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Just what I need - hopefully it will carry Conan's new show on TBS. I wish it were free but I might have to do it anyway.


So...you don't pay for Hulu Plus but you get to view Hulu and Hulu Plus content?


No, you still have to purchase a Hulu plus account to get Plus. Regular Hulu is free and supported on the Roku with Playon.


@ matt or anyone else

What about the UFC fights that are on Spike? Do those make it to on demand? If so how long after they air?


how is the video quality of Playon on Roku??

Fred Fredrickson

Playon's quality isn't the best. It's a nice stopgap solution, but I'm holding out for the real hulu channel.

Sometimes the hulu tracking is off. If you get the premium edition of playon, you get other channels like comedy central. I use this mostly to get the daily show with john stewart.

Tom Husband

So how do you get the channel to show up on Roku? I signed up, downloaded the PlayOn software, logged in to Netflix and Hulu in PlayOn settings but I don't see anything on Roku.


When will we get something like this without the need for a secondary device?

Janet C

@TomH - you need to add the "beta channel code" to your account on roku.com

Go to this web page http://www.playon.tv/partner/roku/?prmcd=roku

and click on the link that says "Follow This Link"


Awesome! For just forty bucks you get access to, uh, programming jammed with commercials. _click_

Tom Husband


Thanks. Did that but still can't get it working. I entered a support ticket. Maybe it's my router (AT&T U-verse 2Wire type).


Well that's your choice, but of course for cable you pay $40/month at least (not per year like this), and you still get commercials. Anyway I doubt that this even gives you anything you can't get on your computer, so the "just hook up a computer to your TV" geniuses can go ahead and start in how how stupid this is...meanwhile, those of us who understand why it might be worth $3.50/month can enjoy it.


Maybe someone can help me out here. I've never used PlayOn. Does the service allow me to stream selected programs from the listed networks, or is it a live stream of the network?

More specifically, would I have live access to live Monday Night Football?

I ditched cable a year ago, and would happily pay $40/yr JUST for MNF.


It's worth noting that you can also stream DivX saved on your computer's hard drive to your Roku with Playon. Anything that you can watch in VLC basically. Unfortunately my Roku can't detect the server.


So this streams from your computer to your roku? So the computer has to be on and active if you want to watch this on your tv?

Do you have to have a PC or will a Mac work too?

i'm interested in this mainly for ESPN content. Any rumors on Roku getting an ESPN3 channel?

Tom Husband

I couldn't get Roku or PlayOn to find my PC. I submitted a support ticket and just received an email from Greg at PlayOn Support. He says:

"Hi Tom,
Roku has decided to disallow this channel, we’re disappointed by this, but as we are neither directly involved with the development/distribution of the channel nor Roku we can do nothing about it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


PlayOn Support


What motivated Roku's decision to disallow the channel? Is the legality of what PlayOn does questionable, or is Roku's decision based on too many people having technical issues when they tried to use the channel? I tried the channel out and it worked well on my Roku/system, but if I'm breaking any laws by using it, then I'll stop...

Tom Husband

I'm not sure why it was stopped. On the Roku forum they're saying PlayOn didn't have permission for the some of the content they provided which opened Roku up to legal issues.

If this is true it should have been sorted out by Roku or PlayOn before they put it out there.


Roku should of known better than allow a PlayOn channel when they are about to release a Hulu Plus channel, Hulu doesn't like their content being shown on PlayOn.

Clark B

Still works as of Nov. 1. Buggy but still works.

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