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HC is by far one of the dumbest movies I have ever seen. It was poorly done in many ways. Nothing was interesting or "made you think." It was done for cheap shock value.

As far as gross movies...I dunno...maybe Hostel?

I plan on skipping A Serbian Film when it hits streaming too. However, from what little I have seen of A Serbian Film it seems like it is very well done regardless of the over the top shock content.


The grossest? I'd say Basket Case 2 an 3, double dvd disc...real gross.

shorty j

Probably Ichi the Killer. (God, I love that movie. A lot.) In fact, part of why I love Netflix is it gives me access to a lot of foreign horror flicks that are difficult to locate, especially as rentals, in the US.

PS3 fanboi

Pretty much anything made by Michael Moore. Pinko socialists / dirty hippies make me want to throw up every single time I watch them...


The Human Centipede completely grossed me out.


watch antichrist , it is disgusting

John Galt

2 girls one cup anyone?


The Human Centipede? Rofl.

I always crack up at the things people say are "the most shocking" or "the most offensive". I guess there's a bit of me that wishes I could have that innocence left to watch something as stupid as The Human Centipede and actually be grossed out but then again there's a certain experience you're looking for that isn't innocent at all when viewing something like that -- so I just don't understand it. How people can make these worthless movies that don't come near the gore/gross factor of many movies made in the 70s or 80s (without taking into account something like Night and Fog) is beyond me, especially when they're completely lacking in every other element.

My brother recently was telling me about an article he read about people passing out during Frozen and 127 Hours. We were cracking up and trying to figure out if it was all just a publicity stunt but then I realized if the "shocking cinema" of our time is crap like Hostel and Saw, then maybe the stories were true.

I wouldn't even call Ichi The Killer a gross movie. It's clearly got the manga over-the-top feel to the whole thing which gives it a tone that's too comical to be disgusting. If Ichi the Killer is gross, then Dead-Alive/Braindead definitely surpasses it.

As for what's available on Netflix I would go with Men Behind The Sun, Salo, the first two Guinea Pig series entries, Cannibal Holocaust, Visitor Q, Combat Shock, and even some scenes from a few Lucio Fulci movies, especially considering how many of the FX were made.

That's also only what's available on Netflix, which isn't much...


Dead Alive easily the grossest I've seen. Not shocking, scary, or even particularly tense, but definitely gross.

J.P. McDevitt

@Zartek Yea I've been thinking about that exact thing over the past few days, especially those annoying "people were passing out during 127 Hours" rumors. I hear that for a different movie every 6 months on average.

I was looking forward to Human Centipede being on Instant so I could watch it for the first time. I didn't think it was gross at all. Semi-disturbing towards the beginning, but as things got stupider it lost that. I don't rent many "gross" movies anyway, so I think the top spot might have to go to the eyeball cut in Un Chien Andalou which I watched on Instant.


I agree with @things on "Hostel." It may not have been THAT hard to watch, but the entire film was created for nothing more than shock value and, to me, that makes it so much more gross.


I've watched a LOT of shock/horror films, but as far as gross-out films that I rented from Netflix, I would pick Shallow Ground (which I watched accidentally, confusing it with Danny Boyle's 'Shallow Grave') and The Last Horror Movie.

They were both gross in more of a soul-crushing way than anything else, but Shallow Ground was very poorly executed as well.

The worst film(s) I've ever seen period are the August Underground series, which are simulated snuff flicks, done in POV style. They are utterly disgusting. Like with the Hostel films, I felt like a bad person for having watched them.


Also, the Human Centipede was a disappointment. I felt it was pretty well put-together in a technical sense; you could see the thought and planning put into its construction and editing. However, it was way too predictable, and most of the protagonists weren't very likable. It could have been a cult classic in the hands of a more visionary director/writer.


I'm not sure they count as "from" Netflix as I own them - though they ARE available FROM Netflix - but I do love me some Salo, Cannibal Holocaust, Make Them Die Slowly (though not nearly as "gross" as C.H.) and others. Caligula rules for what was essentially a mainstream production. The real gross stuff isn't on Netflix, but can be downloaded at cinemageddon (the greatest website ever).

"A Serbian Film" is, as a friend put it, "hilarious" but anyone who calls it gross "is a pussy". His words, not mine.

Some of you girly men have really weak stomachs. If I had a four year old daughter I'm fairly sure she'd be able to watch far more gross stuff than you. For shame, supposed men, for shame! Except Zartek, that guy rules, I bet he watches "Men Behind the Sun" (and not the edited one on Netflix) while stroking his putty tat.


Faces of Death? Sure, there is a bunch of fake stuff in it but there is also actual footage of a real autopsy and plenty of footage of real accident scenes. A real autopsy is a bit grosser to me than that stupid Centipede thing.


Great ideas for gross titles to explore putting in my Netflix queues from this thread!

I hear the movie Grotesque, which is currently in my Netflix Saved queue, and should be released on Blockbuster this coming Tuesday, is supposed to take the cake for grossest of all time. It's apparently banned in some countries - U.K. is one of the countries.


Human Centipede to me wasn't really GROSS. You never really saw anything. The idea itself is very "WTF" but the movie didn't really have too many "gross scenes"...there was only one and u can probably remember it but overall, not that gross. More of a waste of time (shocker). For gross for me would be Hostel.


Antichrist. Willam Dafoe full penetration scene, plus, the whole getting whacked in the privates with a block of wood followed by full release (of blood)


Wow. I watched HC last night and I was excited to see such a cool question posted. Yeah, I thought it was gross. I don't know, certainly not as fierce and disturbing as Irreversible, but knowing the stories behind Pink Flamingos I would say that's grosser.
complex.com has a good list of the 10 grossest movies and after now just reading I would agree with most of it. I wanna see August Underground's Mordum with the kids, but Netflix doesn't have it!
and cinemaggedon is awe inspiring.
Yup--everything I have to say has been said before I guess...


Guess I will go with Dead-Alive....

Two scenes in Day Of The Dead were sick. The tearing apart scene "Choke on it!" and the head rip off scene with the persons voice messing up as his his head came off. That really bugged me. *shutters* Awesome movie though.


No BP, I watch Tumbling Doll of Flesh and Lost Paradise while stroking my putty tat. :)

CJ, Grotesque is a terrible movie. It's banned in a few places but it's no worse than your average Japanese torture porn or French extreme movie nowadays. It's terribly made though. Why they didn't ACTUALLY USE HEAD-MOUNTED CAMERAS and instead badly simulated it is beyond me. Check out the part when he's looking in the mirror and turns his head and the camera we're supposed to be seeing through enters the frame. Hilarious! It's like seeing your own eyeball in a first person shooter. Bad bad movie.


I've read about a lot of sick flicks. However if it's just gore porn with no real plot I have no interest in it.

Films like Guinea Pig: Devils Experiment/Android of Notre Dame: (not safe for work pics in review): http://horrordvds.com/viewarticle.php?articleid=273

& Nekromantik (Again not safe for work pics in review): Review of the sequel, original review is missing from site: http://horrordvds.com/viewarticle.php?articleid=356

Films I have read about at Horror sites. That I will never ever watch. Bleh! *BARF!*

Sorry but I have my limits.... No way I would let someone show me these. The reviews were enough....


Super Mario Bros.


A very disturbing move that was difficult to watch: Senseless

Keith Apparatus

AFTERMATH easily. It's quite the soul rapping film. HC is cake compared to this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aftermath_%281994_film%29

James D.



I'll second Nekromantik. Not available on NetFlix though.


Sweet Movie. None of the movies on this list have anything on Sweet Movie.


Oops, I never think of Sweet Movie as a gross movie (which it is) -- probably because it's so good. But then again, so is Salo. I think I only recall that one so quickly because it's always one of the first mentioned where as Sweet Movie never is.

Both good movies by good directors!


Dead Snow, from Norway.


"Martyrs" Jesus!


"Sweet Movie" is the best party flick I've ever seen. It has an amazing ability to retain drunks' short attention spans.


Oh yeah, funny story time. I'm on the younger end of my older group of friends and on the older end of my younger group of friends (following?). In my mid-20s I showed "Salo" to the younger group (+ a couple of the older ones) of friends (the youngest being a girl, aged exactly 20). For most of them it wasn't going to be too big of a shock, but for the 20 year old girl it was going to wreck her life. She couldn't even watch movies that showed boob or nipple. Not even fake love scenes in crappy rom-coms. It was bizarre. Extremely prudish. She wanted to watch "Salo" because of its "psychological" value (she was a wannabe psych major), despite my protests. OK, whatever.

So, I load up "Salo" on my friend's projector - 115" of the "Circle of Shit"! Talk about a life-altering experience. Even the most steely stomached among that group of people had a hard time watching it. She, on the other hand, was glued to it. Would not take her eyes off it. Didn't flinch once. Didn't say anything the entire movie, except "Were... were those nails in the poop?" Didn't laugh (what else can you do when watching Salo? It's a defense mechanism!). Didn't cry. Didn't make jokes or talk about how uncomfortable she was.

I like to think I helped foment a specific fetish there, but I get sick just thinking about what exactly that fetish could be. "Salo" changed someone's life and I'm fairly sure it's not in the way Pasolini had in mind.




Arthur Bickford

Dead Alive. Totally. Watched a friend damn-near hurl watching that.


FEED, that is the grossest movie i have ever seen, and it messed me up for ever...




Hanger. It is truly disgusting. It's on instant watch. Enjoy!


Taxidermia is pretty gross.

A Movie A Day (A.M.A.D.)

Splatter: Naked Blood.

You'll never think at finger food the same way again.

And yeah, Human Centipede was not gross at all.

How can a film be called gross if there's already a "XXX Parody" called "The Human Sexipede", and Human Centipede AND Netflix were mentioned, in the same sentence for the sake of comedy in the Halloween episode of Community. I believe that episode aired after the SHREK Halloween special, so you can bet all the 9 and 10 year olds know about the Human Centipede now.

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