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I used to use my Tivo HD for Netflix streaming, then switched to the PS3 only because of how slow the Tivo itself is. I remember comparing the video quality of both at the time and didn't see a big difference, I don't know if there is now.

I've had the same Netflix PS3 disk for well over a year now, I stream constantly, and I've never had an issue with it.

The only reason I'd want to get a native app is if it'll somehow mean better video quality.


Hopefully it'll include the search functionality as well.


hopefully new netflix app on the ps3 is not tied to having PSN plus


Wonder if it will be Free App with the Netflix PS3 disk, and PSN Plus (i.e. Not Free) for the Native App? Wonder what logic Sony/Netflix will use to justify a PSN Plus only Native App? Sounds like we don't know what's being proposed.

Chris O.

Heck yeah. Not a HUGE deal, but still nice.

Ben L

What does this guy mean that the discs are low quality?


As Erwin said, I hope it doesn't require a PSN Plus account. I also hope this resolves some of the resolution issues where 4:3 content gets stretched to 16:9.


I already stream natively? I'm confused here...


AWESOME! Now I can leave my MW2 disc in my PS3 at all times.


I use it all the time! I actually never play games on my ps3 anymore because im too lazy to get up and change the disc

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Do you enjoy using Netflix on your PlayStation 3? It's a great service, and it's a great addition to an already powerful and flexible console.


I hate switching the discs out, it's half the reason I don't stream on my PS3.

PS3 fanboi

Sometimes I want to take a break from the game, and if I didn't have to swap discs, I would simply start watching Netflix. Can't wait for the native app, and a big thumbs down to Microsoft for paying Netflix to keep it exclusive for 1 year. That's the only way Xbox can keep up - by throwing money to lock out competition, instead of coming up with better features...


I find it funny that people like "Steve I" have NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER complaining complaining complaining in other threads but the second that Netflix resolves one of their "MAJOR ISSUES" they're nowhere to be found.

This is why major companies don't listen to whiners.


I really dislike switching the disc out to watch, the native app will probably increase my netflix streaming watching.


I use the PS3 for 90% of my streaming, the other 10% goes through Roku. I also have the Wii/NetFlix disc but rarely use it because of the lack of 720p support on the platform.

I'm also puzzled by the questioner's comment on the "low quality" of the NetFlix disc. I still use the original disc sent to me and never once had a problem with it.

It will be nice to not have to load the disc everytime I'm interested in Instant Watch. As for comments about PSN+ I can say that it was not a requirement to download the MLB.TV app so I'm thinking the NetFlix app will be rolled out much in the same way. I guess we'll know the answer within 3 weeks.


Good, now I won't have the screen stretch/resolution issue that I have now with the current BlueRay Live solution I have now. I can't wait.


Great! I have used it in the past, but prefered my Roku as to having to find the disk and load it. Hopefully its not PSN+!


Cant wait for this to come over to Wii


I can't wait. I am on my fourth streaming disc. I have no idea why, but the discs just stop working after a while. No scratches or damage.

The Nerd Police

I'm currently on my 3rd streaming disc. With some PS3s the Netflix disc eventually develops a ring around the inner edges and the disc becomes unplayable. I wouldn't mind using the disc if they didn't have that problem, but I'm happy to hear the app is coming soon and won't have to worry about it anymore.


So glad this is happening. I have to start and restart my disc over and over. Reboot the machine, clean the disc...big hassle. And it's the only disc I have to do this with. Anyone know why this is?

Regardless, glad this software is coming.


I think we dont have to worry about this App being PSN+

HULU plus(netflix biggest competition as far as i know) is going to be a free app. It wouldnt make sense for netflix to make people charge an extra 50 bucks basically to watch their programming when theres competition basically offering the same thing for 50 less.


I'm on my 3rd disc as well...I'm one who takes care of discs and for some reason they still are unable to play after a while. So i def understand what he means by saying low quality.I would love the app


Most likely this is not a production version, but a leaked one. This would explain a few things. No is receiving the new disc only the old one. The Wii in the video has obviously been hacked. This version seems like it is much too slow to be ready for prime time.


The comment about the disc being low quality might be referring to the Design of the application itself the UI. Compared to the Xbox 360 UI, the PS3 Netflix disc UI is horrible. Once the new app is released, it will be much easier to update the UI, and revamp everything. On the disc you are limited to the "Java engine" on the disc app.

Steve I

@ BP.....

What problem has been solved? We don't know anything more about WHEN we'll be able to stop using the disc than we did before. It's been known for some time that it would happen in October.

I've got your "whiner" hanging troll boy......bite me.


@Josh - no the low quality of disc people are talking about, refers to the disc itself. The ring inside it breaks, and prevents you from using it.


Hopefully they'll have re-programmed it to be as nice as on the Wii. I love watching Netflix on the PS3, but if you've used it on the Wii, you instantly see how lame the PS3 interface currently is.


I been using the roku player cause i am tired of having to switch disks everytime i want to stream content. I am limited to sd display because i have to use composite cables with my roku player cause all my hd ports are being used. so this will allow me to watch the content in hd with 5.1 surround. I cant wait

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