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Not mentioned here is the fact that I am finding DVD's coming to the house in a lot worse shape than before. Not an onslaught mind you, but it used to be I'd get one every six months.

Now it's at least one every month. Two of my recent selections, Captain Newman MD had to be returned unplayable. The disc was an utter mess as if someone had spilled water on it and let it dry and I'm sure it was shipped out that way. The other Mirage, is slowly making it's way across the country from somewhere as we speak.

They've abandoned a lot of classic TV series although they are being released by Shout Factory. It's a list that is becoming rather lengthy.

Plus, more and more Series are dropping out of rental for one reason or another. That list is also growing by leaps and bounds. I will mention a few off the top of my head.

Season 1 of The Patty Duke Show, is already unavailable, although it was just released in September 2009. Season Three was released but never picked up by Netflix. If some discs on Season One was worn out though, somebody must have been watching it besides me.

Four Seasons of Facts of Life were available, but abandoned when Season Five was released. Dennis the Menace was released by Shout Factory this week, but is not available. Mannix Season Four was released in January but still is only in the saved Queue. Leave It To Beaver is no longer streaming (and even then some episodes were excluded) and you can only rent seasons 1 - 3 although all six seasons have been released on DVD.

All In The Family Season Two is no longer available, and seasons Seven and Eight were never made available although they have been released. Mash Seasons Two and Three? Fegeddaboutit. The Paper Chase Season One? No Dice. But hey, you can rent Season Two if you don't mind skipping a whole season.

Now I know Classic Television is not everybody's bag, but it was one of the reasons I originally signed up and Netflix had a tremendous selection and was constantly acquiring more back then. Those days are gone.

I can get new releases from Redbox for a buck on the day they make them available by reserving them on line the night before. So there's no reason for me to depend on Netflix for that area of my entertainment.

And if push comes to shove and Cable Monopolies begin limiting bandwidth and downloads, then streaming Netflix may become more of a hassle than it's worth. And don't look for help from your Corporate Owned Government. I think they are dropping DVD's way too quickly, especially since that's the product that actually got them where they are.

david v

considering i downgraded to a 1 out at a time plan and started a supplementary blockbuster account to watch a number of blu ray titles netflix hasn't been buying, i would say the availability is not as good as it could be.


I used to be exclusively Netflix... nowadays I'm Netflix (1 disc with streaming), DVDs By Mail (Comcast and Blockbuster's joint venture), Redbox, Family Video and my local library.

Because it seems like no 1 place has what Netflix used to have. Which is a shame because I have found a lot of great shows through renting, that I would have never seen otherwise and have since bought on DVD.

I agree with Abrooks62, the older tv shows are much harder to find than they used to be.


Right now I have so many in my que i haven't noticed, but if the DVD programs degrades to the point there is nothing left in my que, I will drop my account, I stream, but only when I can't find something on TV, its a nice bonus, but not one I would pay for.


Cheaper to run a server farm than it is to run a DVD-handling operation, so I can see why Netflix is doing this. But they are about to squander years of hard-earned goodwill. Their arrogance and hubris is breathtaking. The DVD format is far from dead, and I suspect Reed Hastings and Netflix have badly miscalculated. Other companies will pick up the DVD rental slack, with pleasure. I currently take 7 discs at a time, but my plan is to reduce that and divide my DVD budget among other operations. My Saved DVD section currently has 24 titles listed; of them 19 are still in print and available elsewhere.


It definitely seems like they're putting less and less focus on DVDs and BLU-RAY's, which is very unfortunate. I've recently started subscribing to Blockbuster's service as well just to try the two out and see who has a better selection. Newer stuff seems to go to Blockbuster.
I was wanting the newest Mystery Science Theater 3000 release and Netflix doesn't even have it listed. Blockbuster has it.
I was also wanting the newest Spin City season 4 release and again, Netlix doesn't carry it and Blockbuster does.
I LOVE Netflix's streaming service, don't get me wrong, but DVD and Blu-ray quality IS better and the selection for those formats are vastly superior.
I really hope Netflix gets back on their game but I have a feeling they'll soon ditch mailers all together, which sucks.


Yea, it's getting worse. I wish they'd add an expiration date to the dvd and watch now queue lists so I can see what's going to expire and move it to the top of the queue.


Touching Evil, the original British series, has all three series listed as unavailable. A new version of the DVD with all three series in one set of discs was released in fall 2010 but they won't carry it.


I also joined Netflix mainly for classic TV series, and it's nice to know I'm not the only person who's noticed this. More and more, I hear about some new series that has recently come out on DVD, only to look it up on Netflix and discover that it says "availability date unknown." I've also seen a lot of things in my queue doing the "short wait" to "long wait" to "very long wait" to "unavailable" dance, often surprisingly quickly. It's gotten so that I move something up to the top of my queue as soon as it goes to "short wait" for the first time. I've been burned too many times.


here's a good one .
ordered a dvd in march it came cracked in half. sent it back and they sent another one .when it arrived it was the same cracked one that i just sent back .


I wonder if anyone from Netflix reads this blog. There's some great feedback here. As someone else mentioned, my queue is long enough I haven't paid attention to "wait" statuses, however I am disappointed by the list I've compiled of 27 titles that are currently available on Bluray that Netflix isn't carrying on Bluray. Who would I talk to about this? Or would they even care?


DVD's are for chumps, and old chumps at that. If you are here bitching about not enough DVDs you don't get it. They will not exist in a few years, netflix is looking ahead, something you dinosaurs cannot do.


netflix would be smart to invest all money in streaming and let people get their dvd's from redbox


I really hope they don't start (or maybe continue?) neglecting their disc rental side of the business, especially blu-ray. I watch a lot of old stuff on streaming, but I rent all of my new releases on blu-ray, streaming just cannot hold a candle to that experience, and it will be a long time before I am able to stream a new(28-day-old) title in 1080p along with all its extras.


Hrm. I've not had any problems with the DVD/Blu-Ray side of my Netflix subscription. I've been a member for years and I've been 1-out at a time for quite awhile. My queue is generally over 300 titles.

As for new release availability, I may be a different type of user in that if a movie was coming out on DVD and I wanted to see it so badly on the Tuesday it was released, I probably would've already seen it in the theater or I'd be buying it.

I like the mix of streaming and DVD.

The Truth

Everything said here is exactly right. I've had more and more and more DVDs in my queue get dumped in the Saved pile, regardless of whether the discs are out of print or not (usually not). Netflix was the shit because it had everything. And, since they choked the life out of Blockbuster, we are left with no alternatives as they stop caring about us, the customers that kept them going all these years is exchange for the fools that watch only the tiny percentage of films on instant, like channel surfers from so many years ago. Some of us have movies we SPECIFICALLY WOULD LIKE TO SEE, rather than just want a pile of shit dumped on our plates to sift through looking for gems. Fuck you Netflix.


"DVD's are for chumps, and old chumps at that. If you are here bitching about not enough DVDs you don't get it. They will not exist in a few years, netflix is looking ahead, something you dinosaurs cannot do."

I hope this is sarcasm, otherwise perhaps YOU don't get it. Yes, streaming IS the future. But present reality is such that most of what is waiting in my "coming soon" que is not available to stream. As it stands, over 90% of the current DVD selection is NOT available to stream. If Netflix wants to stop carrying the DVD, then they need to make sure it is available to stream, at the very least.


I've noticed significant decline in the selection of DVDs relative to what is available. I use Netflix primarily for old TV shows. I joined Netflix because, several years ago, if an old TV show was on DVD, Netflix had it. Not true anymore. I actually suspended Netflix for 3 months this past winter and joined Blockbuster for that time, to get a few DVDs that Netflix didn't have - who would have thought that!

Right now, I have 135 DVDs queued up, and only 29 are available for streaming - just over 21%. Obviously, I'm not a Netflix member for streaming, and as it shifts that way, I'll find the alternatives - they're still out there.

Lastly, yes - DVDs have been in declining condition. It very much seems like they're just running out the clock on DVDs. Pity.


I just joined last week, one out at a time. I briefly went through some of the DVDs listed and made my queue. Nothing extreme. My queue consists of seventeen choices. One is listed as a short wait another a very long wait. Another eight were on a "saved" list. Three of my choices on the saved list are seasons of TV shows which mean multiple DVDs. At this rate it will take me a year to see what is on my list. If Netflix starts dropping DVDs off the saved list I may never get what I've been waiting for. I thought Netflix was suppose to be a good deal for seeing DVDs but now I'm not sure I'll pay for a subscription.

The CoffeeMan

I agree entirely with Dan. I myself haven't had too many issues with not finding movies or series I'd like to watch, but if they're going to stop distributing a certain title, then before they do so, they need to get their ducks in a row so that they have the permissions to stream that particular title. As well, the streaming option has completely obliterated any actual TV watching I do, save only "Supernatural" on the WB every friday night. They definitely need to continue adding subtitles to as many titles as they can, as my hearing scores are slightly smaller than that of the average person (but not enough to be out of "normal range") and we can have the TV up as loud as we want, sometimes I just can't hear what people said, it gets lost in their mumbling and the background noise. Additionally, if they are moving to only stream content, then they should definitely be looking into a way to get all the extras to us as well.


Netflix doesn't have the streaming titles to justify shifting focus over there. They have stopped caring as much about DVDs and Blu rays and it really shows. if you see something in theatres but wait to watch it at home, it will be 8 months before NF sends you the disc, and it might be too scratched to work. but i dont have an alternative.


I am seeing a slight delay in DVD shipping I think, slight enough I am not certain.

Streaming subtitles seem to be increasing so this somewhat offsets the decrease in DVD service.

The DVD is definitely the better product as it can be easily and quickly paused, resumed, zoomed, fast forwarded and backed. And, on many disks the additional features are quite nice.

So streaming should not be completely at the expense of the DVDs yet but I see some indication that this may be happening.


Chad, you are a moron. If all classic movies and TV shows were available for streaming and high-definition, you would be correct about old-school discs. But they aren't and will likely never be.

The fact Netflix streaming content pales in comparison to physical is exactly why the company is aggressively coveting higher quality (and priced) content license deals. It cannot continue to entice new and current subs with B content.


I'm not having any real problems with discs coming out of the Salem, Ore. center. I'm on a 2-disc plan.

I typically get new releases on Blu-ray in two weeks or less. Today I will get delivery of a "Long Wait" disc which I put into my queue on Saturday.

I receive a problem disc perhaps every 4-6 months. Strangely, the last one was a brand new Blu-ray disc of a new release.


I'm perfectly happy with the DVD/bluray shipping and availability. I haven't ever had a problem with them besides the very rare unplayable bluray.

Greg Grant

Find that quite a few of the titles in my queue are on short wait. This never used to be the case.


I have noticed a very dramatic decrease in disc quality (scratched and cracked. Availability of new releases are difficult to get now. Streaming is great and we use it alot but the vast majority of tv and film is not streaming yet. We have started using blockbuster express and Family video to find titles Netflix has dropped from lists.


Is it neglect, or balance?

I am seeing more waits in my queue, but I'm also seeing lots of good stuff in streaming. I think more waits with more streaming is a better balance than fewer waits with less streaming.


Anyone doubting the truth of Stephen Bowie's words can take a look at the new releases this week on this and compare them to the same week one or two years ago (available on this blog). A trickle compared to what it used to be.


I am also seeing titles disappear from my active queue, while very few new titles appear in 'streaming' and nothing is promoted from my saved queue. Netflix does appear to have abandoned its commitment to a large, diverse range of titles. I think that commitment was what made Netflix great. It is certainly the reason I chose Netflix over Blockbuster.

The new Netflix business model -- a small catalog of 'streaming' titles rather than a large catalog of DVD titles -- will hasten the end of DVD's, but it may also hasten the end of Netflix. If someone else (Amazon? Hulu?) can steal the Netflix idea of having the best catalog, Netflix will have nothing left to offer.


My Blue-Ray selections have "Long Wait" or "Very Long Wait". I had one in my list with "Very Long Wait" and then noticed it was already on TV on the ABC Family Channel. I watched the movie on TV and removed it from my Netflix list. To my surprise, Netflix sent that very disc after it had been removed from my Queue two weeks later. It was a Disney movie, but I thought it strange that the movie was on network TV before Netflix had it available. Even stranger was having the movie delivered when it was no longer on my list.


"How would you rate Netflix DVD and/or Blu-ray availability?"

I've been a customer 11 years now, and I believe the availability of new releases has really plunged the last few months. If you don't get it shipped on "DVD Tuesday" then lots of luck getting it shipped for a long, long time.

On the positive side, Blockbuster doesn't even try any more. About 75% of their new releases are either "On Order" or "Unavailable" right out of the gate.

Me thinks the message is Stream, baby, Stream... DVDs are yesterday's news! Except Netflix has limited new release streaming titles.


As an anime fan, I'm seeing an improvement in the streaming offerings, but I'm less interested in those since I tend to prefer watching anime in Japanese with subtitles whereas the streams are invariably dubbed into English.

I've noticed a marked deterioration in the availability of DVD titles, even recent releases. Some new series drop to "Saved" status after only a few months of availability, and they rarely if ever acquire re-releases of older titles even when the availability of the previous release has decayed into nothingness.


As a 3 out customer since 2005 I do have few complaints about the 'mail' system. I keep my queue depth at around 26-30 titles. 8-10 weeks worth. I would say that about 95% of the time my top 3 in the queue are sent to me every week. I don't have to have the new releases the same week that they are released on. I have not experienced a problem with TV series but I only get like last seasons
as as opposed to the old series that are not even in syndication any more. I do put the ones I want to watch into my saved queue so NF knows I have an interest in them.

Looks like I will be upgrading to BD this year at which point there is a good chance that I will switch over to BB. Assuming they don't close down their mail system. At this point in time it is clear by the posts that NF really has no interest in providing BD. They do it for competitive reasons not because they really want to. There is a difference between those 2 mind sets.


New-release DVD availability is worse than ever even with the new 28-day release window. Seems kinda silly for me to pay to get movies a Redbox that I'm already paying for with Netflix but I will still do it sometimes for a hot movie I've been waiting months to see only to have it on long wait in Netflix for months more.


The amount I pay to get Blu-Ray's is pretty ridiculous considering maybe 1 in every 6 movies in my queue is even available on blu-ray. I get maybe one BD a month. I'm considering dropping that part of my sub.


BluRay availability is pathetic and it only seems to be getting worse.


I've been a customer since 2003. I've been on every plan from 3 out to 8 out. From 2003 up until about a year or so ago, I rarely had a disc drop from my rental queue to the saved section. In the last year, 21 titles have dropped.

It's ridiculous that as the subscription price rises, the selection seems to decrease.

Streaming is great if the title you want is available but the streaming business is becoming increasingly fragmented and I don't see Netflix streaming library ever matching or coming close to the size of the physical film library.

Losing interest in Netflix

In plain English netflix bluray availability Sucks, Sucks, royally SUCKS!
They have the nerve to charge more for blurays and they can't deliver them.
As soon as a better disk service comes up I am dropping Netflix.
Streaming is fine for SD but for HD forget it... no 5.1,no subtitles or CC.
C'mon Amazon or Hulu, step up to the plate and give us streaming with HD and 5.1 as you do for on demand viewing.

Mr Nethead

I'm almost tempted to start a blu-ray only by mail service. It seems like there'd be a market for it.

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