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what is a google tv? it sounds lame


The device is $200.00 too much. Maybe they are starting to see that!


Despite running around Hollywood/LA, taking meetings and, what, hopefully garnering goodwill?, GoogleTV died on the eve of launch when all the Big Boys engaged the "Blocked Ya', Boom!" button to keep any worthwhile content from flowing to this Internet-meets-TV box. It's the same move Hulu & companies did to block out free internet video to PS3's browser. Like @Del said, $200 bucks to watch homemovies & video-wannabe's on YouTube? Forget about it.


Google is the new MS - a one trick pony clueless about consumer electronic products. Just like Ms is brilliant, Google is brilliant at search & ad sales but thinks they can extend their brand just because ... for Android, they got to crib from Apple and since the telcos subsidize it - it's a passable effort and acceptable as a "free" OS on a cheap or free phone. But in trying to price their consumer efforts at "full value," it's about $300 too expensive. Google OS (from Gmail to YouTube to Earth) is fine when it's free but if it's not, they cannot compare to Apple's UI prowess and not even up to Roku's league ... they are delusional in thinking they can create a working OS ... GoogleTv will do exactly as well as MS webTV ... as long as the shareholders don't mind them throwing good money after an unattainable market ...


@ jbelkin

Yes, because Apple and Roku have offered comparable products to Gmail, Youtube and Earth that people would flock to if Google started charging for those services.

You make many salient points, and many that are far less than, so please leave tech analysis to the big boys who get paid to do it for a living.

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