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Kymberlie R. McGuire

I really only ever use the streaming (my disc movies have been out for like a year), so I've been thinking about making the switch on the plans, but queue questions have held me back. Maybe this will help me make the jump. As much as I love Netflix, I do wish it was easier to manage the queues.


I have a streaming only plan. The DVD queue is no longer there... only have the instant watch queue..... you can still rate the physical dics movies if you search and click on the movie...... there are constant advertisements to upgrade to the $9 plan


I have the streaming only plan, and its worth the money and selection, not new, but I can watch movies and saving some extra money.


This happened to me and I was NOT happy about it at all.

You not only cannot access your DVD queue, you cant easily rate discs you have seen.

You lose your ENTIRE DVD queue. No access to it WHATSOEVER.

Pitiful way of doing it.

Very disappointed. Between that & throttling, I may just to to redbox 100%.


"We’re holding on to folks’ DVD Queues, just as we do when you leave Netflix and come back some other time."

But I guess that means you can't see it unless you go back to a mail DVD plan. Right?


I'm surprised to hear that NetFlix removes the DVD Queue from user's access. What better "carrot" would there be than to allow Streaming-Only subscribers to place and arrange titles into the queue? There could even be the click-impulse button to "Activate" the DVD queue. But, alas, NetFlix has now declared themselves as a "primarily streaming video" company so why would they continue to push DVD's?

I've been on the 3-out plan since 2003 and I'm still considering if I'm going to change my plan now that I know my cost for streaming access is $7.99.


I called Netflix to complain about this, and the operator basically said they had to dumb it down for people who couldn't understand that they had an active instant queue and an inactive dvd queue. Muppets!


I just cut my plan from 2 DVD to 1 DVD.


On Gamefly, even if you have no active plan, you an log in and see your queue from the last time you had a plan. Very nostalgic!

Timothy Briley

Given the great drop-off in A/V quality going from Blu-ray to streaming, I suspect that I'll never go streaming only.

In fact, my big fear is that Netflix will go streaming only.


You can still access your disc que if you use the PhoneFlix app for Android. I'm on streaming only, but losing the DVD que isn't so bad. Also, if you had a dvd in que that becomes available on streaming, it moves automatically to the instant que.


I cut my plan from 3-1 DVDs at home


I dont think the extra money for 1 Blu Ray at a time is killing me so I kept it. I def use streaming more though. If I didnt have a blu ray player id just go streaming.


(insert generic internet crabassing here)


Marshall Guthrie

And, if you still use profiles, the profiles associated with your account can't rate movies at all. My partner wasn't very happy about that.

It seems to me that Netflix has a fantastic DVD queuing system, and benefits from the ratings whether they are netflix customers or not. Seem like they should make the queue/ratings open to everyone.


i went to streaming and couldn't get my dvd queue. so i switched back to one dvd at a time and my whole dvd queue came back!

Jaaaack (You Can't Handle The Truth!)

Join Netflix streaming just $7.99 a month,but you lose your main queue. For $2.00 more you can join the 1 dvd out plan,and keep your main queue,and see whats available in streaming on it. Which plan do you think benefits Netflix the most? Especially if you plan to use streaming the most,and keep the 1 dvd for weeks,if not months? But hey,at least you keep your main queue,and see whats available in it for streaming,for $2.00 more a month.


"...and the operator basically said they had to dumb it down for people who couldn't understand that they had an active instant queue and an inactive dvd queue"

I believe that internally that very well could have been one of many reasons. The fact that a company rep *told* you this is surprising though!


I recently started streaming and was wondering about the queues, maybe someone can help. Why can't I see(or can I?) my old dvd queue on my TV? I only need one queue that shows both instant and dvd. I have stuff available to IW on my dvd queue that doesn't show up as a selection on my TV(so I have to search for them)- Why is that? Also didn't they use to have little notes on the queues about when an IW is expiring(I still see some for starting)?

I know this is slightly off topic but yes I agree the queues are not real user friendly for people doing both streaming and dvd. Or maybe I just havn't figured it out yet.


Why would you need a DVD queue if your plan no longer allows you to get DVD's sent out? Am I missing something or just not understanding the logic behind this?


@R - Presumably you'd want your DVD queue saved so that if you decide to switch back to a DVD plan, you don't lose all those titles. As for why you'd want to view your DVD queue while on a streaming plan, I don't know!

Anyway, I know that most of the people here are probably very savvy users, but try to imagine explaining the difference between an Instant Queue and a DVD queue to someone who doesn't really understand the difference between "Internet" and "Email". And then I think you'll understand why a streaming-only account doesn't have a DVD queue, or why you can't look at your DVD queue from your TV :-)


I think they make more money as a % of revenues off unlimited streaming at $7.99 than someone like me who watches & returns every disc the next day on the 3 at a time, or really any plan.

Im not yet able to stream on my TV.

Gotta get a roku and either a long cord or a wireless. But I know ZIP about it.

When I get that hooked up, I will probably go back down to 1 or 2 at a time. Unless they resolve losing visibility your queue, Im not going to streaming only.

If I was like most people and drove to work 5 days a week, I would do redbox LOTS more.

But, Im sort of a recluse.


You can see your DVD queue on FeedFlix as well. It is frustrating though...


Hi Denise - My understanding of the service is that the DVD queue will be saved by NF for 2 years. The main complaint in this thread is that people cannot access their DVD queues. I am not understanding why people are complaining about this. If you do not have an account that allows you to use/receive DVD's then why would you need to access a DVD queue on the NF site? Why should you be allowed to access a feature of the service that you are not willing to pay for? Where is the issue here?


I know this thread is old but I will try to clear up the confusion. First off in my case which I made a mess of up-thread, I am both streaming and renting DVDs(currently the 3-out plan). I would prefer the option of just having a single queue that shows all titles I'm interested in seeing and if they are available on DVD or IW and I would like this queue to be available to view from my computer or TV. This would save me the trouble of having to go to my computer to get a title off my DVD queue that I then have to search for on my TV before viewing with IW. I know I can set up my multiple queues to avoid this problem but I would prefer just one queue.

This would also solve the problem that this thread was intended to deal with, streamers ONLY that wish to keep a queue of titles that may or may not have an available DVD. I suspect they would like this mainly because they may want to activate the DVD side of netflix on occasion but perhaps just to keep track of films they would like to see somehow even if they are not IW titles.


There's lots of reasons you might want to maintain a DVD queue even as a streaming-only subscriber. Suppose you watch the majority of your content streaming, but occasionally want a movie that's only available on disc. You might go three months on a streaming plan but want to continue adding DVDs to your queue for that one month when you eventually reactivate it. Of course, this method of plan-switching would be just to minimize the customer's cost, while not doing anything for Netflix.

Another thing the instant only lacks is an option to save to queue for future release. When a new movie comes out in theaters, I can go ahead and save it to my DVD queue so it will eventually show up there several months later when the disc is released. If I'm a streaming-only user and want to "save" that to watch when it's eventually available streaming, there's no way to do that. Or is there? As a dvd user, I don't see that option for streaming.


RJM wrote: "Gotta get a roku and either a long cord or a wireless. But I know ZIP about it."
In theory, either will work, but be aware that some cordless phones and other electrical devices can wreak havoc on a wireless connection. The farther the Roku is from the router, the more likely it will be problematic. A hardwired connection is immune to such interference and is easy to hook up.

Also, if you have or plan to buy an Internet-capable TV, you won't need a Roku box.

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