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Tellin ya don't opt for the Streaming only plan it will raise rates on the disc plans.

See my comments here: http://www.hackingnetflix.com/2010/11/more-799-per-month-netflix-streaming-only-plan-sightings.html#comments


Clear your cookies on your web browser and goto Netflix.com to see the $7.99 page pop up then click How it works.

It appears the disc plans will be raised to having Blu-Ray access and the Blu-Rays won't cost any more to upgrade.

Whether you like that or not. Does rest in your hands if the streaming only plan becomes popular or not if you choose it or not.


I would like to get help from Netflix bosses, I am a subsciber and I love the product. My problem is that I'm aging and my hearing is getting worse. I need to read captions in order to enjoy movies and TV episodes. Netflix is my only recreational tool, my escape from mundane. Please advise me what I'll need to do to be fully satisfied with Netflix. I bought Roku XD and my son connect it to my bedroom TV and to next room's PC/router. Kindly advise me @ agrossberg1@sc.rr.com. Many, many thanks!


Agrossberg: Check out this site: http://ncmacasl.blogspot.com/2010/10/netflix-instantwatch-titles-with.html -- updated with titles that have the option to turn captions on or off.


I'm not surprised that the iPad hasn't had a lot of impact since I think the majority of subscribers prefer the enjoy movies at home, on the couch on a real screen instead of some handheld LCD. I feel the same way about streaming to phones, of course.


agrossberg1: On Roku's help center, they say to turn on CC push the down arrow button while watching the movie. Then if CC is availible, it will give you an option to turn on or off. However, I've tried it on dozens of movies and none of them have it.

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