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A simple email from Netflix telling me a movie in my instant queue is about to expire would probably work well. Maybe even a customization under your account settings to tell them when and how many reminders you would like.


The problem is Netflix doesn't put the expiration date on your IW queue til about 14 days out, so if it's a tv show you might not have time to watch it. I like Feedflix because it shows you the expiration date of everything in your IW queue.


Say there's a movie that you are particularly keen on seeing among the titles on the Coming Soon To Streaming page. For example: The Client.

This is currently scheduled to start on Nov 1st which is a while away. Just click on the 'Remind' button and on Nov 1st you'll get an email from FeedFliks to let you know that it has started streaming.

I find this hugely useful just for myself.


Jeff, more often than not, due to the contract negotiation process, the streaming contract on a movie is renewed right at the last moment. That's why e-mail reminders wouldn't necessariyl work. Would you like to receive an e-mail saying title xxxxx is about to expire, then find out that it didn't actually expire? Feedflicks is a great site, but they'll also run up against this shortcoming on their expiring soon page and e-mail notification system.


The Xbox 360 Netflix app shows the expiration date about a month before (I think). When I saw the notice, I wondered why it wasn't included in the WI queue.
I too wish there was a more prominent warning posted in ample time for titles that are about to expire.


Ah, the joys of Streaming. Paying subscribers never really know the "what's" and "when's" unless some non-NetFlix website tries to provide this critical bit of information. Way to dodge bullets, Neo... er, I mean, NetFlix.


The streaming schedules that Feedfliks provides are, for me at least, alone worth the measly $8.99/yr they're asking for a premium membership, even without all the other monitoring services they're prepared to supply for free. I hope others feel the same, and help support this helpful and potentially cost-saving site. And no, I don't work for them, I swear!

Though why Netflix itself wouldn't make the streaming schedules readily available on their own site - and I'm betting most are hammered out months in advance - is totally beyond me. I mean, here they are, desperately trying to wean people off DVDs (which I believe cost them around 85c a pop) and into streaming (a mere 5c), and yet they're constantly yanking stuff that people had set their heart on seeing, or - far worse - are half way through watching, as happened to me the other day. Why needlessly piss people off like that? Not all of us have the time or the interest to be constantly checking our queue for streaming updates.


@ FeedFliks
Cool site. I view it at least once per week. Thanks for the info on the email feature. I will start using it.

It would be nice if your site (or especially netflix site) would show the top 100 movies, top 20 in each genre, etc streamed.



I use instantwatcher.com for just that.

John Mc

I'm still confused as to why a streaming title expires. Isn't the whole point of streaming to have any movie at any time??


@John Mc - The studios do not provide their movies for streaming to Netflix (or anybody for that matter) with open-ended contracts.

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