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Michael Silver

Interesting. Microsoft touted Netflix as an example of what could be done with Silverlight. I wonder if this means Netflix is dropping Silverlight as a platform.


@Micheal Silver

Likely not droping, just adding to would be my guess. It'd be a lot easier to expand to other devices with HTML 5.


If they do this... It could mean Linux Support...
I've been Wishing for Linux Support for Years!!!
Of Course, They Might Not... Well I'll have to wait and see!

Here's Hoping for Linux Support:)


If they do go with HTML5 for video, there will be no excuse for not allowing it on Linux. As far as I know, the only thing keeping it off of Linux right now is the fact that it uses DRM-enabled Sliverlight to stream to browsers (with a backroom handshake with Microsoft, I'm sure). When you think about it, the custom HTML5 browser interface for the PS3 is running off of a Linux variant, and the Android apps are doing the same. If it goes fully HTML5 and still won't run on Linux distros, then you know something is up.


HTML5 is platform independent and will run video everywhere.


Silverlight is pretty much dead, MS is concentrating on HTML5 for IE9.



HTML 5 video has no DRM as of yet and suck at full screen video. They will probably only use HTML 5 video on mobile devices.


There is already Linux support for NetFlix IF you count the Roku player. (uses embedded Linux) I would also like to see Linux supported for the desktop but have no interest in sitting at my desk to see a movie anyway... The ROKU is an EXCELLENT example of how well embedded LINUX works... The Roku player drawing 5 watts does just as good a job as my PS3 in streaming NetFlix...

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