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Gonna keep asking the same question over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over on this site?

How many times are people gonna comment on the same stuff?

Do I really need to comment on this? I have commented on this....Quite a few times....

Netflix is a great way to watch content. Instant has a lot of titles. You should really aim to watch things you haven't seen. No matter how old or new. If you haven't seen it. Then it's new to you? Right?

So with that. Netflix Instant is just fine. If I want a newer flick I will either get it in the mail or goto Redbox or use Amazon, Vudu, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc....Have ton of options. It's great to live in the US.

Netflix is always adding more to Instant streaming. They do get a lot of newer titles by release date. Yes not all. They also have a huge back catalog.

My Instant Queue has soooooo much stuff for me to check out. I can't complain at all. I don't see how anyone can.

If you HAVE to watch only latest titles that come out on Home video. Then use another service that offers that.

For me I have so much streaming content I haven't seen yet that Netflix Instant is just fine....

Matt Lafferty

Movies? In my book, movies are the icing on the cake: I see TV streaming as the current and future gold rush on Netflix. I'm happy waiting for Social Network to arrive in the mail (today, actually) while I discover 30 Rock and my wife rewatches Grey's Anatomy.

To answer the question, the streaming selection for TV is darn good, with my subscription money going towards future deals to make it great!


My opinion of Netflix sreaming changed radically after I picked up a Roku Box. Before I had one, streaming was something I did intermittently on the computer, which often got in the way of other things I wanted to do.

After gaining access to a box with searching, queueing, and reccomendations, rarely do I have a night where I can't find something I want to watch, and there are several television series I'm itching to finish. If I'd had a more limited streaming device that only allowed me to view my instant queue, I'd probably be a lot less inclined to stream, and more disparaging of the selection.


this is the 2nd time i've seen a list about which top movies of 2010 are available via streaming on NetFlix - really? - people are annoyed because all the top 100 films of 2010 aren't available? - it's last year - what next? - complaining that a movie playing at the local cineplex that opened on friday is not available to stream on saturday? - spoiled rotten brats


oh yeah, i meant to say, if you don't like it, delete and discontinue - it's that easy


I agree. Asking how many of 2010's top 10 are on streaming isn't quite as bad as asking "have you stopped beating your wife", but it's certainly a question chosen to produce the desired answer.


Didn't we just have the same basic topic and comments last week?

Dan Geiser

The Secret In Their Eyes is currenty available on Netflix Watch Instantly.

It is also _completely_ unreasonable for people to expect most of 2010's top movies to be available on NWI. Do people have any idea of how much that would cost Netflix?

The sweet spot for NWI is New Releases that are a couple of years old and Classics.

I currently have 157 titles in my NWI queue. I'd say about 50 of them are titles from IMDB's Top 250 that I hadn't seen yet. I just added a bunch of stuff from Mike D'Angelo's Skandie Awards from the last 10 years. And just last night I went through Time Out London's list of the Top 100 British Movies and added about 10 titles. That is a ton of quality movie watching.

The only time I ever see a true new release is of it ends up on Starz (Prince of Persia), or is owned by one of the distributors that Netflix recently signed deals with (Star Trek) or if it's a foreign film that's been out for awhile (The Secret In Their Eyes).

I get the feeling the NWI naysayers are shorting NFLIX and trying to drive it's stock price down.


"If I want to stream, I’ll have to watch something inferior."

Or - God forbid - something older?


Streaming stinks. It's only good for people who are behind on good releases, or enjoy shitty network shows. If I see a highly rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes - I queue it up immediately and watch it on Blu-ray when it comes out. A year or more can pass by the time Netflix puts it on Instant Watch (and in 90% cases they don't).


Netflix streaming is great if you want to sit down, browse through their selection, and kill some time watching some random movie you otherwise would not pay to see.

If you have a specific movie in mind you will be disappointed when you find out it is DVD-only.

Streaming needs newer titles or they need an exhaustive collection of older titles. The titles available now are largely crap.


I like the fact they're showing more obscure titles. I really have no interest seeing movies like Social Network, Harry Potter, etc. Bring on the more obscure gems & TV series.

Tom Shumaker

I have 449 movies in my Streaming queue. I'm not at a loss for things to watch. Maybe some day, the hottest new releases will all be available to stream. That day hasn't arrived yet, and the pundits who have such expectations are either totally unrealistic or incredibly naive.


But, I say then, you sir (Allen) are absolutely correct in your keen observations and yet somehow completely mess up your conclusive opinion because you based it on your champagne dreams and caviar wishes and not on the billions of other human beings that you graciously share the planet with. Leadership means Big Picture thinking. And here I thought people from Forbes were suppose to be smarter than your average bear. Go ahead, Allen, and hitch your ride on Amazon’s wagon.


I don't understand it.

I mean I usually get new releases in the mail and use Instant Watch for other things I have yet to watch.

I rank the selection of Instant Watch with what you get with cable. Only not censored and no ads.

There are some good new movies but saying Instant has more older crap? Is quite silly.

There is plenty of newer crap too.

Eh. To each there own.

Check out:






Try to open yourself up to new things too. Don't judge a movie by it's date or budget. You might find some real gems.


It is all about expectation. What is available on Netflix Instant is all about the "Entertainment Windowing" policies of the studios combined with their valuation of the content.

Its 9:23pm on a random Tuesday night, you can channel surf through hundreds of channels, or you can Netflix surf through 20,000 movies/TV shows. I could not find the latest Harry Potter movie on at 9:23pm last night on ANY of the basic cable or premium channels, therefore cable sucks.

If you want a specific title right this minute go to Pay-per-view, or wait 2 days for it to be mailed to you. Netflix streaming offers a ton of stuff while you wait your 2 days for the DVD.


good way for streaming netflix is on a computer roku always throttle's back not so good


"How would you rate Netflix's selection of streaming movies?"

I'ld rate the selection by comparing it to all the other $7.99 per month streaming services, which is Hulu Plus and ?

So I'ld say it's really good.

Still expecting Netflix "Superstar" service for $19.99 per month which will include newer films.

Oh, and Allen said "see anything you want" which isn't promoted nor being said by anyone. [If I give a car to someone living on Madagascar and tell them they can drive anywhere they want, well...]

Netflix has a nearly ubiquitous service that can be viewed at home, work, and in transit, with cheap all-you-can-eat pricing (think Country Buffet, not Bobby Flay) and an approachable website [BB was dam ugly]. For all this at only $8.99 per month (with 1 disc for newer releases) and people are still complaining about the IW selection?

What part of "competitive marketplace" do these people not understand?

Chris B.

How many people who complain about the streaming selection just looked for stuff that came out last year and then maybe some huge hit like Star Wars or LoTR and then just gave up. Probably most I'd imagine. I've maxed out my instant queue more than once. There's so much stuff on there. Admittedly the Netflix website could be alot better at pointing out what's available on streaming.

If it weren't for them adding all this older, more "obscure" stuff to streaming I would have ditched Netflix awhile ago. They've pretty much stopped adding new Blu-ray and DVD catalog releases about two years ago and that's mostly what I'm interested in.


I can't believe people would complain about the streaming service's instant gratification. OF COURSE new releses aren't going straight to streaming....the DVDs are even being delayed 28 days!

I have a DVD queue of like 480 and a streaming queue of 375...I have PLENTY to watch. If you need MORE...then you probably need to find a few outdoor hobbies.

Steven Hoober

> How would you rate Netflix's selection of streaming movies?

Mediocre. Didn't care until I started traveling, and it became a pain to wait till I get home to get new DVDs.

But, it's not much worse than anyone else, and probably more varied, which is nice. Hulu, with their special relationships to networks, kills availability too much, and too arbitrarily also. And no one else has complaints about subs, because they don't even carry anything old or non-domestic.

Someday, either all these idiots will go bankrupt, or everything will stream and be wonderful. It's a transitional time. I can put up with it.

Oh, and it's okay to keep posting the same thing when you are quoting other people's articles. If you just kept coming up with it yourself, we might get on you, but ignore people like Crow550, please.



Shut up. Roku does not throttle you!


Get a clue dude.



Sorry just tiring that people keep bringing up the same stuff over & over.

Why honestly bother with Netflix if you are so unhappy with it?

There are plenty of other services to fill any void.

Instant is no worse than basic cable.


i have so much to watch... so little time! right when im almost done watching a tv series, another one pops up...
Considering i watch netflix every day, i have zero complaints. If it sat there and collected dust, that would def. be cause to complain


Good grief...what do you want for nine bucks a month? I find tons of interesting programming on streaming. Tons. This has never been a secret that streaming was not going to be showing new releases. Would be great later but I'm perfectly happy with what's on now. Broaden your horizons!


crow you are right on it's just like basic cable but a lot worse picture if you have hd cable so what is the need for streaming stuff that we can watch on cable that has hd or direct tv for that matter! If they don't get stuff that can't be seen on cable what's the use?


There are enough streaming Criterion movies to keep me satisfied for a long time.


Ah the weekly bitch about streaming content topic...

The documentaries alone are worth 9 bucks a month. The foreign titles alone are worth 9 bucks a month. The classics alone are worth 9 bucks a month. The tv series alone are worth 9 bucks a month.

People that can't find a ton of titles they are interested in streaming are droolers.


There is plenty to watch. My queue is full of titles I want to watch; a mix of TV shows, documentaries and movies. Many are titles I would not spend a rental to watch. But occasionally there is a surprise. And if I don't enjoy it, I just stop it and try something else. I have more to watch than I have time for, so from that perspective, it's fine. What is concerning is that Netflix is adding a lot of really crappy titles lately. I mean...CRAPPY. If you are subscribed to the "new to instant watch" RSS feed you'll see a wealth of catalogue titles that no one has heard of in decades because they're forgotten films that practically no one wants to watch. They weren't hits when they were released and I doubt they will have much of an audience now. It seems that a lot of the new agreements struck with studios is yielding more of these titles and not so much of the more popular content.



If Netflix Instant for $8.99 is no better than basic cable for $50 a month...um...what were you saying...


This never ending "hard on" for brand new releases is getting really old. Why are Americans programmed to think "old movies=bad new movies=good." What a bunch of nonsense. I've been streaming all of the Clint Eastwood movies on Watch Instantly and couldn't be happier. I've never seen them before, so like Crow550 said, they're new to me. I could care less about watching the latest Adam Sander or Tom Cruise garbage and people who think/operate in this fashion are morons IMO. People need to just start browsing Watch Instantly genres they like and pick some movies that look interesting to them. There's plenty of good movies and tv shows available to stream.


Writer is full of shit..Why are other movies that are on watchnow "inferior" to eberts list..I think HNF just puts these articles to get hits..By the ways "Secret in there eyes"is available to stream....

Tired of these stupid articles...If netflix did have all these new movies NF would have to raise the fee , then the same people would be bitching about how expensive it...


Racket what i am saying is you can watch the same stuff on cable or direct tv and if you have an HD TV that you spent a lot of money on why in the hell would you want to stream the crap that netflix puts out there!! I will say if they can some how improve the picture with more hd movies and get some new movies then this could work. I will pay the fees for cable or direct tv to get HD But blu- ray is my choice.


I'm more concerned that my DVD choices are all "long wait" and that I have had to use Redbox instead.

Seems like they aren't buying enough discs.


A pretty good value... Compare the instant watch library of unlimited watching for $8 / mo to pay per view via cable/DirecTV/Amazon for about $4 for "new releases..." Your $8 might get you TWO movies to watch before you "run out of money..." My DirecTV DVR is so annoying with the problems it is having that NetFlix streaming looks downright reliable in comparison. (The Tivo I used to have worked much better...) I am about to drop HuluPlus because the content is not really any better than NetFlix and I DESPISE commercials... (I would like to support almost anyone trying to provide a reasonably priced streaming service though...)


The author tested 2010. What about 2009 or 2008, or 1990 or 1985? Why the common assumption that the only movies worth watching came out in the lat year?


To anyone complaining about Netflix Instant Watch selection, I sure wish you could transfer some queue spots my way, my 500 spots are full!


This topic comes up often because the home video rental market is based on new releases. Like it or not that is what people want to see. Until Netflix somehow gets new releases streaming they will have to deal with these complaints. If they never do then another company will fill the void.



Yeah no shit. That is why Netflix offers discs by mail still.....

If you want new releases then don't choose the streaming only plan....

Or use one of the many other options available.

You can watch the latest releases and past releases. It's not that hard....

People need to stop being so ridiculous about it.

Netflix Instant is what is it but Netflix in the US does not prevent you from not renting the latest titles by mail.

Again there is a ton of other pay-per-rental services that offer the newest rentals streaming or Redbox, Blockbuster, etc, etc. If you can't wait a day for it to come in your mailbox.

Not like were out of entertainment options.


I'd have to say I'm pretty happy with the selection. I realize it's limited as far as newer movies go but that's okay because what I like to watch most when streaming is old movies. I like a lot of old British movies (40s, 50s, 60s).

My only actual complaint with Netflix streaming is the lack of subtitles on English-speaking movies. I'm a little hard of hearing and tend to turn on subtitles for anything I watch. British movies are even more difficult. It may be English they're speaking but it's harder for me to follow because, I suppose, I'm not as used to the accent as a native Brit. Add slang and it's even harder. And if it's Cockney it's harder still (so I guess which accent can make a difference). And if it's Scottish, forget it. I may not understand it at all.

I'd have thought this stuff would be addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

It's really unfortunate because I already have Amazon Prime so if they start streaming movies AND add subtitles it doesn't take a lot to figure out which I'll prefer.

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