirdly, though, they are only missing the actor's voices and other sounds, not the background music. And it's only some episodes. One of the episodes was Mr. Monk Goes to a Wedding. Another weird thing: About three weeks or so ago, some Psych episodes were also missing audio, and then I came back a few days later and it was there. What's going on???

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