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Perkins Cobb

"98% of management's attention is on streaming, and only 2% is paying attention to DVD."

Horrible. What are they thinking? At this rate they won't have my money for much longer -- I'll be spending it (and more) buying all the damn DVDs that NF won't carry.


its their new business model and new age.this will backfire in to their faces because isp's will controlling what and how much people can download...

and if you want to download(stream) you will have to pay extra. really wonderfull stratergy that they have in this economy (rolls eyes)


What will happen when the 28 day delay becomes the the 42-day delay? Look at BB new price rentals. $3.99/3 day for the 1st 6 weeks for new releases. Is this what the studios going to shove down NF throat in 2011? Will NF once again say thank you master will you do it again.

As far as Starz. With their crappy SD encode, who needs it. Now if everything will be 720p and DD+ 5.1, then that's another matter.


yea and streamflix is 98% assholes


I find streaming a bit of a mixed bag. Far too often I put an entire season of a TV show into the Watch Instantly queue only to find that some episodes can only be viewed on the DVD. Also, I find it rare to be able to watch an entire run of most TV series available for Watch Instantly - it's usually only a few season's that are available. The most noticeable trend in streaming I see is volatility; currently I have about as many titles in the "Saved Instant" section as there are in the "Instant" - which means these one-time Instant titles had a short availability window and I didn't get around to watching them before they expired.

I'm wondering if having 98% of NetFlix management's attention on streaming will resolve any of these issues. And to beat a dead horse...for the most part these issues don't really exist in as large of scale in NetFlix's DVDbyMail business.

My Two Cents: To repurpose a Jim Gaffigan observation - Streaming is like a Bologna sandwich where as DVD/BD is the steak (hey, buddy, I like Bologna…)

Sharp Gent

Netflix... Maybe McCarthy realized the one mistake they made, entering the contract with Time Warner to delay new releases 28 days in exchange for lower costs on older movies. Wrong move, they were a great company with a clean slate, until they sacrificed customer preference and demand. What they COULD HAVE done is to have offer a higher subscription fee for customers who prefer New Movies. That would've been fair to DVD sales.

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