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I don't know how many times this question will be asked--but my answer is NO. If it looked good enough I would have seen it in the theater. I have a grading scale when I see a preview: It is either a "Rent it" or a "See it." I started with this because of some very bad movie experiences when the stupidity of the movie filled me with guilt over the $12 spent. In other words, if I see it in the theater and love it, I will buy it. If it looks just so-so, I will rent it and if I love it, then buy--but only rent it from Netflix! Blockbuster is kicking a dead horse, you are not getting anywhere, your commercials are a joke, I am not going into a store to pay $5 for one movie! Just me.


The only DVDs I have purchased over the past 10 years are BLOCKBUSTER movies that I may watch over and over. Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Avatar, etc..... Most of the crap the studios release these days is not worth purchasing. If i didn't see it in the Theater I can wait another 28 days after the DVD is released to rent it. If I am surprised by the quality of the movie.... there is always the option of burning it.


I haven't spent more than $3 to buy a movie in years - so unless Best Buy has drastically cut their prices, this won't be affecting my purchasing habits.


@ Greg:

"...$18.00 in tickets, and about $15.00 in concessions, total $33.00. To buy the movie on Blu-ray about $23.00 average, plus a bag of popcorn(about $.22) and a coke (about $.29) and I have spent about $23.51..."

Where are you getting tickets at $9.00 each not to mention prices for the popcorn and soda?

Screw That!

I don't care if Life As We Know It isn't available for another 28 years.


No, I am buying less. Even if they moved the window to TWENTY YEARS, I would still use Netflix - streaming - and not give $$$ to own a stupid DVD or Blu Ray or you name it. What's the point in waiting 1 day, 1 month , 1 year to watch a product of FICTION i.e. something that does not really matter when "it happens" because it is pure INVENTION. If that mattered, century old stuff like Peter Pan or Shakespeare would be of no consequence, but it really isn't, right? Those guys don't get it, and their GREED will sink them, unless they chnge course


alex said:
>Just biding my time until these idiots run out of money from buying
>the right to have a dvd out before netflix.

Netflix *voluntarily* has the delays. They could purchase DVDs outright, and rent them. That is due to the First Sale doctrine.


I have become tired of waiting to get rental disks. I have 7 indicating "very long wait".

And when they say very long they mean VERY long.
Droppped from 4/month to 3/month several months ago.
Just dropped to 2 a month - can't get enough at a time to justify 3/month.
How long before I get to 1 a month?


Do you know who does have this title to rent? FAMILY VIDEO...FIND ONE OF OUR 740 STORES! We have all the new releases on day 1 always for our customers! Thank you studios!


Here is the why people....DVD sales are slowing. So the studios are going to charge a higher licensing fee to those who stream. That in turn is going to up the cost of your Netflix. Think I'm wrong? Google it and find out for yourselves! The studios are also trying to make the delay 45 to 90 days instead of 28. Google that too!


Meh I can wait & I will buy what Movies I feel like. I will rent where I feel like & goto the movies when I feel like....

They aren't the boss of me.

I choose where to spend my dough.


Oppsite effect on me. Like with audio CD. It is cheaper for them to publish a cd than tape but consumer NEVER sees the benefit. If I really want something I wait and buy used... If they really want an explosion in revenue they should quit fiddling with 28 embargo etc and price a blu-ray at about $10 and a DVD at $5... Someone like me who rarely watches a movie more than once or twice does not see much value in "owning."

Now if the studios put out more movies like "as good as it gets, schindler's list, patch adams, awakenings, the matrix, fifth element, terminator, american beauty, fugitive, what dreams may come, etc then I might want to own some...


I can count the number of films I have bought for someone other than my kids on one hand. I simply don't watch films more than once and have never understood those who do.

I have also all but stopped going to the theater, with the one exception being the $2.50 theater in a nearby town.

Like a previous poster suggested, films are simply not worth more than a few bucks. Quite frankly, I think we could all benefit from *fewer* films being out on the market, since most of them are not worth the 90 minutes you spend watching them.


"Are you buying more DVDs because of the 28-day delay?"

No, I am actually buying less. As in none.

There isn't anything that I want to watch that I can't wait at least 28 days to rent for viewing.

InstaFlicka Podcast

No. I haven't bought a DVD in years.


Nope. If I want to buy the DVD I'll buy it. If I want to rent it I'll wait the 28 days without noticing. Once in a blue moon I'll get it at a Blockbuster Express, but that's the exception, and usually as part of one of their "rent one get one free" type promotions.


Piss poor marketing on BestBuys part....

No one wants to own something they haven't seen. If they seen that movie on the big screen and loved it. They will own it.



Why does Katherine Heigl look like Tiffany from Bride Of Chucky on that cover of Life As We Know It?

Which Katherine Heigl was in.


Well, with 28 days the movie studios are getting less money from me. Before netflix I would get all my movies from other means. When netflix came around, I could watch any movie I wanted when it came out, and the studios still got their cut. Now with the 28 day delay I am still watching movies when they come out, but the studios are seeing a decreased amount of revenue from me. I am sure warner with its 2 bil in profit, and disney with its 4 bil in profit are truly struggling.


Maybe if it was a GOOD movie...

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