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Reed Hastings said in an interview, either early this year or late last (can't remember which interview) that Nf would be looking for something along the lines of 60% (approx. don't remember the exact figure, but this is close) of it's growth coming from emerging markets in the next 2 years or so.

I don't think there is any question, that like many businesses, the future of NF growth is not in in the US, lol.


This will not be the norm Netflix buying shows. This was more of a threat to content owners one that has blown up in Netflix face. They got a show for the end of 2012 but have since lost numerous shows from Showtime and CBS not worth it!!!


No matter the brand name, a service like Netflix will sucks in many countries in Europe, specially France.
I'm happy as a subscriber to the US Netflix even if I don't live in USA, and sincerely, if a French Netflix would have to appear in France, I would probably stay customer of the US Netflix.


I don't know alot about international business, but it seems like it will get complicated charging a flat rate in another country unless it is in US dollars, and the price fluctuates in whatever currency of the host country.


I think that Netflix is very, very, very stupid. more than 99% of their streaming movies are in English. If they want to expand to Mexico they need translated versions in Spanish (subtitles would work). If they want to expand to South America, they need translated versions or subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese.

A lot of Europe speaks English so that's covered, but theres still French, and Spain's Spanish, for example.

If Netflix actually think that they can successfully expand to other countries by forcing English on them, goodluck on the failed attempt.

Spanish translations are also needed in the US because Spanish is the second language in the United States.

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