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I wish they'd bring back Passions (or rerun a bunch of episodes). Those goofy witchcraft plots were great! I remember when the SciFi (er... SyFy) channel showed the first few weeks, but there wasn't enough interest to keep it going. I bet all the old Passions episodes are gathering dust on some shelves somewhere.


I think Netflix bringing back the soaps is a brilliant idea. They could promote adding subscribers through some sort of on-line drive where if they get X number of people to sign up for subscriptions and/or buy boxes, they save that particular soap. Seems like a win either way for them.


Soap fan, and Netflix subscriber here. I would love it if they could save the soaps, but even if they don't it would be nice if they could get the old episodes to steam. I would love to go back and watch the episodes from the 60's and 70's.


Oh, hell no. Old episodes, fine, but funding new ones? It's a dying genre.


This is a TERRIBLE idea. The people who watch soaps aren't used to paying for content and are not tech savvy at all. As Lark said above, its a dying genre.


They are running out of funds to support much else so yes they should they will need something to replace all the Starz content they are going to lose.


Lark nailed it, a dying genre.


How "tech savvy" does one have to be to watch an internet video (especially on something like Roku)? Many current viewers are probably already using DVRs anyway. I don't know a lot of soap watchers (who admit it anyway), but the one who does makes her living writing tech manuals.


I don't think the demographics match...


Maybe if it was done like the Soap.net. I believe they showed old episodes.

Baby Boomer women would like to see the Luke and Laura adventures again from 80s General Hospital.

Or early Erika Cain 70s and 80s going through all her marriages starting with Phillip.

Young and Restless 70s and 80s Victor Newman.

The problem with Soaps today is they repeat the same themes and not old ones -- the same storylines a year later. It too much same repetition.


What the Dark Shadows fans -- Gothic Sci Fi Horror soap would love is for Netflix to bring back all 26 Collection DVD disks. What happen to all of them!!!

Johnny Depps' new Dark Shadows movie will be out in the Theaters in about year or so with him playing Barnabas Collin the 200 year old Vampire.

It is perfect time for Netflix to get all the Collection disk back for the many Netflix Dark Shadow fans! :-)


All things considered, I hope Netflix does NOT get into the business of resurrecting canceled shows.

Schmye Bubbula

Perilously approaching off-topic (because it's a satire of soap operas), but all I ever wanted was all some-300 episodes of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.


I wish you could save hidden palms; I first saw it here on netflix and although it only has 8 episodes I loved every one of them! Swingtown was another great show I wish netflix could have saved.


I would love to see the soaps saved! Old school Days would be awesome too... There are plenty of cancelled shows I'd love to see resurrected... The Gates for example


The Edge of Night!

no soap

no need, my grandmother has been dead for 20 years!

GK Chesterton

Streaming old episodes would makes sense, but not trying to save shows.

young grandpa

i think they should help bring back the show

bob barker

Just record one episode and watch over and over 500 times. What's the difference?


NOOOOO!!!! Why invest money in a sinking ship.


I think the soaps need at least a couple of million viewers to break even, which I doubt they'll get via Netflix, at least any time soon.

OTOH having the old eps available could work, assuming they have space to store them. That's the sort of thing that streaming excels at.

Cynthia T.

I really don't know if it would be possible for Netflix to save soap operas even if it tried. At one time People watched soap operas because there were only 4 TV channels and three of them played soaps. Now there are not only dozens of channels with different types of programing, but there are so many other ways to keep yourself entertained (books don't count). The internet alone has more weird News, Gossip and conspiracy theories than any Soap ever did.



Joss Whedon's Dollhouse...




bring back firefly!!


YES! Please.


they should add all the tv stations like cbs tbs nbc and ect so we can watch our favs when ever we wanted


I think Netflix should definitely team up with Soaps. They could stream current and old epidsodes. Not only would they increase their viewers, but soap fans are loyal. Whoever backs soaps, the fans will back and support. Soap fans will follow from Television to Netflix in a heart beat! The internet is the future Agnes should look to that as the next medium.


Most definitely they should bring back AMC and One Life to Live..even if it were just the entire content already produced. They could package them in decades since the volume would be immense. As for all the discussion of soap watchers not being tech savvy, I know most in my generation of soap watchers are, and I even know quite a few 70 year olds that would put some of the young people to shame!

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