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Mine always jittered with Silverlight 4, even when GPU acceleration worked (true/true). There are two option to "fix" this yourself:

  1. Downgrade to Silverlight 3.x. You'll have to uninstall Silverlight 4, find a copy of 3.x to download, install that, and then be ever-vigilant about Windows Updates or you'll eventually find Silverlight 4 updated without your consent.
  2. "Upgrade" to the Silverlight 5 developer preview.

I used to use the first option, but I'm now using the second. Note that both of these options assume your Media Center machine does not do double-duty as a web browsing machine, as you'll want Silverlight 4 if you actively browse the web rather than just watch Netflix.


Just a suggestion to help eliminate the Windows Media Center playback issues. Join with an ever growing number of people asking Netflix to remove their silly exclusion to streaming to a Linux based PC. Linux has already surpassed Mac as the number two operating system in the market and has even stolen a small bit of Windows leadership. The Moonlight alternative to Silverlight is spot on. The Roku devices that Netflix promotes are totally Linux based. Time for Netflix to wake up and smell the "Open Source".

Steve I

What is "A/V", where can I find it so I can try the control, shift, left click thing to access/check this option.....

I've tried the control/shift/left click thing all over my system, in and out of software, configurations, etc. and it doesn't do anything at all????



Hi Steve,

Sorry that was a typo on my end. The command is ALT/SHIFT/LEFT Click when the movie is playing. The option is A/V Stats.


Steve I

Thanks, checked my PC and found it false/false, then it changed to true/true.

Checked my "Stream Control" and saw I was playing at 1500 and buffering at 1000, so I changed the values so both were at 1500. I'll keep an eye on that.

Then I checked the GPU thing again and it was at true/false. Looks like it's all over the map.

Steve I

Stopped my movie, restarted it and now the GPU Accel is true/true, but my play/buffer ratio was back to 1500/1000 and the picture was "jittery". Changed the buffer to 1500 and it smoothed out. Also saw the play rate drop to 1000. GPU accel is still true/true.

And this is on an old Dell P4 I bought in 2003.


I never like Windows Media Center for anything. It always played DVD's blurrier than directly in Windows Media Player. It is terrible at displaying pictures as it just blows up small images. Video playback is horrible as when I try to load videos it just crashes.

As for Neflix I could never once get it to even show up in WMC. It would not download or anything. Everytime I try to update WMC it says it can't do it. WMC is the worst peace of garbage that comes with Visa and 7.

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