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Chris M.

Considering that after Season 5 episodes are butchered down to anywhere from 22 minutes to 45 minutes giving you
"selected" skits and no music guests the job shouldn't be to hard.


Enjoy them while you can. These might be pretty scarce after the NBC Comcast deal in January.


I remember watching SNL that first season. It was tremendously exciting it was - well live.

It's like attending an improvisational comedy show. You understood that the guys were making it up right there in front of you. Everything that is funny is funnier when it's live.

But SNL is quite dead now. Literally. Beluschi was the top banana that first season. He's now the subject of retrospectives on the History Channel. To a couple generations now he is a figure from the past like Fatty Arbuckle.

I went through a couple episodes of SNL last year. I couldn't understand how all the humor had mysteriously disappeared. It was interesting only in a scholarly way - Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan skits give you some perspective on Sarah Palin skits but they aren't actually funny anymore.


Actually, I think the Betty White episode from last year was as good as any episode they've had in many years.


thanks for posting this info - i just saw the canteen boy episode for the first time - hehehe - damn


The "comprehensive" guide to "hundreds of episodes from each season" (do the math>) is pretty lame and sparse.
But it's interesting and indicative to Netflix's relevance how many websites are coming out devoted to Netflix streaming. It's a revolution, man. This is what the web was supposed to be. I just hope Reed doesn't pull a Josh Harnett in "August" (now streaming, too) with his comments lately.
Anyway, the Deniro ep wasn't TOO bad this year. I like streaming on Sundays instead of the disappointment of waiting for repetitive skits and 3 sets from musical guests after 5 minutes of commercials on Saturday night. Whatupwidat?


@PatB - haha, had to delete my post and start over because I thought you were saying "the new shows aren't as funny as it used to be". I hear people say that a lot, but the fact is that it *never* was really too hilariously funny. It's a so-so show with the occasional brilliant moment. I agree with Neek above - I can't imagine having the patience to watch it live, too many commercials for too little return.

That said, I like that all the episodes are available - it's a cool thing to have on in the background while I'm doing other stuff.


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