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Netflix should buy the physical stores ... add to their DVD stock/reserves

Bob Emmerich

After Netflix buys BB stores maybe Amazon should buy Borders stores? (shakes head in disbeleif)

I still think BB will be bought by whoever bought Circuit City. They will sell the properties and make it online only. If the big 2 carmakers can come out of bankruptcy - albeit with all of our taxpayer money given to them - then BB can make it.


I've been saying it for over a year. Netflix needs to buy blockbuster close the stores they are going bye bye anyway & add their DVD stock to theirs. Blockbuster has movies that does not


hmmm no jv42 comments on blockbuster stories......weird.


@ Bob Emmerich....No one bought Circuit City dude. That's part of the reason that once mighty company is now long gone.

Frankly, I don't think it's wise for anyone to purchase Blockbuster. There's no real value there. The brand is completely destroyed and is merely laughed about these days. The video store in general is now regarded by anyone who isn't stuck in the dark ages as antiquated and obsolete. I don't think it's worth the money for Netflix to purchase them just to acquire their DVDs. It's best to just let them go into Chapter 7 and liquidate the entire company and be done with it, much like recently happened with Movie Gallery/Hollywood Video.

And I say this as someone who once upon a time actually supported Blockbuster and wanted them to do well...Go figure.


Whoever buys them should rename them and add an all you watch streaming service along with having stores & disc by mail? Amp up the game rentals with the service?

I don't know if that would work?

First who wants to buy them? That's the sad part....

Who knows what will happen with Blockbuster?


Vio meet Cicuit City, Circuit city meet Vio.



Circuit City has 23,000 "likes" on Facebook dude. Maybe you can join them:


2009 old news:


And their back...

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