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Do you still need to pay extra $50 a year to use Netflix on Xbox? I am thinking about buying a console - and it's a toss up between PS3 and Xbox, but I'm told PS3 gets Netflix streaming for free (on top of Netflix fees of course). Is it true?


I believe it is free on the PS3 but I'm not sure. I do know it is free (except for Netflix fees) on the Wii.

I personally cannot see paying anything above Netflix fees unless I am getting something that greatly enhances my Netflix viewing when compared to the PS3 or the Wii.


Yeah, you still need Xbox Live Gold to use Netflix on the Xbox, so $50 (soon to be $60) per year.

I use Xbox live for online gaming, so it's something I'd be paying for with or without Netflix, so the fee doesn't bother me. However, if you're not interested in online gaming, get a PS3.


It's still not FREE like every other device, so who cares.

And yes it's FREE on the PS3 and the Wii, the only cost is your Netflix account.

For $60.00, you could buy a Roku and have ton's of other content!



The nice thing about the PS3 is, it also has BlueRay. And the Netflix App is FREE.


The nice thing about Xbox Live is all the content that comes with it. The Netflix app is just icing on the cake. The new ESPN3 app is great I now get to watch HD live and replay content from sports around the world. Plus Last.fm, facebook, twitter, Zune music and movies, along with the Netflix. I sometimes use Netflix on my Wii but I'd rather be able to watch my movies in HD. Plus the gaming is more mature on Xbox Live and the interface is much better so you really get what you pay for.


I'm pretty sure the reason the xbox netflix app requires the gold account is because it adds features on top of netflix itself.
Party viewing and xbox live friends integration to be specific.


You're not paying $60 for "Netflix" on the Xbox. You're paying for the luxury of using "Xbox Live". Having Netflix on Xbox is an additional bonus, and another way to watch content. If you don't like the $60 fee, than either stream it on your computer, (which by the way you can do since you need a computer to use Netflix), or buy another device without a monthly fee. For those of us who don't mind and are willing to pay the additional money, we don't view it as a $60 a year fee for Netflix. There is obviously a demand for it Xbox Live. We don't use our Xbox just to watch movies...we wouldn't make that kind of investment for a DVD player.
Not everything has to do with Netflix, Netflix enhances the Xbox, its not the other way around. If watching it on the Wii, or the Ps3 makes you feel better, than so be it. For us that use the Xbox for what it's meant to....than like I said before, Netflix is an added perk.


Let me get this straight. Microsoft charges for the Netflix experience as part of Xbox Live Gold just because an extra feature that allows you to watch Netflix with your Xbox Live buddies? Really this is the only reason why the 360 is the only Netflix capable device you have to pay an extra fee to use? I was willing to pay the M$ tax until they jacked up the price on Gold.. I thought that was pretty lame so I dropped Gold and got an Apple TV. I'm not paying the M$ tax just to watch Netflix with my buddies. I'll just invite them over to my place if I want to watch Netflix with them.


Not liking the update. When I access Netflix, it gives me a black screen for TWENTY SECONDS, then it's another 15 or 20 for the "Netflix" screen to sit there. I thought the whole point of this update was to make things run faster...


I don't pay for Xbox Live so I can watch Netflix. I pay for it so I can play games online. I watch Netflix on my Xbox because I like the resolution better than on my Wii.


@Phonenixfury: Netflix does not charge a "tax" for the "Netflix experience". Do you choose to ignore simple logic and fact? Are you just looking for something to fight with? Microsoft was charging for a Gold membership well before Netflix came to Live. You choose to pay for Live, just as you choose to use Netflix. If you view this as an "Tax" on the "Netflix Experience", than you might as well say you're paying a Netflix Tax on the movie experience. You're using both for their services right? So either you're ignoring fact, or you're just simple.


This has been needed for a LONG time now. Thankfully we now have it.

As for Netflix charging to use their application on XBox, that simply is not true. XBox requires you to have XBox Live Gold (not XBox Live silver) to use ANY, repeat ANY, premium online service. That includes Netflix, Twitter, Last.FM (a free music service), Facebook, and now ESPN. The Gold service also allows you to play any game online for free (unless the publisher of the game charges more (IE: Electronic Arts)), and allows you to download extras for your games for a certain amount of points/money.

So I can see why Microsoft charges a measly amount per month to use the service. It is not free for them to host the service. And while they may make some money off of each customer (how much depends on if they pay by month, every 3 months, every 6 months, or yearly), they are providing a service worthy of that.

I know I use every premium service provided by XBox Live Gold. Netflix gets used the most, and now ESPN is not far behind it, and Last.FM is used quite a bit. So, I feel like I am getting my money's worth. I suppose others feel like the service should be free, but that is a pie in the sky wish.


The $60 is for the xbox live experience, which mainly is for gaming. The fact that you get to use netflix is a bonus. Its not the other way around.


As for the search feature, thank god since not all the selections show up in the catagorys alone. =)


Looks like I'll be going with PS3 then. I prefer my online gaming and Netflix free.


ok just got the new update for netflix because i havent used it in awhile and so there is no more categories?!? and when i search a movie nothing pops up at all


I downloaded the update and now i get the error (no code) - "we are unable to connect you to netflix. Please try again later"

I went into the memory cleared out netflix reinstalled, was able to get the activation done, but can't play a movie cause of the error above. the screen will load netflix and then the pop up box comes up.


Why not just include the Netflix streaming with the FREE live account and keep the extra gaming, etc. options for the GOLD account?

Robin Manor

I went with the PS3. Microsofts refusal to allow free netflix access is just a money grab. They lost me as a customer because of it...

Michael Brown

I just talked to Netflix. I was told Xbox is the only console on the market that charges for access to Netflix. This is stupid ! I bought my Xbox without knowing a fee was required to view Netflix. I told Xbox customer service and Netflix customer service this should be changed. Netflix tells me it falls on deaf ears over at Xbox. Xbox just wanted me to get off the phone. Unfortunately, I found out too late instead of before purchasing my Xbox. My main purpose for the Xbox was for gaming and Netflix. I don't care about or want the other Gold features. Hey Xbox, make Netflix free ! We already paid for your console and nobody else charges their customers for access to Netflix. Xbox is not being competitive with their competition ( Everyone else ).

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