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that's a good blog...very useful since most of my TV viewing is now streaming.

James Hudson

It has been a while since the IOS app and now a windows phone 7 app. I think it is time to publish an Android app.


"Arrested Development" in HD is simply gorgeous. What an incredible show. Considering Netflix's subscription numbers I'm sure there are plenty of people who haven't seen it and what better way to be introduced to it than in high definition (yep, the cinematography is THAT good, even in faux-"documentary" style!)

I like the guy's blog and I always enjoy it when someone writes about stuff they like from a wholly unpretentious light-on-the-analytical viewpoint. Not to say his tastes are pedestrian, just that he's saying "this is the crap I enjoy and you might (should) enjoy it too!" It's refreshing.

Wish the Instant Netflix twitter suggested stuff half as interesting. Now THEY'RE pedestrian.


@ James

Dude, are you serious? Maybe you just posted in the wrong thread, but Mike had all ready written a post on that exact subject before you commented.

I agree, it's time for an Android app. If only to stop the flooding of this blog with comments about it. Hell, put Netflix on a ZX80 before they start complaining, too. Le sigh.

Will Dearborn

@BP, Arrested Development is not in HD.


@ Will Dearborn

Yes, it is.

"Available in HD on your TV"


@ Will Dearborn

Yes it is kind sir.


Thank you so much for linking to my site! I would love to hear what people have to say and improve upon my blog. Hopefully you guys enjoy it and return again!

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