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The new seasons/episodes layout is nice.


This is great - I'm going to be watching a few of those shows at some point. BTW, if you've never seen "Sons of Anarchy" you should check it out.

Netflix Stream

All that awesomeness that got dropped nearly made my head explode.


OMFG!!! The Wonder Years!!!

That's it, I can officially die a happy man now.

Matt Lafferty

Grammar moment (caps mine): "WE'LL also be adding great shows like “Ally McBeal” and “The Wonder Years” to be instantly watched from Netflix AT THIS TIME. "

"We will (in the future)... at this time (now)."

No wonder people are confused when Wonder Years will hit Netflix. You may recall that the Netflix press release was also vague about the various Star Trek series in terms of how many episodes will be on streaming.

I love Netflix, but we've gotta keep them on their toes! Ha ha


Twin Peaks too!


yup wonder years thumbs up


Has anyone had problems with putting the combined season shows on the queue. I went through the list alphabetically this morning and selected the ones that I wanted, when I checked my queue all the combined shows were all at the bottom. This sucks because now I have to search the whole queue for the one I want.

Good shows this round.

GK Chesterton

This is great news. Yay Buffy and Angel. But, Hawaii Five-O season 2, episode 7 has no sound.


So glad 24 and X Files got renewed as I had not gotten to them yet. All those that complain about content need to stop. THere's plenty of good content on IW to pick from.


Also the old "Andy Griffith Show" and a whole slew of music documentaries. My queue runneth over!


they've recently added a few shows that were only on hulu+..."Eerie Indiana", "Ally McBeal", "Hot in Cleveland" amongst others...Hulu+ is looking less attractive every month...but please NF..go back to seasons being separated..i hate having 2 search thru EVERY ep on Roku 2 find the one i want!!!


WTF? I just checked and all the other shows are now available, YET STILL NO WONDER YEARS! Get it on there already! Don't tease me like this.


I guess I should mention the TWY is my favorite television show ever. That's why this is such a big deal to me.


They also added many James Bond films on 4/1.

Mission: Impossible is one of my favorites, I might have to check out MacGruber. :)


Any idea when the Star Trek series will be added?


Heaven.... I'm in Heaven!


better watch those Bond movies quick...the expire in June! All the Paramount/CBS shows will be around til '13!!(at least)


Cheers was one of my favorite shows but I didn't start watching it until the 3rd or 4th season. It's great watching season 1 right now. I'm also glad Arrested Development is sticking around. Lots of nice additions with these new contracts.


Melrose Place sea 6&7 r not even on DVD yet...so a bonus 4 me!! LOL

Del Taco Bob

Oh wow.. The Wonder Years?? Hell yeah. I haven't watched that in forever.

Also excited about Sons of Anarchy, which I've been meaning to watch because I've heard it's a good show.

Andy Griffith Show and original Melrose Place are some good adds too. Nice!

The Dude



Oh wow! If this keeps up, I'll be able to cancel my Hulu Plus subscription.


Anyone else finding that some of the early Cheers episodes are oddly cropped and out-of-focus?


CG is correct. The Cheers PQ is horrible! There is significant ghosting on all episodes I have watched so far (seasons 1, 2 & 3). If you pause while there is motion you will see it clearly. It makes it hard to watch. S3:E15 has also been cropped and stretched. I'm seeing the problems on my Mac Mini HTPC and my iPhone. I haven't tried other devices yet. It appears to be a case of bad encoding. This is inexcusable! How can you be the video technician who encodes the show and NOT KNOW HOW TO FREAKING ENCODE!!! I could encode these better using store bought DVDs and free encoding software.

Other shows exhibit similar problems. Larry Sanders comes to mind off the top of my head.


I wonder if the poor quality has to do with Netflix tech issues or if the company just gave them poor versions.


Since all the other titles seem to be working just fine, it's likely just the content quality the studios gave to netflix, I'm sure they would put effort into the quality if they had in control over the matter, the others seem fine, I've been enjoying Sons of Anarchy with great quality. I was just about to start ordering those in DVD form before they came to streaming, lovin the new content though, thanks Netflix!


The quality on Andy Griffith is top notch or at least the first episode of season 1 is. Cheers won't even stream on my Roku Player. It just says one moment please and never even gets to the episode selection window. Haven't tried on my Sony Blu Ray player.


Twilight Zone is in a little box so it looks like my 25 inch TV is 19....:o/


Twilight Zone series is remastered in HD well 720P. I'm sure coming from the 1080P masters they used for the Blu-Ray releases but still looks great.


I hate the new layout on my ps3 system. What the heck happened to the genre? It's harder to search around. If they don't change the format i'm going to cancel my membership!


You know what .. you should.


@abrooks62...give it a min..it takes awhile cuz of all the ep's consolidated into one....Married with Children has 262 ep's & it takes awhile 2 get into the icon on Roku...plz NF go back to the old way!!!!

ed grube

Seriously, I just called...everyone needs to call and complain about the condension....that's the only way its gonna get changed!!!!!


Still no Wonder Years! WTF Netflix?!?!


I'm probably the last to notice this but since Friday I've seen more buffer rate options via Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M or Ctrl+Alt+vid click, 6 or 7 different buffer rates ranging from 250 - 3800. I noticed it while watching The Cosby Show.


Anybody able to play Hawaii Five-O, when I try to play it on my Sony Blu-ray player the show comes up Disc Only for all episodes, I can play the episodes online though.


"Anybody able to play Hawaii Five-O, when I try to play it on my Sony Blu-ray player the show comes up Disc Only for all episodes, I can play the episodes online though."

It does the same thing on my Sony blu-ray player (BDP-S70). Twin Peaks is the same. They work fine on my XBox 360.


Twilight Zone S1 & S3 & S5 are there, but not S4 (the hour long episodes).. Sigh..

and do the Wonder Years episodes even have the original music? Seems highly doubtful to me.


Thanks for mentioning www.NetflixStreaming.blogspot.com :)

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