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It was about time for a Zoog Movie [ye-yah].

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie is simply the best I've seen from Disney's original movie department. It makes one wonder why they didn't shoot the TV show in the same manner. I'm glad I'll get a chance to watch some of the others, considering how many of the oldies were added today.

Not streaming, but also really good? R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It


And there's still nothing all that interesting... Seriously, the wife and I searched for ~30 mins last night and could not find a single movie that we were both excited about watching.


My daughter was happy to find Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie that I added to the instant queue after finding out that it was available. She then goes to watch the movie on our Roku XDS and finds that it plays Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. I'm guessing that's just a mix up considering they're close in the alphabet.


3rd Rock From The Sun freaking rules!

If you can't find something to watch. Try widening your tastes a bit! Don't judge a movie by the date it was made....

Take a look at upcoming titles: http://feedfliks.com/streaming/coming-soon

Current titles: http://www.thenowhereman.com/netflix/


I don't get how we can say they "quietly" added titles when if you go to feedflix.com or instantwatcher you knew these were coming. Quietly adding something would be if they added something out of left field that wasn't on those sites a month ahead of time.


Still no 'Scrubs' - f**k this s**t.


JD- Scrubs comes Feb 15

Interesting I added 3rd Rock from the Sun and Russia House to my IW queue. 1st season of 3rd rock and russia house are not available via disc anymore. Is that the future of IW? If its on IW they will not ship discs of it?



It can truthfully be said that Netflix "quietly" added these titles because Netflix did not go out of their way to bring attention to it.

Both feedflix and instantwatcher are independent websites that are not affiliated with Netflix. Therefore Netflix is not responsible for any information provided on either of those sites.


But they add titles every week. It's not like they added this week for the first time in weeks or months. Yes we got more then we normally get in a week but it's the start of a month.

Also, some of the IW items that were "added" are really renewals. So the 100+ number is slightly decieving too, but it is nice to get a nice influx of new stuff.

The next big breaking point for expirations is April 1 when a ton of Fox shows expire.

Fred Fredrickson

Oh dear lordy. That 70's show. I'm literally not going to sleep for days.


all seasons of "Roseanne" too...they must have signed a deal with Carsey-Werner...

Fred Dickey

We just started watching LOST....never watched it the entire time it was on the air....never had time to watch it. We blew through the entire 1st season in about 3 weeks...pulled us away from the final season of Stargate Atlantis. I'm also watching the 2 seasons of Survivors whenever I get a chance. My wife is always watching one of the 20 or 30 CSI like shows on there too like bones, lie to me, 24, crime 360, etc.

Anyone who says they can't find anything to watch either hasn't looked or has way too much free time.

Big Al

Is there a location to see this secret list of these currently added 100 plus New Streaming Titles? I really wish Netflix would get off there collective rears and start adding better search and filter features to there website. For instance, I am never going to watch a movie that is older then 1980, it is never going to happen, so shouldn't I be able to add a filter to remove these from showing up in my list? Also Netflix should add a a feature that shows you when each movie was added to their database. Who knows, maybe I am just a Netflix novice.


Big Al the best 2 sites to see what is coming up and what was just added is

feedflix.com and



Hello everyone yeah netflix gave us some good stuff.

check out the link click my name


It's always funny to me when people complain that there's nothing good available to watch streaming on Netflix. Maybe there's nothing good for you if all you watch are blockbusters and mainstream nonsense, but for those of us with broader tastes (which include, gasp!, foreign films with subtitles and independent films) there are hundreds of amazing films available on there to watch right now. My instant queue has over 300 titles on it, all of which I am excited to see, and I don't imagine I'll run out of quality stuff to watch any time soon.

If you're actually browsing around on there for over 30 minutes and can't find a thing to watch, you seriously need to broaden your horizons and consider watching something other than the latest Transformers or Jennifer Aniston movies.


Aaaaannnnd the selection still sucks.


Hey Janet, I'm in the entertainment business, based in Los Angeles. I have a degree in Film and Film Studies - I have what you would call 'broad horizens' and I think Netflix's instant selection is laughable.

I actually am one of those people you cannot fathom spending 30+ minutes browsing for something interesting. Its not that I'm some twit, its that the selection simply is awful. Nothing new, few relevent titles - many titles are quite old and quite frankly, played the fuck out.

Oh and Janet, don't knock Transformers or Jen Aniston films - they make about 500mil more a year than you.


Hey, LA. I'm going to give you a few easy steps which might help you satisfy your craving for something interesting and/or relevant.

Go to instantwatcher.com
In the red bar at the top of the page, select "all"
Change "movies+tv" to "movies only"
Change the "Order" dropdown to "RT rating" or "Netflix Rating"

Spend a few minutes looking at the titles that rise to the top. Chances are you will see something that tickles your fancy. If not, then kudos, because you've spent A LOT of time watching and rewatching movies. More time, I imagine, than your degree required.


Yeah, it was an amazing day for the Instant Watch library. Runaways is probably the best new release added, while The Cosby Show is epic.


Hey Kam, thanks for the unsolicited advice - apparently you think I'm a moron, awesome!

As I stated before, there's nothing relevant or interesting - even when I rank by star rating. But thanks for the cutesy advice.

And honey, you have no idea what my degrees required. Now f-off.


LA, I suggest you spend less time bragging about your most impressive film industry education (no really, we're all very impressed) and get yourself some real schooling as to what makes for a great film, because frankly, you're embarrassing yourself here, whether you realize it or not.

There are plenty of excellent, critically acclaimed films to watch on Netflix, along with lesser known titles that are just as good and worth discovering, so your claim of being open minded is simply laughable if you can't find anything decent to watching.

There are many newer films, many of which are apparently in genres you've obviously never been exposed to or even considered watching, so your claim that everything on there is "played the fuck out" makes it clear that you haven't actually taken the time to look for anything interesting to watch and/or aren't willing to venture off of the well worn played-the-fuck-out path.


My family uses IW every day and never runs out of things to watch. I get better newer stuff on DVD. All this for $13.99 a month. What a great country.


For someone who claims to be in the entertainment industry with a degree in film studies to say there is nothing worth watching on instantwatch begs the question: what kind of entertainment are we talking about here--porn? If so, that certainly explains your lack of film viewing sophistication.


@Racket I agree, our queue is full with all kinds of content. we curt the cord over a year ago.
@Janet Do not waste your time with the "Nothing to watch" trolls..They are here for one purpose, .He spent 30 min browsing wow. That is barely scratching the surface. People like that will never be happy.. 20,000+ streaming titles and nothing on..Amazing.
Someone here mentioned not ever wanting to watch movies made pre 1980..Wow, people with that criteria are just mind blowing..We all know nothing worth watching before 1980. sheesh...Really there are some serious classic films you are missing streaming or not.

Bob Emmerich

1968 is my favorite year for movies. From then to the mid 70's.
3 more episodes of Torchwood to go, great few weeks, then I'll check out the new stuff.


WTF? If the selection sucks to you. Then why bother?

Seriously? Why bother being here?

If the discs in the mail aren't good enough and you need on-demand new titles.

Use a different service like Amazon VOD. Go with Blockbuster they have streaming titles too. Uh Vudu streaming....

Go with Cable or Satellite then.

Why waste time here bitching about Netflix?

You have options. Go support someone else then.

You vote with your wallet. Go vote elsewhere. No one is forcing you to live in misery using Netflix.



Netflix streaming could definitely use more classic sitcoms.

John Galt

@Fred Dickey:
"Anyone who says they can't find anything to watch either hasn't looked or has way too much free time."

I'm sorry - but I don't consider shows like:
Survivors, Stargate Atlantis, CSI, Bones, 24, or any other crap you mentioned worth watching. LOST would be the only exception - and even that got tedious towards the end. Bottom line - network TV = garbage. Give me some one uncensored cable show (HBO/Showtime), instead of hundreds of episodes of watered down PG-13 network crap.


I'm another one who never has trouble finding something good to watch. If I have a complaint, it's that Netflix no longer seems to let you search by decade. I love old movies including the silent movies. And I'm not restricted to oldies. And I have no trouble finding TV shows to watch. We're about to finish the second disk of "Big Love." "Glee" was on the DVD player before that but with "Nowhere Boy" in between.

I'm inclined to think whatever restrictions exist on the streaming selection has more to do with licensing rather than "Netflix sucks."

If someone has THAT much trouble finding a movie to watch, why not read a book or something? I tend not to invest a lot of time in things that don't give me pleasure or satisfy me in some way.

I'm just happy I don't have to depend on Blockbuster (who kept charging me late fees for movies that were not late).

Btw, I don't have cable TV either so I do depend on Netflix for something to watch and tend to watch about between three and five movies between Monday and Friday and at least two on Saturday or Sunday unless I'm going somewhere or doing something else (museums, plays, day-trips, etc).

Flame away or whatever. I'm easy...


Does anyone know when 24 Season 8 will be available for streaming?


@Val--Season 8 of "24" will be on instant watch Feb 12th.


@Whattheruck ... Cool story bro... maybe you don't like movies.


lol @ the shallow guy from LA. Go iron some Affliction t-shirts .


Hey LA, I studied film as an undergrad at Harvard and have no problem at all finding great stuff to watch via streaming. I'll be happy to make a list.

Of course, someone who works "in the entertainment business, based in Los Angeles" is going to be an immense douchebag--that's a given. But the amount of money a film or actress makes does not imply that either is good, or worth watching, at any level.


I'm with Janet.

There are so many movies in my instant queue that I could never possibly watch them all. More than 400! And just looking at them right now I can see that most are rated four stars and higher. So it's not just my personal taste - they are obviously all excellent films.

As far as folks like LA go, this always seems to be the same discussion. When I hear this type of complaint from people I know, their perception of the instant availability is always based on a very poor use of the Netflix site and over dependence on the "new movies to watch instantly" feature.

It doesn't matter what they say to me, every time I get into this discussion and start pointing out tons of amazing movies the response is always the same. "Well, I don't want to watch a bunch of old movies." Then I say there's a ton of new movies, really good ones, and the response is always the same. "Yeah, whatever."

As someone else commented, Netflix is never going to get through to these people. They don't want to watch films like A Prophet or I Am Love, a couple of the movies I watched in the last week. Their perception of what they want is the new releases section at Blockbuster and it's just not going to change.

It's actually thanks to the instant viewing availability that I have caught up on a ton of classics and foreign films that I have wanted to see but never got around to. It is just amazing to me that people complain about instant viewing availability...


What Seth said!


Give me some one uncensored cable show (HBO/Showtime), instead of hundreds of episodes of watered down PG-13 network crap.

OK. How about Weeds? All but the most recent season are available on streaming. The first two seasons of The Tudors are available as well

Or, how about Spartacus? I know that's Starz and not HBO or Showtime, but it's certainly uncensored cable, and episodes are available on streaming like a day after they air.

Mark R

@denise Agreed, great shows and look very good.
@Seth Very well stated. I just watched both of those movies you stated änd they were absolutely awesome.I really feel for people who think that the newest formulaic "Hollywood blockbuster" is all there is. A couple foreign movies That i liked were "IP Man", "the girl with the dragon tattoo" trilogy, "Dear Zachary" which is a documentary that still 3 days later is still affects me..Take Care all


As predominantly a horror/thriller fan, the IW selection does suck. Horror, more than any other genre probably, suffers from a lot of shot on consumer grade video crap because of the nature of the genre. Netflix, unfortunately but predictably, adds a lot more of that than the independent/studio stuff that actually has the budget and filmmakers with the skill necessary to make a film worth one's time. Even old stuff like Craven's original Last House on the Left is miles better than the low grade crap made/released these days.

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