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If you call customer service, they can provide the address of your closest hub so that you can get the disc checked in faster than sending it to San Jose.


I used to have a multi disc subscription so I would just put two discs in one envelope if that happened.

Since I went down to single disc subscription I'm a little more tricky. Just report the disc as damaged and decline the replacement copy. They send out your next title and you can then send both back in the same envelope.


i try that last week, i was so pissed that it took 5 nights to get it which in red takes one night only.



I got an 'extra' disk because the title on my list was not available at my closest hub, so they sent it from another hub 1000 miles away.

It took 8 days for that 'extra' to arrive. When I mailed it back, they got the return the next day.


When you mailed it back it was sent to your closest hub...thats why they got it the next day.

This is a perfect example why REAL damaged disks are sometimes ignored or skipped over by netflix. Its because of people falsely claiming damage when there is none. Just keep an extra envelope handy or the address to your closest hub for when you don't have the red envelope.



Why would falsely claiming damage cause netflix to ignore real damaged disks?

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Although I do agree with your post, I have my own reservations.

Jack Bishop

I'm on a one-disk plan, but when I get a "bonus" disc due to a long ship, I usually double-pack them in a single envelope and keep the spare envelope.

It's nice to have a few spares in case a disc arrives in an envelope damaged enough that I'd rather not ship back in it. At this point I have about 5 spare envelopes lying on the TV.

RH Macy


Remember the story of the little boy who cried "wolf"?


@ Fostermatt

Wow, you're an asshole. There's no point whatsoever to that sort of shenanigan.

Mike in Iowa

I have 3 at a time service and often return two DVDs in one envelope creating a stash of red envelopes. The stash comes in handy to return DVDs that come in mutilated envelopes or envelopes from distribution centers other than my own.


@Mike in Iowa-it doesn't matter which shipping center it came from, all envelopes will be returned to the nearest shipping center.

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