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Pretty good week.


I agree even blurays are decent this week .. wish they had Hornets nest on Bluray instead of only streaming but oh well BB has it

forewarned is foreskinned

saw the american about 28 days ago; twas excellent.


so will The American's references all be dated now that I'll see it so much later? What a shame. A great movie will stand the test of time, though.


The American was HORRIBLE!!


Those Girl Who...movies are almost too dark for me.

Alex DeLarge

Why does netflix refuse to upgrade dvds? I've been waiting for the recent Criterion blu-rays to be added to their inventory but to no avail. I was one of the top reviewers and often had 4 discs out at a time, but have since changed my option to one disc. I have no problem with the 30 day waiting period but come on, many subscribers are waiting for new release blu-rays of classic catalogue titles! Until they get their act straight I'll have the minimum account.


I second Alex with regards to blu-ray availability. There have been many catalog titles I have been waiting to watch but Netflix will not upgrade. I pay extra for blu-ray access so I expect a premium selection. I do not stream any movies, mainly because I want to watch them in their full 1080 glory. That's why I have an HDTV, blu-ray, surround sound, etc. I am not going to blind buy some movie that I have never seen before, especially when the blu-ray costs so much more than a DVD. What I see from Netflix very discouraging.

Jose Cuervo

once again I've never heard so many people complain about a great thing. Lots of movies coming available this week and of course there are people that always look for the bad in things. Glass half empty type of people.


Blaker go to bb online they have great blu-ray service and you pay less!! I am with you can't stand streaming when you buy an hdtv you want hd the morons on this site can't seem to understand that!!!


Jose....it's not "people" every single new release thread is now spammed with anti netflix posts. Not sure if its one or two desperate BB employees or a couple investors or something. Very weird.

Jose Cuervo

its just funny that people that complain so much, continue to use the netflix service because they love it and wont admit it. Nobody goes to BB because A) they suck B)its pay per use


@ things

Yeah, I've got to admit, the fact that Mike has the audacity to say that people here need to tone their language down yet he refuses to do anything about obvious trolls or shills is slightly disheartening. It takes away from discussions here and this is coming from me of all people!

I get that he wants to appear unbiased and that moderating these forums is hard work that he most likely doesn't want to bother doing but it's slowly turning into the official Netflix forums which is inundated with anti-Netflix people.


Bp I have been with netflix from the start when they only had one shipping center in Calf!! So i think myself and people that have a problem with this company have a right to say how we feel!!! I even know people that work for netfix that use bb online because of the 28 day delay!! The problem i have with netflix is why raise the prices when you get less not everyone likes to stream we want to get the use out of our hard earned money we spent on hdtvs and blu-ray!!! I am just telling the people who don't know that there is a better place for our needs so if you don't like it that's to bad!!!!


Did anyone else notice that "Enter the Void" was in queues for about 2 days and now it says the movie won't be available until Feb. 8? Can't remember that happening before.


@things--as BP said, it has gotten to the point that if you say anything about wanting more HD or blu-rays, the post gets slammed with anti-NF trolls, particularly those who feel a need to use multiple exclamation points after every sentence to let us know their POV. I thnk its a great list of new releases, my life (and queue) is full enough so that I can live through a 28 day waiting period, and NF continues to be a great, cost effective entertainment option (esp. for those of us on a fixed income). If BB is your thing, go for it, I tried and between scratched discs and slow turn around times, it wasnt for me. But I least I don't go to the BB forums to post how awful it is.


The only movie out of this list that I saw was RED. It is not crazy good, but it is a rather enjoyable time with good actors.

Alex Delarge

I built a high-definition home theatre to watch films in their best possible format, so when netflix fails to add blu-rays it's dissapointing (especially when I pay extra for them!). No BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI, SOUND OF MUSIC, BROADCAST NEWS or Kino Buster Keaton blus? You're kidding me, right? These are B-I-G films and netflix is dropping the ball. If I have to go out and buy every BD release why use the service? I've been a member for many years because I love their selection of foreign and classic films. I'm not slamming netflix in the name of some other company. It's a shame because I want to stay a member and support netflix but it seems I'm just waisting money now. I can understand their need to stream current tv shows and movies but the A/V quality is awful. And it is awful: just try projecting streaming content on a 10 foot screen...it's unwatchable. Why would I want to freakin' downgrade quality? Just please don't sacrifice disc inventory; that's all I ask.


Like some of the others here, I don't mind the 28 day delay for some releases. I do mind Netflix NEVER getting many Blu-ray discs.

I have using Netflix without interruption since 1999. I just scaled back my account and signed up with Blockbuster because of their better BD selection.

I have a 106 inch screen and streaming quality just isn't good enough.

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