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although Using paypal might be useful. why would you a credit Card to pay the monthly charge. If you have a checking account you should have check card which can be used pay your Netflix bill each month so why would you want to use Paypal. My monthly Charge comes directly out of my checking account. I don't need Paypal.


I don't mean to go off topic, but Paypal provides less protection than credit cards or banks. I would only use them as a last resort.

Sock Puppet

@ Bobby

I'm sure Netflix is only accepting "Verified" PayPal accounts, as that is really the only way to get a positive identification. Otherwise it would make no sense to do this.

If that's the case, you must link the PayPal account to a checking or savings account that PayPal can withdraw/deposit funds into.

So I'm going to guess that will be the next round of complaints from people, that they cannot use PayPal unless they link it to their account, and how they don't have accounts because they don't trust the banks... (insert heavy sarcastic eye-rolling)

Sock Puppet

@ Myself

Or you can link the account to a "real" credit card for verification purposes.


As John stated, paypal does offer less protection then your CC.
I had many run ins with PP and security issues... did anyone of you ever have the unfortunate instance of having to contact PP for problems? its a nightmare.... and trying to track down a phone number is almost impossible. they used to hav e their number on the back of their debit/credit cards. You could call them in an emergency or with problems. the new cards give their email address... yeah... email them 6 times because of fraudulent purchases.. a company that doesnt freely list their contact number is not a company you want to do business with


A few options...

If you do use paypal, get the security token. It's $5 fee one time to better secure your account. GA tech just announced that anything less than 12 chars on a password is fairly useless.

I have an "internet only" card that I use for places that don't take paypal. That way my daily shopping card is at less risk. Any issues with the "internet" card and I do a "lost/stolen" with the card company.

If you use Bank of America, they let you set up "virtual cards". You can allocate a small amount of money to the "card" and use it like a regular card. You can set it up for one time or give it an expiration. Any issues and you just set up another.

Just food for thought. :)



BOA "Shop Safe"


PayPal "Security Key"



I have no desire to use paypal. Credit cards seem to offer better protection. And thanks for the useful suggestions for safer credit card and paypal usage.


Paypal?! What a waste of time and resources.


Good luck when you get fraudulent charges on your paypal account. I rather deal with a credit card.


Np, glad to help. :)

As for the paypal, I use it mostly for convenience. It still bills to my "internet" credit card so I get the same protection. And like I said, I like having the security token. It is a physical security device I keep in my wallet and you need it to complete a purchase.

Again, just food for thought. :)


As many people here have pointed out, PayPal offers much less consumer protection than credit cards do. And, its much easier to talk to a live rep at a credit card company.


I have to through my two cents in here do a recent PayPal DISASTER. I had PayPal as my payment for my itunes account (that I never use) thinking it added a layer of security. I woke up on Friday the 13th to discover thousands of unauthorized Itunes purchases. They all went through because I had a billing agreement between PayPal and itunes. So there was no limit on the charges. While I will never know what exactly happened I didn't click any phising sites/emails and had seperate (though not very strong) passwords on the paypal and itunes account. Suprisingly Paypal was fairly easy to deal with (especially compared to my bank) but this did drain my checking and savings (through overdraft protection). Some of the transactions were processed as ACH transfers which have less protection then debit/credit cards. I had my bank account in paypal because that's the only way to get money out without an ADDITIONAL fee.

I do not recommend using Paypal when there are other options. It can allow your finances to get messed up very quickly.

Jordan Spizike

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I only use paypal online. I am waiting for Netflix to offer this payment plan before I sign up.


Lynn, I defenitely would. Myself and someone else i know both just had an issue with our checking accounts, which NEVER happened before...and we both just recently signed up for Netflix. They must have a HUGE hole in their security. Way too coincidental. Thats my 2 cents everyone.


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