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InstaFlicka Podcast

Pretty interesting. I am from Madison and this is the best news station in town. This may also convince my parents to ditch cable and get a Roku.


Sony and LG devices still have official YouTube channels.

Fred Fredrickson

oh man, the youtube channel is my second most used channel. Good thing I already activated it.

And Mike- The sony and lg devices have youtube-lite. Youtube filters search results, you'll have a hard time finding most content that's usually ad-supported. Try looking up SNL digital skits, they simply don't show up in the search results.


The YouTube Channel thing is interesting. With the trouble GoogleTV had with the networks blocking content because they didn't get permission to use it, isn't Google kind of doing the same thing to the Roku by having them remove the YouTube Channel?


on a different note...i keep getting 'content not available' when i try to watch tv shows on my Roku this past week??!!


what does this mean i dont understand it.


I guess you haven't tried YouTube on a Sony device lately because there are no ads and you can do everything you can on the YouTube website. As for SNL, NBC owns the copyrights and the clips are pulled as soon as someone posts them, if you want SNL clips then use Hulu....oh that's right Roku doesn't support Hulu(via PlayOn) like Sony devices do.

Ryan P

Hopefully this means that YouTube will get a fully featured official app for Roku?


Ryan P: my thoughts exactly. If they are gearing up to put an official channel, it is understandable they might not want to compete with the unoffical one. We can hope that is what this means.


I have been trying to get a friend of mine to get off his duff and set up his roku for just this reason (not that I knew this was coming but because I got burned by the PlayOn ban earlier, glad it's back because it does Hulu well but very choppy for YouTube for me). I use the tar out of the YouTube app it's usually the reason most people I talk to about the roku buy one. Is there someone at Google we can email! I would be happy for there ad supported stuff to work right.


Now about the local station on Roku, this would be great, I never watch the local news except when I see something a day later while watching a dvr'd program and wish I could have watched that story. Yes I could look it up on their site but since getting my roku 2 years ago I don't even like using my HTPC if I can get it on the Roku.

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